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I lost the article, but the DCCC isn’t supporting Quist. And another candidate. Out of three.


Here’s hoping he wins (somehow).


Al Franken is quietly emerging as one of the genuine Liberal Lions (yeah, I know they’re rare :-() in the Senate. He’s smart as you-know-where and knows how to tear the Frightwingnutted dummies to bits. T and R to the usual suspects!!


People Reject Neoliberalism’s Return, But Challenges Remain in Ecuador

By William Black.

Sounds like good advice for every country. So glad Ecuador beat back the oligarchs. Wish we could.

This second problem is that Ecuador’s oligarchs “dollarized” the economy. Ecuador gave up its sovereign currency and made the U.S. dollar its official currency. Argentina did something equivalent, pegging the exchange rate of its currency to the dollar at 1:1. Ecuador dollarized because the public did not trust its government to limit inflation. Dollarization was so politically powerful that the AP has not dared to readopt a sovereign currency. Dollarization degrades or destroys Ecuador’s ability to use appropriate fiscal stimulus against a recession, increases Ecuador’s cost of borrowing, and poses a critical risk to Ecuador’s ability to export if the U.S. dollar appreciates compared to the currencies in Ecuador’s trading partners. Argentina had to break its dollar peg when the U.S. dollar appreciated and savaged Argentina’s ability to export. President Moreno is unlikely to want to take on this controversial issue near the beginning of his term, but I urge him to restore Ecuador’s sovereign currency.

The third problem is that Ecuador, despite the AP’s doubling of expenditures on education, health, and infrastructure, remains a nation with significant poverty and educational systems that are not world class. Ecuador has made enormous progress on these areas over the ten years of Correa’s term in office, but it started from an impoverished base. When we teach public finance, we tell students that the budget constitutes the government’s real policies. President Moreno can show in his budget his dedication to the virtuous trinity of successful development—health, education, and infrastructure. I urge him to wean Ecuador away from its public subsidies to consumers to purchase energy such as cheap gasoline. The subsidy creates perverse incentives that slow growth and create serious budgetary constraints.


Senate Votes to Invoke Nuclear Option Rule to End Filibuster

Senators voted on Thursday to advance Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, setting up a final confirmation vote on Friday.

By a vote of to 55 to 45, all Republicans and three Democrats voted to proceed to final debate on the nomination of Gorsuch, 49, a Denver-based judge on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. If confirmed, Gorsuch would replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died unexpectedly last year, sparking a more than year-long feud among senators about the future makeup of the high court.

Gorsuch’s nomination advanced shortly after Republicans successfully voted to approve what’s known as the “nuclear option,” changing Senate rules to allow the confirmation of Gorsuch and all other Supreme Court nominees by a simple-majority vote.

The long-anticipated change came after Democrats earlier blocked attempts to advance Gorsuch’s nomination. The change now means that all presidential nominees for executive branch positions and federal courts only need a simple majority vote to be confirmed by senators.

But the change is also likely to make an already bitterly divided Senate even more partisan, with several senators warning in recent days that ending filibusters of presidential nominees could lead to the end of filibusters on legislation — effectively ending the Senate’s role as a slower, more deliberative legislative body.


I don’t think any of us are surprised, and to be truthful, the GOP are always able to take advantage of loopholes and stupid rule changes. The Dems don’t seem to know how to do this.


Bernie says to students “you are the future. You need to get your hands dirty and stand up. ”

Trump being bashed for lying to the voters, and how he did not drain the swamp, instead hiring many from Goldman Sachs. Did he drain the swamp? One guy yells “bulls*&t!”


917 are watching, over 52K in views. I don’t recall Clinton getting that kind of views on FB or actually doing much with FB.


Big roar for Free Public college proposal and cutting the student debt.

Perrillo I hope is taking mental notes.


Crowd goes quiet as Bernie discusses briefly about racism, sexism and civil rights in our history. He’s making the point that R’s are trying to make it difficult to vote. Also how movements do good things, such as standing up for gay marriage. Loud message to Trump,”we are not going backwards, you {Trump} will not divide us up, we will stand up for our Muslim brothers and immigrants.”


Bernie towards the end, says that Perriello is the underdog, but if everyone talks to their friends, gets involved in the campaign, you can help transform the state and the country–he can win even if the R’s throw a bunch of big money at his opponent.

Bernie says that the school’s mascot is the Patriot and to ask the students to use that mascot to the good.

Interesting, they showed very little of Perriello, but I think for FB, that works OK.


I think I know why it was cut short, Bernie was probably alerted that the bombing was happening.


I guess we saw this coming. Where will it end?


Oh My!


From the Russian side.


The US has launched 50 to 60 Tomahawk missiles against the Syrian military base near Homs after President Donald Trump ordered the strikes in response for the chemical attack in Idlib, blaming the incident on President Bashar Assad.
US ships stationed in the Mediterranean Sea reportedly launched the strike on Syria’s Shayrat airbase on Thursday night local time.

The airfield was allegedly targeted after the US blamed the Syrian military for the chemical incident in Idlib, in which dozens of civilians died from suspected gas poisoning in the rebel-occupied territory. Up to 86 people, including 26 children, are alleged to have been killed. Several Western states have immediately pinned the blame on Assad’s forces, while Russia said Syrian jets bombed a warehouse where chemical weapons were being produced.


Terrible news all the way around.


The neocons are happy!


Yeah, if we hadn’t rejected the refugees. No, we had to bomb them.

From Informed Comment (this is before the strikes happened):

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –
The use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Army in Idlib is an atrocity and the pictures of dead children tug at the heart. But the outrage of American politicians inside the beltway about it draws on the myths of American exceptionalism and Alzheimer’s of the political memory. It is also very suspicious in that the loudest voices of sympathy are the ones closest to the US military industrial complex, which has been regretting the missed opportunity of a Syria War.

If Trump and his circle are so tenderhearted, why did they propose, on taking office, permanently banning Syrian refugees from the United States? If it weren’t for some feisty Federal court judges, the Syrian refugee ban would be in effect. How sympathetic can you be if you don’t even want to give children asylum from these heinous atrocities?
Then, why is how children are killed in war more important than that they are killed? The most conservative estimate for deaths in the Syrian Civil War is some 300,000, and you figure that although many of those are fighting men, some large proportion (33%?) are innocent noncombatants, including tens of thousands of children. Rebel groups have also killed tens of thousands of people, including innocent civilians, though the regime has been more deadly because better-armed. Why was it all right for the regime to use indiscriminate bombing and barrel bombs on civilian neighborhoods, but if they kill some 80 people with gas all of a sudden the Beltway Bandits want to Send in Trump?


The MIC has been given control, and this could start problems at home as well as abroad. Trump went alone on this.

Courtesy of TOP, there is an AP timeline of events in Syria.



I think Rand Paul has got it right.


Front Page of HuffPo is disgusting (perhaps on purpose)..

The banner reads “BOMBS AWAY!”



I am glad that I no longer bother with that site.


Clinton (shortly before the strikes were implemented), trolling Trump:


The meeting between Trump and Xi Jinping should be interesting.


Bernie has dug in with the Dems, but he’s doing it to help others, such as Quist.

“We’ll be traveling — and Tom will be traveling with me — to traditionally conservative states,” Sanders said. “It’s absolutely absurd that the Democratic Party has turned its back on working people in literally half the country.”

“We’ve talked a lot about the need to compete everywhere, and when we talked about a 57-state-and-territory strategy, we meant it,” Perez said.

The duo will rally in Maine on April 17 and wind through the South and Southwest until April 22, hitting Kentucky, Florida, Arizona and Nevada. More stops, and more DNC investments, are possible in Nebraska — where Democrats hope to win back the mayoralty of Omaha — and in Montana, where a Sanders-backed House candidate has begun to attract attention ahead of a special election.

“This is part of our effort to revitalize the Democratic Party, to turn it into a grass-roots party — to tell people that Donald Trump’s agenda is not what he promised them,” Sanders said. “On issue after issue, he’s turned his back on working people and sided with the millionaire class.”



Seems like an attempt by Perez to take advantage of Bernie’s popularity.


This is sad but it is also true.


This comes from someone in Hillary’s inner circle.


At least Tulsi Gabbard is consistent in the right way.

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