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Why does this not surprise me at all?

After all Bernie seems to be supporting him.


This is priceless and it happened right on CNN.

Jeremy Scahill Slams Fareed Zakaria on CNN: If He Could Have Sex With That Missile Strike, He Would

On CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning, The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill went off on the “atrocious” media coverage of the Syria missile strikes, even calling out CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in particular.

Last week Zakaria said that after that strike, Trump “became President of the United States.” This morning, an hour before Scahill was on CNN, Zakaria said that he congratulates President Trump for striking a “blow against evil.”

“You know, Fareed Zakaria––if that guy could have sex with this cruise missile attack, I think he would do it.”


Add Brian Williams as he said it was “Beautiful”.


Trump is so presidential looking, starting a war from his f**king golf course. Could you be less serious, more lazy? It looks like all the pricipals are around a folding table off hole 9.


Another “Family Values” Republican might bite the dust.


Impeachment hearings for Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) will begin on Monday after a judge previously halted the hearings from proceeding, The Associated Press reported.

The state’s Supreme Court on Saturday overturned a lower court Friday ruling, clearing the way for impeachment hearings to begin Monday as scheduled.

“It’s disappointing to hear the committee will plow forward while the Supreme Court is considering the case. We have no idea what the committee has planned for Monday or who its witnesses will be,” said Ross Garber, the attorney for the governor, as reported by the news outlet.


As usual Bernie spot on– BTW great weather in Wi today, started the usual outside clean up from winter in Wi so late on looking in opn the TPW today


It would be nice if it happened.


After the crushing electoral losses that swept Donald Trump into the White House and sealed Republican control of the U.S. Congress, the Democrats’ road to recovery winds through the leafy, well-heeled suburbs of north Atlanta.

Here, Democrats are threatening a stunning special election upset that could signal how well the party can turn Trump’s low approval ratings into political gains. And they appear to have an ally in the April 18 vote: Trump himself.

In the most-watched congressional race so far in the Trump era, a wave of grassroots anti-Trump fervor has positioned Democrat Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old political newcomer, to possibly capture a House of Representatives seat held by Republicans for decades, one of 24 seats Democrats need nationwide to reclaim the House.

With Democrats desperate for signs of hope after Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump, Ossoff’s underdog “Make Trump Furious” campaign has endeared him to national anti-Trump activists and pushed him well ahead of 17 rivals in polls. The documentary filmmaker and former congressional aide raised a jaw-dropping $8.3 million in the first quarter, his campaign said.

“I’ve never seen the Democrats around here so engaged, and it’s Donald Trump who got us so engaged,” said Carolyn Hadaway, 77, a veteran party activist and retired software engineer from Marietta, a city of about 60,000 people in Georgia’s central Cobb County



Oops bad links will try later


Completely non political but worth sharing.

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