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Giuliani follows up disastrous Hannity appearance with equally damaging Fox & Friends spot

But then moments later, Giuliani noted the political reason for the payment. “Imagine if that came out of October 15, 2016, in the middle of the last debate with Hillary Clinton…” he said. “Cohen made it go away. He did his job.”


Is Eric Schniederman running for President?

His words resonated for this tweeter:


She and Bernie cosponsored a previous version of this bill along with Leahy, Shaheen, and Hassan. An even earlier version was also cosponsored by Warren and Brown


Gillibrand said the Main Street Employee Ownership Act would make the Small Business Administration better at helping companies become employee-owned. It would streamline the process to get loans, help with the transition and increase outreach.

“It engages businesses on how to do this,” Gillibrand said. “Asking the SBA to reach out to their small businesses around the country and say, this is a great opportunity for your employers, because as I said, the employees earn more if they happen to be ESOP’s (employee stock ownership plan). They just tend to be hirer wages, more retirement and better benefits.”

Gillibrand said sometimes, companies sell their technology to China because it is the easiest way to wind down.

“If they had this information about how easy it is to become an employee-owned company, a lot of them would say, I’d love to keep that legacy here in upstate,” Gillibrand said. “It’s where I raised my family. I want these jobs to be here for the next generation.”


You got that one right Mr. Cooper


Now, Pence’s comments also are drawing fire from another source: A man wrongfully convicted in Indiana who Pence wouldn’t pardon as governor.

Keith Cooper, who was convicted nearly 20 years ago of an armed robbery he did not commit, said Wednesday that Pence’s support for Arpaio shows a double standard.

“He’s a racist,” Cooper said.

“You’ll praise a man who was guilty and then say, ‘OK, this man needs to be pardoned, he’s got more to bring back to society. But me as a black man, I don’t have nothing to offer, so taking my life away, putting me in that cage, I guess that’s justified, even though I proved myself to be innocent,” Cooper said.

Don midwest
Don midwest

ZAD French Zone of Defence

Defenders of the environment getting attracted by police

Mirgation will continue and expand as climate change happens

In the mean time, … defend the commons. Check out the photo at the start of the article

The Revenge Against the Commons


The NRA Is Still Dodging Questions on Its Russia Connection

After yet another letter from Wyden, the NRA finally conceded in early April that it had, in fact, received $2,500 or more from at least 23 individuals who were Russian or living in Russia. The group said these donations were made for a variety of purposes.

In the same letter, the NRA made clear that it had no interest in further discussing donations from Russian sources. “We believe this and our previous letters have provided enough information to address any legitimate concerns about these issues,” wrote Frazier, the group’s lawyer. “Therefore, given the extraordinarily time-consuming and burdensome nature of your requests, we must respectfully decline to engage in this beyond the clear answer we have already provided.”

The NRA has one of the most sophisticated and successful fundraising operations of any nonprofit. In 2016, it hauled in $266 million.

The NRA has denied that the FBI is investigating its Russian connections. But on the eve of its convention, the NRA appears to be gearing up to deal with a more aggressive interrogator than Wyden. According to CNN, the group’s attorneys have begun setting aside years of documents relating to Torshin, a move that sources told CNN could be simple due diligence, but also appeared to be a sign that the gun group is “bracing” for a full-on investigation.



The woman named this year’s National Teacher of the Year used buttons pinned to her dress on Wednesday to stage a silent protest.

The Guardian reported that Mandy Manning wore six political badges on her black dress and declined to clap for Trump as he entered the White House Ceremony.

According to a pooled report, one pin included a photo of the Women’s March poster, the international protest that was first held the day after Trump’s inauguration. Another badge read “Trans Equality Now.” One other pin was the shape of an apple with a rainbow.

Don midwest
Don midwest

200 anniversary of Karl Marx

I have never gotten into his work but I know that he is extremely important and considered one of the founders of social science.

I subscribe to a twitter feed The Great Regression that mostly has German links which I cannot read, but can get the tweets translated

BRANKO MILANOVIC shows up on many of the tweets

I just looked him up

• Core Faculty, Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality
• Visiting Presidential Professor, Graduate Center – CUNY
• LIS Senior Scholar

Email: bmilanovic@gc.cuny.edu

Branko Milanovic is a leading scholar on income inequality. In 2014, he joined the Graduate Center as Visiting Presidential Professor and LIS Senior Scholar. Before coming to the Graduate Center, he was Lead Economist in the World Bank’s research department. He is author of The Haves and the Have-Nots: A Brief and Idiosyncratic History of Global Inequality and numerous articles on the global income distribution. His most recent book is Global Inequality: A New Approach for the Age of Globalization (Harvard University Press 2016).

He wrote the article which led to this comment

The influence of Karl Marx—a counterfactual

The article describes 3 events that could have prevented him from being completely forgotten. Short article

In fact, his influence is inextricably linked with capitalism. So long as capitalism exists, Marx will be read as its most astute analyst. If capitalism ceases to exist, he will be read as its best critic. So whether we believe that in another 200 years, capitalism will be with us or not, we can be sure that Marx will.

His place is now there with that of Plato and Aristotle, but were it not for the three favorable and unlikely turns of events, we might have hardly heard of an obscure German émigré who died long time ago in London, accompanied to his grave by eight people.



Is this the account Don?

The Great Regression


An international debate on rightwing populism. Based on the book »The Great Regression« initiated by @suhrkamp. Join the debate: #greatregression

Their last post was a retweet of this notice of a Piketty talk:


3 facts you need to know about inequality & populism

Why are democracies around the world failing to curb rising inequality? What explains the ascent of populist parties and politicians? In a recent paper, French economist Thomas Piketty argues not only that inequality and populism are linked – but that both can be explained by dramatic shifts in the traditional two-party system that favour different elites.

Citing historical data from France, Britain and the US, Piketty suggests that left-wing parties, which used to attract and represent less educated voters, are now more associated with highly educated voters. Right-wing parties, on the other hand, have consistently attracted and represented wealthy voters.

Therefore, “low education, low-income voters might feel abandoned.” In short, the rise of populism is related to what Piketty calls “the rise of elitism”.

Don midwest
Don midwest


Russian trolls’ post-election task: Disrupt Florida and other U.S. energy pipelines

Have you noticed the emphasis on pipelines on this site??

Now we know the truth!!!!

Just when one thought things could not get more crazy, here we do. Did you hear about the Valve Turners who were acquitted on the charge that they were concerned about the earth?

Climate change threatens to wipe out human beings, but it must be a Russian plot because we have conquered the earth.

At Kitty Hawk national park in NC last year and on a statue to the Wright brothers, on one of the sides chiseled in the stone

“They Conquered The Wind”

Humans greatest goal to conquer earth and other people???


Bit of humor.

Attached screenshot=me in real life (or irl, as the kids say).


Cathy Myers my friends:

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