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Yeah those patriotic Koch’s are just like us. I guess the Citizens United decision was just fine with you Joe.


With the so-called “invisible primary” reportedly already underway among Democrats for the 2020 presidential election, former vice president Joe Biden on Tuesday staked a bold familiar position for the party as he tried to straddle the fence between the reality of extreme inequality and the apparent need not to offend the mega-rich who play such an central role in how the economy—and society more broadly—currently operate.

“I love Bernie, but I’m not Bernie Sanders,” Biden said during remarks at the Brookings Institute in the nation’s capital. “I don’t think 500 billionaires are the reason we’re in trouble. The folks at the top aren’t bad guys. But this gap is yawning, and it’s having the effect of pulling us apart. You see the politics of it.”

In his remarks on Tuesday, Biden said, “I get in trouble in my party when I say, ‘Wealthy Americans are just as patriotic as poor folks.’ I found no distinction.”


Joe its the 500 billionaires that “control” you and most of our elected officials thru the lobbyists they unleash. That’s the reason that this country is headed for disaster.



Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon showed up at annual dinner where journalists blast Albany politicians and she took hard swings at the sitting governor who she hopes to unseat.

The former “Sex and the City” actress drew cheers and laughter by referencing a scandalous 1970s campaign stunt that opponents have tried tying to Andrew Cuomo for years. He was running his dad’s 1977 campaign for mayor when signs were plastered all over the subway, urging voters to “Vote for Cuomo, not the homo.”

Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly denied involvement in the stunt pitting his dad against late, Mayor Ed Koch, who faced rumors — that he denied — of being gay.

“Vote for the homo, not Cuomo,” said Nixon, who is lesbian, flipping the slogan in her favor during a stand-up rebuttal to the Legislative Correspondents Association show Tuesday night.

Nixon has seized on criticism from Cuomo backer and former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn that criticized the actress as an “unqualified lesbian.”

Nixon took the stage to smack Cuomo, saying “it’s OK to come out as you are,” she said, after describing the pain of hiding homosexuality and insinuating that the governor is a closet Republican.


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