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Don midwest
Don midwest

Who selected Obama? 2006 The Hamilton Institute speech & Bob Rubin coach him on economics

2008 sent Atty General Holder to get John Kiriakou to prison. He told the media that CIA tortured & president approved it & illegal. Bush spent 1 year on case and dropped it. Then Obama right at start of his term put Holder on it. John went to jail and those who violated international crimes are still out there.

An interview with Ron Paul. Have followed the case including his letters from prison.

Intimidation of people who expose the criminal state.

‘Doing Time Like A Spy’ – With Guest John Kiriakou

then Thomas Drake tweeted this article today on a FBI agent tried in secret. Strange case but, as Drake said in the tweet, the real crime is exposing the corrupt system.

Embarrassing the Government Is the Ultimate Crime:
Why whistleblowers are treated worse than traitors

Don midwest



I remember back when I began to suspect that the WWF was much better at raising $ and marketing than they are at saving wildlife. It was discouraging.

Environmentalists from the World Wildlife Fund to the Nature Conservancy cozied up to Republicans to craft corporate-friendly legislation. As Naomi Klein details in This Changes Everything: Capitalism Versus the Climate, some greens literally took to digging up fossil fuels directly.


yes. i told the Sierra Club that i wouldn’t be donating until they divested from funds that invest in fossil fuels and she said they have to be “practical.”

Fine, they can be practical and I can be practical, too.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Are we Monsters? By Neal Gabler

We are a failed country because we have lost our compassion and sense of community.


Very weird 4 days until discovery? I would have thought that it would have been under at the minimum electronic surveillance and the collapse would have been monitored in some way. That kind of material could be used in a “dirty” bomb so I hope it wouldn’t take 4 days to discover material missing.

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