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Don midwest
Don midwest

I only saw part of the town hall and was disappointed

Neither one is strong in foreign relations

Both seemed to be playing into the Russia monster game which is used to justify the deep state

Kasich talked on and on and said little

Missing the really big issue — what the republicans are doing, and more important, what both parties have done over the years in the ongoing coup d’etat for corporations


Bummer. I wonder if some sort of deal has been made–look, you can go out and talk, but enough already about single payer and climate change and trade deals. concentrate on Russia.

I just can’t imagine Bernie making such a deal, because it actually hurts his ability to draw people in when he becomes just another Russia basher not dealing with the nitty gritty issues that made him so popular, or talking about how we can better manage our foreign affairs (bombs are not the answer to most of the problems).

I won’t be watching, it will make me too sad. Thanks for the heads up.


I think Bernie is pretty popular doing exactly what he is doing now: talking both about Russia/Trump issues and economic populism issues


Hope you are right.


Keep it in perspective. CNN is corporate media to the max. There is only so much Bernie can do. We are up against a serious impeachment situation here. Remember: if the President is impeached, we have to deal with Pence, next is Ryan and then McConnell if I can still recall civics. The FRIGHTWINGASSHOLES have been working towards this since 1964 and Goldwater.


Orrin Hatch is before McConnell. What a marvelous quartet following Drumpf.


No matter what, Russia is NOT our friend. We should not make a case to go to war with them, but remember where Putin came from. He was head of the KGB, and you don’t get that job by being a nice guy.


I sort of wonder if Bernie said the Russia stuff in order to give Comey some credibility, since Comey has said there is some evidence (I’m not certain I buy it) of Russia’s collusion with Trump (election or otherwise). Get my drift?


At the last of the Town Hall held last evening, Bash and Tapper are asking about 2020. Bernie had a good answer for that:


Totally agree. I was so disappointed in Bernie, taking up the ‘Russian Monster’ meme that I shut if off. However, I did tape it and may watch it later on today.


It almost made one think that CNN wrote the questions for those in the audience who were handed the mike. There are more important issues to be discussed.


Yeah, I wondered that too as that Afghanistan vet read his question. But I thought it was OK overall because the debate part was gone. The thing I didn’t like was “the 2 min closing.”

CNN got a lot of good responses to this forum and I think it would be helpful to tweet them and let them know that a discussion would be better than a debate at podiums. Both Kasich and Bernie prefer being close to audience and overall they know how to conduct a very civil discussion.


I too wish Bernie would have stayed away from the Russian crap as well but the questioning lead both of them there. I guess he could have declined to answer I guess. Kasich sounded like he was priming himself for 2020. Strangely in another poll Biden or Bernie blow the doors off Trump inc for 2020. Considering that its roughly 4 months since he took office I find those numbers fascinating to say the least. BTW Trump inc was behind all dem candidates polled against him for 2020. I do wish Bernie would say screw it and declare for 2020 just to piss of the corporate Dems.


Good news for Our Revolution:

The thing to watch out is that there’s been some rumors that Soros put some $$ into this race too. However, the candidate, now the DA of Philly, is anti-death penalty and so is Soros.


Well he still has to beat the Republican in the general, but that is a certainty in Philly


He seems to get it.


Another article about Larry Krasner’s primary victory, this one from HuffPo:

Progressive advocates and reformers from across the country, including the Democratic Socialists of America, veterans of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and the Black Lives Matter movement, flocked to Krasner’s campaign and viewed it as an opportunity to notch a symbolically important win against the hard-line criminal justice agenda of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions subscribes to a lock-’em-up approach to crime that was in vogue in the high-crime 1980s and 1990s but has since fallen out of favor with conservative and liberal experts alike. He has already instructed federal prosecutors to pursue maximum penalties for drug-related offenses, effectively undoing reforms initiated by the Barack Obama administration.

But the feds’ approach to crime stands in sharp contrast with how an overwhelming number of Americans are voting, said John Pfaff, a criminal law professor at Fordham University School of Law.

“Prosecutors respond to the electorate that chose them: Philadelphians made it clear that they wanted a reformer, so Krasner will respond to that far more than whatever overheated rhetoric is coming out of D.C.,” Pfaff said by email Tuesday.



I post this just to lighten up the day.


what a great dog.



White House officials offered a candid and unflattering defense of their boss on Tuesday, telling The New York Times effectively that President Donald Trump is too inept to have hurt U.S. allies through his sharing of sensitive intelligence with Russian officials during a meeting last week.

Trump has come under heavy criticism in the wake of Monday’s Washington Post report revealing that he “went off script” and offered up “highly classified information” to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the U.S. There’s general agreement that Trump didn’t break the law by doing this, but experts have raised concerns that the disclosure may have compromised the U.S. partner that gathered the intelligence ― Israel, according to reports Tuesday.

But Trump would only be capable of inflicting this sort of damage if he were aware of specific details regarding the sources and methods used to compile the intelligence, reportedly pertaining to a plot by the so-called Islamic State to detonate laptop bombs on commercial airliners. And unnamed White House sources told the Times that Trump didn’t know these finer points, because he’s too lazy to glean them from the “great” intelligence reports he gets every day.


From Bernie:

Congratulations to the New York State Assembly for moving forward on a single payer health care bill. At a time when the U.S. remains the only major nation on earth not to guarantee health care for all, New York can play an important role in leading us forward. I will soon be introducing Medicare for All single payer national legislation which is being supported by grass-roots organizations all across this country. Please don’t forget. Health care is a right, not a privilege.


It’s close to passing in the NY Senate:


Currently, the bill is only two votes shy of passing in the 63-seat state senate. It recently picked up the support of the influential Independent Democratic Conference, buoying its number of supporters to 30.

A special election on May 23 to fill an assembly seat vacated by now-councilmember Bill Perkins is all but guaranteed to go to real estate developer Brian Benjamin, who has vowed to support the bill, Rivera told the Voice. The only hurdles now include the conversion of just one more holdout — the most likely target is Senator Simcha Felder, a Democrat who caucuses with Republicans — plus a small pile of procedural battles. Felder, who told the Guardian in April that he had no position on the bill, did not respond to multiple phone calls and emails from the Voice.




Boo Hoo Cry me a river Yes he’s serving the forgotten man if that man happens to be a billionaire. Those poor graduates subjected to this crap


President Trump complained that “no politician in history … has been treated worse or more unfairly” during a commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut Wednesday.

Though the speech contained much of the traditional praise for the new graduates, and ceremonial pardons of their “oversights or slight violations,” it was also laced with Trump’s hallmark defiance and boastfulness that put himself at the center.

“The people understand what I’m doing and that’s the most important thing. I didn’t get elected to serve the Washington media or the special interests,” he said. “I got elected to serve the forgotten men and women and that’s what I’m doing.”

Trump went on to declare that in just months in office, “I’ve accomplished a tremendous amount in a very short time at president.”

Of course, Trump’s original budget proposed a Coast Guard budget cut so I can’t imagine he would be all that popular there

Coast Guard Dodges Big Trump Budget Bullet; But Coasties Fix Roofs

The White House has dropped plans for a 14 percent cut to the Coast Guard, instead promising a budget that “sustains current funding levels.” The bad news is that “current funding levels” are already too low. The Coast Guard has to give almost 600 drug shipments a pass each year because they don’t have the ships or planes to catch them — and that’s their top-priority mission. Elsewhere, the Coast Guard has cut corners on everything from patrolling the Pacific, to maintaining its bases and to working with the Navy, the Coast Guard Commandant told reporters today.

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