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I imagine this has a snowball’s chance in hell of going anywhere, but still good to see.

U.S. senators seek lifetime ban on ex-Congress members lobbying

Republican Senator Cory Gardner with Democratic Senators Michael Bennet and Al Franken in introducing the Senate legislation to stop the lucrative “revolving door” practice that has drawn the ire of watchdog groups for decades.

“By banning members of Congress from lobbying when they leave Capitol Hill, we can begin to restore confidence in our national politics,” Gardner said in a statement.

The non-partisan group found that just over 51 percent of former members of the 113th Congress (2013-2014) became lobbyists.
Besides a lifetime ban on lobbying for current members of Congress, the legislation would require former congressional aides to wait six years instead of one year before engaging in lobbying and require better reporting of lobbying activities.


Surprised to see Bennet involved with this


maybe there’s a loophole. 😉


The Birthmark of Damnation: Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Black Body

“I do not believe that we can stop them, Samori, because they must ulti­mate­ly stop them­selves,” Ta-Nehisi Coates says of white racists in the final para­graph of his best­seller, Between the World and Me, writ­ten as an open let­ter to his son. Coates describes racism as galac­tic, a phys­i­cal law of the uni­verse, “a tena­cious grav­i­ty” and a “cos­mic injus­tice.” When a cop kills a Black man, the police offi­cer is “a force of nature, the help­less agent of our world’s phys­i­cal laws.” Soci­ety is equal­ly help­less again­st the nat­u­ral order. “The earth­quake can­not be sub­poe­naed,” says Coates.

In a wide­ly repli­cat­ed ges­ture, Coates locates the expe­ri­ence of racism in the body, in a racism that “dis­lodges brains, blocks air­ways, rips mus­cle, extracts organs, cracks bones, breaks teeth.” In the slim vol­ume, few­er than 300 pages, the word “body” or “bod­ies” appears more than 300 times. “In Amer­i­ca,” he writes, “it is tra­di­tion­al to destroy the black body.” Anoth­er brood­ing pas­sage dwells on the inevitabil­i­ty of this vio­lence.

It had to be blood. It had to be nails dri­ven through a tongue and ears pruned away. It had to be the thrash­ing of a kitchen maid for the crime of churn­ing the but­ter at a leisure­ly clip. It could only be the employ­ment of car­riage whips, tongs, iron pok­ers, hand­saws, stones, paper­weights or what­ev­er might be handy to break the black body.

Yet Coates’s descrip­tive lan­guage and haunt­ing nar­ra­tive are not mere metaphors. They act as an onto­log­i­cal piv­ot, mys­ti­fy­ing racism even as it is anchored in its phys­i­cal effects.


Polls open in Iran’s first presidential vote since atomic deal

Iranians began voting Friday in the country’s first presidential election since its nuclear deal with world powers, as incumbent Hassan Rouhani faced a staunch challenge from a hard-line opponent over his outreach to the wider world.

The election is largely viewed as a referendum on the 68-year-old cleric’s more moderate policies, which paved the way for the nuclear accord despite opposition from hard-liners.

Economic issues also will be on the minds of Iran’s over 56 million eligible voters as they head to more than 63,000 polling places across the country. The average Iranian has yet to see the benefits of the deal, which saw Iran limit its contested nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of some sanctions.


This is huge. Makes me wonder if the U.S. has been secretly supporting the hard liner to make it easier to convince us to attack them, as we already are in Syria.


It would certainly suit certain agendas if Iran’s path to a more moderate political structure was obstructed.


The Republican Wing Of The Democratic Party– Meet Jim Himes Of Connecticut

At a meeting of Democratic thought leaders earlier in the week, Elizabeth Warren posed a rhetorical question “Do you get the feeling that if Bernie Madoff weren’t in prison he’d be in charge of the SEC right now?” I wonder if New Dem chairman and former Goldman-Sachs banker Jim Himes was in the room, though I doubt it, since he spends so much of his spare time shuffling from fundraiser to fundraiser. The Financial Sector is very generous to Himes, who serves Wall Street’s interests from his perch on the House Financial Services Committee. Since he was first elected in 2008, they’ve given him $5,545,212– pure bribery– more than any Democrat in the House other than notoriously corrupt House leadership scumbags Steny Hoyer and Joe Crowley.

Wall Street looks for the most easily corruptible congressmembers to lavish with immense bribes. Although they give many times more more to corrupt Republicans, in the 2016 cycle their top 3 bribees were Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI- $4,415,864), sleazy “ex”-Republican crook Patrick Murphy (New Dem-FL- $2,157,347) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA- $2,139,229).

The 5 Democrats, currently serving in the House, they found most easy to buy off were these buckets of disgusting slime:

• Joe Crowley (New Dem-NY)- $1,070,873
• Kyrsten Sinema (Blue Dog-AZ)- $1,007,440
• Jim Himes (New Dem-CT)- $979,235
• Sean Patrick Maloney (New Dem-NY)- $928,002
• Steny Hoyer (MD)- $811,276


And there’s Sean Patrick nipping at his heels


Will Wall Street Money Turn Moderate Democrats Against Dodd-Frank?

In their yearslong quest to rescind bank regulations and oppose the Obama administration’s fiduciary rule, financial executives have at times needed the help of a group of Wall Street-friendly Democratic lawmakers to secure votes necessary to advance their agenda. Now, as those executives and Republican lawmakers seek the votes needed to help Donald Trump dismantle Dodd-Frank rules, a caucus of moderate House Democrats has chosen a former Wall Street executive and a prolific fundraiser of finance industry money to lead them.
Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn. — a former Goldman Sachs vice president representing Greenwich and the newly elected head of the moderate New Democratic Coalition — is scheduled on Wednesday to be feted at a fundraiser at the Washington home of a “Lou Costantino,” according to an invite obtained by the transparency group Political Party Time. There is a Lou Costantino who is a former Merrill Lynch lobbyist who is now the top lobbyist for the Managed Funds Association — a major trade association for the hedge fund and private equity industries. Himes is one of the most active Wall Street fundraisers in the Democratic caucus, having raked in more than $2.6 million from the industry during his eight-year congressional career.

If the fundraiser is the MFA’s Lou Costantino, the timing of the event is significant, because it comes just as Wall Street lobbyists are looking to peel-off Democratic votes to change Dodd-Frank. Himes may be a top target because of his new position leading the New Democrat Coalition — a group of 61 Democrats in the House who have in the past provided key support to Republicans and Wall Street in their efforts to block or weaken Obama administration financial rules.


More leaks please!


Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) says the possibility that more secret recordings could be leaked is a “cause for concern” after a leak emerged from a 2016 House GOP leadership meeting.

Ryan on Friday refused to speculate who might be the culprit, but he agreed that Trump presidential rival Evan McMullin, a former leadership staffer who attended that meeting, was the name on everyone’s lips in Washington.

As a staffer for GOP Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), McMullin had been present for many leadership meetings in Ryan’s office. Last August, the former CIA officer shocked Capitol Hill by announcing an independent bid for the White House.

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