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Warren being received with quite a bit of skepticism on the left. Is she being genuine? Can she be trusted? After last year’s primary, many are wary.

Will her words be met with derision and resistance from the center? Is she on her way to becoming another target for centrist Dems to attack with her critiques of the party??

Some others (at least one who seems to have visions of a run for prez in mind) are also throwing out some advice for the party, albeit quite mild:

Senate Democrats Look to Make Their Mark on Foreign Policy

For the past eight years, Senate Democrats looked to President Barack Obama as their leader on foreign policy. But with President Donald Trump in the White House, a military strike in Syria and escalating tensions with North Korea, Democrats are taking a bolder stance.

Foreign Relations ranking Democrat Benjamin L. Cardin said the committee now has “an even more important oversight role” over the country’s foreign policy.
“I can be a little bit more independent because the president’s not in my party, and I think there’s need for more independent review at times,” the Maryland lawmaker said.

Cardin has been the top Democrat on the panel for only two years, though he is no stranger to foreign affairs, particularly on human rights issues. He joined the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the Helsinki Commission, when he first came to Washington as a congressman 30 years ago, and eventually chaired the group.

Another Democrat on Foreign Relations said members of his caucus need to step up on foreign affairs.

“I think Democrats in Congress largely outsourced foreign policy to the Obama administration in the last eight years,” said Connecticut Sen. Christopher S. Murphy.

“There is a need for Democrats in Congress to find our voice on foreign policy,” he said. “That need is accentuated by the reckless and provocative nature of Trump’s foreign policy in the last three months.”


I think that’s actually a pretty good assessment from Murphy. Dems fell in line behind Obama for 8 years, for the most part. There doesn’t seem to be much to show for it really.


and much to be sorry for.


This fellow is one of my favorite twitter people. He is relentless in his opposition to DWS, a real fighter, usually fights for good causes like clean water or, in this case, universal health care.

I pulled a small tick, the bad kind, off my neck yesterday, it wasn’t easy, the little bastard was in good, and shed a few tears. I was so worried about the possibility of getting Lyme Disease! I can’t afford to be ill or even buy meds. I know so many ppl who are afflicted with Lyme and it can be entirely debilitating.

But I found out that our local health department, for a small fee of $5, will take the little bastard (the tick, which I’d saved in a plastic baggie) and send it out for testing. I sure do hope that it tests negative and that no telltale ‘bulls-eyes’ develop.

(and, for dessert, a tweet from another fighter, Portia Boulger!)

So I’m off to drop off the little bastard – happy morning to all!!! XO


Did you thoroughly swab the bite area with peroxide? I remember pulling ticks off my dog as a kid. Swabbing with peroxide was a must. Take care. 🙂


I washed the area & applied an ointment that works well for everything call Ozonol. You can’t get it in the U.S. for some reason (I get it mailed to me from Canada).

I’ve been told that in the case of those larger ticks that end up on pets the best thing to do is smother the tick in Vaseline. It’ll begin to suffocate & then drop off.

But I was not thinking straight & clawed into my neck until I got it out. Maybe Vaseline would’ve affected the test too?


Ticks are bad this year, already. We had lightning bugs in April, already. Unheard of. And all this rain will just make it worse. If I took every tick to get it tested, LOL, I’d not be able to eat. At least Lyme isn’t as prevalent in the South as the North. I have to keep the cats in, though. Don’t need anymore cytaux.


I’m hearing that it’s a ‘bad Lyme year’ here in my area in CT. I know many people who have suffered from Lyme Disease and it’s really horrible. Very painful, debilitating and basically can ruin your life.


Good luck, mags. Health to you.


Thank all things good for Bernie!


Thou should not laugh!


Not laughing is actually a greater offense.

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