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Thanks Benny!

An interesting angle on inequality and what to do about it that hypothesizes that Piketty has it backwards.

How do wealth and income inequality develop? And how can they be reversed?

American Airlines’ decision to increase its workers’ compensation caused over $2.2 billion of national wealth to vanish almost instantly — not because actual capital goods were destroyed, but because capital’s share was ever so slightly reduced. Empowering workers to repeat this fairly mundane episode again and again, throughout the economy, would likely be a much stronger brake on runaway wealth accumulation and inequality than a global wealth tax or other similarly elaborate strategies.

Class struggle still gets the goods.


i saw that! good for you for wading through it! And let’s hear it for sound economic reasons being trumpeted for higher wages. I mean, even without the economics, it’s pretty much common sense–pay us more, we’re going to pay down our debts, fix our most urgent needs, and then might actually buy something we would love to have.


Thank you, haha, I had to read it twice to be honest. I think my brain glazed over halfway through the first reading. Because at the end of the first reading I realized that I didn’t get it at all, lol.

So I gave it another try and think I’m am a bit closer to ‘getting it’. 🙂


Meanwhile, neoliberal centrists are moving to consolidate their power.

Centrism Takes On the Extremes

Neoliberalism is essentially the centrist economic framework embraced by U.S. presidents like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. It’s also the paradigm that most academic economists implicitly use to think about policy — they see themselves as advisers offering smart, often subtle advice to generally benevolent policy makers. In other words, neoliberalism is the model the U.S. has been operating under for decades, and it has had significant influence abroad as well.

People on the socialist left, especially in the U.K., like to blame neoliberal ideology for many of the woes of the modern world. Meanwhile, on the right, protectionist and xenophobic ideas have rapidly replaced free-market libertarianism as the rallying cry of the Republican base. The neoliberal center is under assault from both sides. So some internet jokesters have decided it’s time to fight back.

Neoliberals using ‘memes’ to influence public opinion. Talk about a sign of the times!

This nascent pushback is long overdue. People in Western countries have been far too quick to throw centrist technocracy into the dustbin of history. Despite the deep wounds of the Great Recession and the 2008 financial crisis, developed countries have not seen their economies collapse. Employment languished for almost a decade, but it’s now recovering to pre-crash levels


Sounds more like the top 10%? well, wow! Census Bureau. Are they a trusted source?


Is the Census Bureau a trusted source? I hope so! 🙂

That calculator was from 2014 I believe. Perhaps now you’d need to make even more $$ to be in top 1%?


yes, you are likely right, it is a trusted source. me so cynical. :O)


And you thought Gorsuch was the worst

Trump names right-wing blogger who likened abortion to slavery to powerful appeals court

John Bush is a lawyer and the president of the Louisville chapter of the Federalist Society, an increasingly radicalized conservative legal group that’s played a major role in selecting Donald Trump’s nominees to the federal bench. Bush is also a blogger at a site called “Elephants in the Bluegrass,” where he’s written on subjects such as why slavery is like abortion or the virtues of shooting Obama supporters.

And, if President Trump has his way, Mr. Bush will soon add another title to his resume: judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Bush, who boasts a conventional legal resume for a federal appellate nominee, revealed in response to a standard questionnaire the Senate Judiciary Committee provides to judicial nominees that he blogs at the Elephants in the Bluegrass site under the pseudonym “G. Morris.” And as “G. Morris,” Mr. Bush has been unusually open about his political and legal views for a potential federal judge.


They should be ashamed to call themselves Federalists. The Federalist Papers are a world away from this guy’s mind.


We Need To Call The “Centrist” Democratic Establishment What It Is: A Dangerous Extremist Group

comment image

You, sir, are no Leonard Cohen.

Back to the article:

And when the circumstances provide the Trump administration an opportunity for really letting loose in regards to authoritarianism and military aggression, perhaps in the form of a North Korean nuclear attack that can easily be blamed on Russia, there’s little doubt how these “moderate” leaders will take charge. Only in the interests of not approaching things through too extreme an ideological lens, they’ll go along with the war effort, the Trumpian autocracy effort, and all the rest.

No use standing up for constitutional freedoms and an at least survivable degree of world conflict; if we want to stop the far right, we need to go through the center.

Then enter the one part of this coming development that isn’t so certain: will the present defenders of these “centrists” change their views on so-called moderate liberalism when establishment Democrats are partnering with Trump to end the pretense of democracy?


When you look at it like this, yikes!


And as you noted earlier, and still they want to continue their neolibcon ways. sad! bad!


Well the archipelago is much more densely populated than the rest of the country After all Clinton did receive 2.8 million votes more than Trump. The concentration of Dem votes does hurt in the stupid electoral college and the Senate where California (population 39 million) gets the same amount of votes as Wyoming (600,000). The concentration of Dem votes in the cities also makes it easier for the Republicans to aggressively gerrymander in the House. In 2016, the Republicans received 49.1% of the total House vote (Dems received 48%) yet they won 55.4% of the seats.


North Carolina voting law falls as Supreme Court turns down GOP appeal

In a victory for voting rights advocates, the Supreme Court has turned down an appeal from North Carolina’s Republican leaders and let stand a decision that struck down their 2013 law that added new restrictions on voting.

The 4th Circuit Court had branded the law as racially biased and said North Carolina lawmakers had targeted black voters “with almost surgical precision.”


Yay, good news.


Sobering interview with Harry Shearer:

Tell Your Legislators: Vote Yes on the Coastal Master Plan




While the book provides a glimpse at some surprising friendships among senators across ideological lines, there are no kind words in it for Ted Cruz. The Texas senator gets an entire chapter of his own, titled “Sophistry,” that describes him as “singularly dishonest” and “exceptionally smarmy.” (Cruz’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment.)

“You have to understand that I like Ted Cruz probably more than my colleagues like Ted Cruz,” Franken said in the interview, “and I hate Ted Cruz.”

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