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sorry, LD, that you’re experiencing what must be frustrating, time consuming issues.
I can contribute one experience I’ve had wrt signing in if that’s an issue for anyone.
If I find myself logged out, to log back in I use my email address (instead of user name), enter the pw and I’m taken to the dashboard and then click “visit site”.
(not sure if it makes a difference that WP knows my email address from a wordpress.com account)


happens to me a lot. just a couple of minutes, usually.


I quit bothering with the log-in. I just post and do the captcha thingy. Had too many issues with log-in, including getting in a loop that sent me back to the beginning.


Speechless. Except for, you guessed it, machines?


If You Think Berniecrats Are Unrealistic, You’re Directly Arguing Against Positive Change

Now would be the part where I say we shouldn’t care what the party loyalists think because we can pull off this revolution without them, but that would be copying the divisiveness of party loyalists who I often see saying they don’t want us in their party. To be, in a word, pragmatic, our movement needs these Democrats on our side, and we can’t afford to write them off as enemies.

We need to relentlessly present our case for opposing the status quo in a positive, issue-oriented manner-which is to say do what Bernie himself is doing-until the oligarchy has pretty much no one defending it. If we can accomplish that, very soon no one will be saying it can’t be done, because they’ve just seen us do it.

Check out the BernieBro holding the sign.


Had there not been a third party candidate, it could have been a tie. Many people were calling their clerks wanting to rescind their absentee ballots, which is not allowed under Montana law. Gianforte may have won, but he also lost. His star is in freefall, and the nopology won’t fly with a lot of people.


Do these people look “angry” Hillary??????



You sure did President Hillary. You are the best!


They DO look happy.

But ya know, Bernie gets righteously angry over the very things Hill SHOULD be angry about. Little things like people dying all over the world because of us, our descent into Third World status for most of us. Oh, don’t get me started.


As well he should, us too, The decay of America doesn’t seem to bother the corporate puppets in congress , the Executive branch as well


Unfortunately this tweet sums up Clinton’s understanding of her loss.

SHe won’t ever admit that she was a terrible candidate that only believed that “IT WAS HER TURN!”


Since LD has the pix post working this is for Hillary

un BS.gif

Wikileaks is promoting this book.

If you follow the link in the tweet this is what you get.

How I Lost By Hillary Clinton

How I Lost By Hillary Clinton

Introduced and annotated by JOE LAURIA

With a foreword by JULIAN ASSANGE

“Politics is like sausage being made. It is unsavory, and it always has been that way … So, you need both a public and a private position.”
—Hillary Clinton speaking privately to a conference of apartment developers

“Clinton lost the 2016 election, Trump didn’t win it. How I Lost by Hillary Clinton is a vital rallying call against the type of triangulating politics that may defeat Trump in 2020, but will never defeat Trumpism.” —Bhaskar Sunkara, editor, Jacobin

“Unreconstructed Hillaryites like to greet every outrage from Trump with ‘but her emails, amirite?,’ as if they didn’t matter. Joe Lauria expertly shows why they do—how they reveal what an awful candidate she was, and how we ended up with this dismal regime.”
—Doug Henwood, author of My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency

BTW I won’t be buying it.


Nor I –Just got a good Price on “Our Revolution” gonna start reading that.


Pulllease!! Hillary, You rigged the super delegates and you managed to lose to Trump inc. as you ignored several states while campaigning for Prez. Bernies America ad or Disturbs “Sounds of Silence” were 2 of the best ads ive seen in my votes in Presidential primaries and that covers 40 years of voting and they were far from negative.





Perish the thought that they might spend “serious money” on a candidate who Bernie supports. That is the good old Establishment way of thinking.


What a way to refute idea of Islamophobia in this administration.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has declined a request to host an event to mark Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, two U.S. officials said, apparently breaking with a bipartisan tradition in place with few exceptions for nearly 20 years.

Since 1999, Republican and Democratic secretaries of state have nearly always hosted either an iftar dinner to break the day’s fast during Ramadan or a reception marking the Eid al-Fitr holiday at the end of the month, at the State Department.

Tillerson turned down a request from the State Department’s Office of Religion and Global Affairs to host an Eid al-Fitr reception as part of Ramadan celebrations, said two U.S. officials who declined to be identified because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

According to an April 6 memo seen by Reuters, the office – which typically initiates such events – recommended that Tillerson hold an Eid al-Fitr reception.

His rejection of the request suggests there are no plans this year for any high-profile Ramadan function at the State Department. The month of fasting and prayer for Muslims gets under way in many countries on Saturday.


Is this twitter exchange a fine example of IRONY?


Such common sense. I have faith in Americans–that if the MSM told the truth about how and why terrorism is growing–if they told that story with half the fervor that they build up the MIC, we would have much, much less killing.

I don’t know how those of us who see the crystal clear cause and effect of our violence building terrorism are lucky (or cursed?) enough to see it, but if people like Ali were on the news instead of retired generals who now lobby for the MIC, and if the pundits and talking heads were to be honest with themselves and their audiences, sentiment would grow, like it is for single payer–and the MSM is doing all it can to keep that down, too.

Do those “journalists” ever see the blood dripping from their hands?


For what it’s worth, here is a pretty good diary on the Seth Rich murder. The commentary is especially interesting – particularly that of Donn Marten down a ways – it’s on light orange background. Very, very interesting, in fact.


They certainly are trying to dampen any investigation of the murder and who may be linked to it.

First I must establish the ties between the link I am about to post. Neera Tanden is the head of CAP (and a fervent Hillary supporter). Think Progress is a blog which is part of CAP. This is by Adam Peck Editor at Think Progress.

The complicated origin of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory

On Tuesday, Fox News retracted a story making the case that Seth Rich, a former DNC staffer who was shot and killed in a botched robbery nearly a year ago, was responsible for leaking DNC data to Wikileaks, and was killed as a result.

The conspiracy theory has been floating around certain corners of the internet for months, dating back to well before the election. But it’s gained new traction in recent days thanks to some high-profile conservatives, chief among them Sean Hannity and others within the Fox News universe. Even as his own network distances themselves from the story, Hannity, Geraldo Rivera and others continue to sow doubt and suggest—with no evidence—that Democrats are guilty of murder.

But if Fox News hosts are the ones responsible for bringing the conspiracy to a larger audience, their broadcasts are propped up on the sloppy, ceaseless, and often fabricated work of certain corners of the far-left internet as much as anyone on the far-right. The same online community that continued to prop up Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign long after it was mathematically over; the same one that continues to insist the administration’s ties to Russia are overblown; as much as Sean Hannity, these are the people who continue to give the Seth Rich conspiracy life.

Consider Caitlin Johnstone. A self-proclaimed rogue journalist, she has built a small, cultish following by both masquerading as a cyber-sleuth committed to getting to the bottom of this, and attacking anyone who calmly tries to point out that no, The Deep State™ isn’t responsible for covering up a political assassination.

Tim Canova, a left-wing darling of the Bernie Sanders crowd who ran a close primary challenge for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s seat in Florida, has been casting aspersions on the Seth Rich case for months, long before Sean Hannity began obsessing over it on a daily basis. In between social media posts decrying the Trump budget and calling for universal health care, Canova has been sharing the same conspiratorial Seth Rich theories as Johnstone and the far-right. Canova has already set up a committee to run again in 2018.

I have no idea who killed Seth Rich but I do know that I like both Caitlin Johnstone and Tim Canova.


Julian Assange basically said Rich was the leaker. I don’t trust Putin, and I wouldn’t be surprised at anything he did/tried to do to meddle. I think some Russian bankers basically own Trump, and this would come out with his tax returns. Not a good situation at all.

But there is more to this whole thing than meets the eye. And, yes, it wouldn’t surprise me if the PTB were not gunning for Trump in order to put Pence in charge. Pence isn’t a loose cannon, but he is very, very dangerous in other ways.

Fuck the DNC and all their shills. They DID torpedo Bernie, and they were more than willing to sell us out rather than have a Social Democrat at the helm. DWS is the Dem version of Ryan – zombie-eyed granny starver, indeed. Clinton is the Dem version of Trump. Total narcissist and sociopathic liar.


i may have to reload. I can’t see the link.

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