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Good morning all!!

Thank you LD for posting Bernie’s full speech and transcript!

Here is a small version put out by Bernie’s twitter account. It’s quite good.


Video of graduating Akilah Etienne singing national anthem at the Brooklyn College Commencement:


From the Brooklyn College 2017 Commencement:
Akilah Etienne sings National Anthem @Barclays Center

Akilah Etienne spring recital Brooklyn College-
“Akilah – What do you see?”

Thanks, again, LD – if you hadn’t linked to Bernie’s speech I might never have heard this young woman sing – at least not for another few years.


LD… these videos above aren’t making it into the post.
I’ll try putting the links here:


sorry my links to the videos of Etienne didn’t work – please google her name if you’re interested in hearing this graduate who sang the National anthem at the Brooklyn College commencement.
Her spring concert performance of “What do you see” is also great.



To the irritation of many in my own party, I regularly challenged the Democrat-led Department of Education to clean up its act on student loans. I pushed federal officials to tighten the spigot of federal funds that let fraudulent schools suck down billions in taxpayer dollars. I also fought to persuade the Department to cancel the loans of defrauded students, including thousands in Massachusetts. We made real progress.

When the Department failed to hold giant student loan servicer Navient accountable after the company was fined nearly $100 million by other federal law enforcement agencies for allegedly overcharging thousands of active-duty military personnel, I called them out and helped trigger an independent investigation. Those efforts ultimately helped push the secretary of education to begin refunding money to over 80,000 military borrowers and to commit to a complete overhaul of the federal contracts with student loan servicers. More progress.

These stories show that oversight matters — and, with DeVos as secretary of education, oversight now matters even more. During her confirmation hearing, Secretary DeVos made it clear that she knew very little about running the federal student aid program. In her first weeks, she assembled a team that highlighted her plans to actively undermine efforts to protect students from being cheated.

That’s why today I am announcing a new project to hold Secretary DeVos’ Department of Education accountable. DeVos Watch will seek information about the Department’s actions and inactions around federal student loans and grants and highlight the findings. People can also participate directly by tracking the Department’s actions, submitting oversight suggestions or filing whistleblower tips.
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Where there are reasonable answers to the issues raised, the public will benefit from hearing them. Where there are no reasonable answers, the public will see that as well. And where Secretary DeVos and her agency refuse to answer, additional tools are available to get to the truth, including Freedom of Information Act requests, public interest litigation by student advocates and state law enforcement officials and investigations by the Department’s nonpartisan Inspector General. Oversight will be a joint effort.

Accountability is about making government work for everyone. Regardless of political party, I’m hopeful that other policymakers will join me in efforts to hold the Department of Education accountable for serving our students — not the industries that make money off them. We all have an interest in a well-run, fiscally responsible, corruption-free student aid program that puts students first. That is Secretary DeVos’ job — and it is Congress’ job to make sure she does it.


Subir has a diary up at DK about the suit against the DNC in FL that predictably is getting a lot of blowback–he could use some recs from us.



I expected some pie in that one. I had to chuckle at some Clintonista who thought The Hill was a right wing publication, not knowing their “Resistance Leader” is a contributor.


Don’t Save the Whales


Buried in President Trump’s executive order opening new waters to offshore oil drilling is a strange paragraph, demanding the government “rescind or revise” a NOAA memo on the effect of manmade sound on marine mammals — a memo that has strong ties to Santa Cruz.

“It was very odd,” said Mark Delaplaine, energy, ocean resources and federal consistency division manager at the California Coastal Commission. “It doesn’t fit with the other kinds of things on the list.”

“If I had to guess — and I’m guessing, because it doesn’t make sense — it could possibly be related to seismic surveys,” said Delaplaine.

Performed by oil companies, seismic surveys use loud airgun blasts to prospect for oil under the ocean floor. The sound, which can travel more than 2,000 miles, is at a low frequency that humans can’t hear, but large whales, seals, sea lions and other marine life can.

“The concern that most scientists have about (the memo) is that it’s not protective enough,” said Reichmuth. “So to see it called out in this way, which to me, to be honest, it looks like an oil and gas industry wish list.”

The executive order “can only be implemented at the expense of the environment and the animals that live there,” she said. “And those protections were not put in place lightly. There was a huge, slow, incremental, thoughtful, peer-revised, public review process along the whole way.”


Yale Historian Timothy Snyder on How the US Can Avoid Sliding Into Authoritarianism

So the point of “Don’t obey in advance” is not to give your consent in that way, which is very important, because if you do just drift at the beginning, then psychologically you’re lost, or, to put it a different way, if you don’t follow lesson one, “Don’t obey in advance,” then you can’t follow lessons two to 20, either. Politically, it’s also really important, because the time which matters the most is the beginning, where we are now. Right now we actually have much more power than we think we do. Our actions are magnified outwards now. When protest becomes illegal or dangerous, this is going to change. But right now Americans actually have more power than they think they do.

And your point actually magnifies all of this, because the reason — one of the reasons you shouldn’t obey in advance is that when you do, you’re actually giving power ideas. They don’t necessarily have plans. They don’t necessarily know what they can do. But when we lean towards what they think they want — and social media is a very good example of this — then we give them ideas. We teach them what they can do. So, in our real lives and in social media, it’s very important not to obey in advance, because, you’re absolutely right, that information is being collected and collated and considered. …

And we need to be able to form ourselves up into nongovernmental organizations, because it’s not just that we have freedom of association. It’s that freedom itself requires association. We need association to have our own ideas confirmed, to have our confidence raised, to be in a position to actually act as individuals. Some of that is actually happening, which is a good sign. …

So, being kind to language is one of these — is one of these lessons that seems easy. It just means read, think and try to express your views, whether they’re for or against, in your own words, because my very strong sense is that if we have pluralism of expression, we’re going to be fostering pluralism of thought, and that if people can clarify why it is that they’re opposing this or that, they’re going to be more likely to be persuasive. And at a minimum, in the worst case, if you have your own way of expressing yourself, you at least clutter up the daily memes. You at least put a barrier in the way of the daily tropes. You at least form a force field around yourself and maybe the people who are closest to you, where it’s possible to think and have a little peace.


His short work is worth reading. You can catch him on Book-TV occasionally. His in-depth knowledge of Eastern Europe definitely shaped his thinking about authoritarian regimes. But I’m not much into the Russiagate thing at the moment. As Nina said, Russiagate isn’t solving Flint’s water problems, and apathy is more dangerous to our democracy.


Oh, I didn’t get the Russiagate thing in the little I read. Had no idea he was a believer.

Agree that Nina sez it well.


Establishment Loyalists Spent Yesterday Circulating Blatant Lies About Glenn Greenwadl Caitlin

As anyone whose cognitive comfort does not depend on Greenwald being a horrible Trump-loving hypocrite can see, he was pointing out the obnoxious double standard in the way America’s power establishment is fine with highly illegal leaks as long as they hurt Trump, but elsewhere they attack low-level leakers and impose cruel punishments upon them. It was plainly a defense of leakers like Chelsea Manning and Thomas Drake, yet Clintonians like Senior Editor of The Atlantic David Frum spent Tuesday spinning it as a condemnation of leaks that hurt Trump.

The anti-GG tweets are pretty amazing. Even Taibbi was accused of being a Russian agent. wtfrack.



Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) said on Tuesday that President Trump is responsible for a “wave” of racial and religious violence that has spread throughout the U.S.

“You probably can’t tie him directly to one particular act of violence,” Merkley told CNN. “But to the wave of violence, yes, he bears responsibility.”

Merkley also said that Trump did not go far enough in condemning the deadly stabbing in Portland, Ore. on Friday that left two men dead and another injured. Trump, he said, should call the families of the victims and should address the matter in a speech.


Was just now in boss’s office, he watches tv all day, Hillary was on saying, “I’m just as angry as anyone about what’s going on” or something to that effect.

It was all I could do to not yell at the tv in light of her recent comments about Trump & Bernie’s “angry” campaigns and how she thinks her campaign, presumably not an “angry” one, was better (and that she beat them both…).

Yes, she made me ‘angry’ 😉


Everyone to blame but her crappy campaign. Even if you agree that there was Russian interference, it could work only against such an awful candidate who put herself in the position to be challenged by Trump.


Clinton did not just blame the Russians and Trump for her defeat – she also advanced claims that she had been discriminated against because of her gender and unfairly kept off television.

The former Secretary of State had cashed in when she left office by giving speeches to Wall Street and other forums, charging as much as $400,000 a time.

They became a political liability – but she now claims it was sexism which was behind that.

‘Men got paid for the speeches they made. I got paid for the speeches I made,’ she said.

‘It got used and I felt unfairly used. But it was part of the background message.’

In fact her two main opponents were first Bernie Sanders, who was clear that he had never been paid large amounts for a speech to Wall Street, and Donald Trump, who did not declare any earnings from comparable speeches.

But her blaming of misogyny did not end there – even suggesting that Barack Obama had it easier because he was ‘an attractive man’ when he became the first black president.


Hillary keeps coming up excuses for her loss.


Well at least she agrees with us that the DNC sucked. LOL Of course she was fine with the DNC when it colluded with her campaign in the primary. More everybody’s fault but my own.


Hillary Clinton blasted the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday, saying that she “inherited nothing” from the party after winning its presidential nomination last year.

“So I’m now the nominee of the Democratic Party. I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party,” she said during a question and answer session at Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

“I mean, it was bankrupt. It was on the verge of insolvency. Its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong,” she recalled. “I had to inject money into it.”


So is she blaming her former running mate, Kaine, in which Obama picked him for the DNC; her predecessor, Obama, who was the party leader; DWS; or Bernie for not handing over his data?

She’s also mad at Robby Mook for his analytics being off.



My favorite was the Obama hottie excuse.


“i had to inject money into it”

does that suggest something about changing directions?


Elizabeth Warren might be about halfway through. FB live answering questions.

Just put the FB address up but it doesn’t seem to be working. So that is:

https: // www dot facebook dot com/CREDO/videos /10156217111855968/


She is sounding really good about banking, social security, student loans, and how there are more of us than of them. Redefining democracy. Not sure how that’s working…. yes, if she is the nominee, i will work hard for her, unless something bad comes out. People are asking questions….


oh, man.

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