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Don midwest
Don midwest

Trumpism & factions destroy democratic republican form of government

Article by a friend of mine which follows from his book “The American Revolution of 1800 …..” This article is not as strong on FACTION as it should be.

Our Constitution Vs. the Deep State Run by Intelligence Agencies and the Pentagon — Only One Will Survive
Western civilization itself is under attack.

My friend is Dan Sisson. The other author is Thom Hartmann.

Makes the case that the deep state is a faction and the founders warned against factions


GOP Health Plan: Don’t Get Sick (Especially If You Live In A Red State)

House Republicans seem to be trying to outdo themselves. The latest amendment to the American Health Care Act, the GOP’s so-called Obamacare “repeal and replace” plan, makes a terrible bill much worse. In its current form, the bill would allow states to waive key consumer protections established by the Affordable Care Act, endangering their citizens’ health. This is dangerously misguided. By giving states automatic waiver approval to dilute these key consumer protections, the GOP is letting right-wing governors make life-and-death decisions for their constituents just to score political points.
The new amendment to the GOP House bill allows states to opt-out of core provisions of the Affordable Care Act that have given millions of Americans the peace of mind and security insurance should provide. Specifically, the bill would allow states to choose to ignore the requirement that health insurance covers a set of essential benefits, including maternity coverage. States could also return to the days when sick people could be charged more than healthy people for their coverage. While the president may claim, “I want it to be good for sick people,” it simply is not. This bill would result in millions of Americans with preexisting conditions seeing their premiums increase, and many would lose their health coverage altogether, particularly in red states that take up this new Trumpcare option.

So its back to “Get sick die quickly health care”

Read more at the link


Chechnya is controlled by Russia

Chechnya Police Tell Parents: “Kill Your Gay Children Or We Will”

Police in Chechnya are reportedly telling parents to kill their gay children, or else they’ll murder them themselves.

As news of anti-gay purges in the region spreads, including concentration camps for alleged homosexuals, reports from escapees paint a harrowing picture. One victim, who requested anonymity, told France24 that families of gay men are being told “sort it out” or the state will intervene.

“We’ve always been persecuted, but never like this,” he said. “Now they arrest everyone. They kill people, they do whatever they want. They tell the parents to kill their child. They say ’Either you do it, or we will.’ They call it ’cleaning your honor with blood.’”

The man recounted how a fellow detainee was tortured for two weeks before his family was summoned. “The police said to them: ’Your son is a homosexual. Sort it out or we’ll do it ourselves.’” Other survivors have shared accounts of being strapped to homemade electric chairs to give up names, and being forced to insert bottles into their rectums.


Time to Recall a Progressive ‘Truly Great’ First 100 Days

Couldn’t remember if anyone posted this already, but it is such an informative look at the FDR days, and how great Dems could really be again. History for us all. :O)

In the early 1930s, Americans had reason to wonder and worry about the future of American democracy. The Great Depression was destroying the economy and overwhelming public life and resources. But as much as Americans suffered, they did not suffer passively. Bearing the Stars and Stripes, Midwestern farmers were mobilizing and taking the law into their own hands to halt foreclosures and block shipments of produce to markets. Organizing themselves in Unemployed Leagues, jobless workers were marching and demanding state and federal action to provide relief and jobs. And in 1932, 20,000 World War I veterans, many joined by their families, had made their way by every conveyance possible to Washington DC to petition Congress to immediately distribute the “Veterans’ Bonus” payments they were not supposed to receive until 1945. Sheriffs and their deputies fought farmers; police and hired thugs attacked workers; and General Douglas MacArthur led fully armed troops against the Bonus Marchers’ DC encampments – not to mention, southwestern state governments were repatriating both Mexicans and Mexican-Americans back across the border.

Hoover portrayed Roosevelt as a radical. And he was essentially right. As FDR saw it, not simply the Depression, but the very political and economic order that had engendered it threatened American democratic life. “Democracy is not a static thing,” FDR would say, “it is an everlasting march.” Americans wanted action, were ready to march, and gave Roosevelt a landslide victory that November.

Taking office on March 4, 1933, with the Depression worsening and banks collapsing around the country, Roosevelt told Americans “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He then set his “Brains Trust” and “New Dealers” to work drawing up plans and bills and called for a Special Session of Congress to legislatively address the crisis.

Roosevelt brought a remarkable team to DC. …

When historians refer to Roosevelt’s “Hundred Days” they mean the 100 days of the 1933 special congressional session during which FDR and the Democratic-controlled Congress began to attack the Depression, relieve the needs of the poor and empower working people. After enacting the Emergency Banking Relief Act, which subjected banks to public account and regulation and instituted federal deposit insurance, they rapidly proceeded to pass laws creating: the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), to provide jobs and improve the national environment; the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA), to regulate farm production and raise farmers’ incomes; the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA), to provide jobs and basic necessities to the unemployed; the Tennessee Valley Authority Act (TVA) to develop an impoverished region of the South; policies to regulate securities transactions (which led to the 1934 Securities and Exchange Act setting up the Securities and Exchange Commission); the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation to refinance mortgages on homes threatened with foreclosure; the “Glass-Steagall Act,” to separate commercial banking from the riskier investment banking; the National Recovery Administration (NRA), to revive and regulate industrial activity, raise workers’ wages, and reduce class conflict; and the Public Works Administration (PWA) to fund major public works projects and create jobs. …


Enough already. This almost makes me vomit! Go back to the Woods!


Hillary Clinton soon will launch a PAC as a way of “acting as a quiet catalyst” for organizations she cares about, and eventually will help 2018 congressional candidates — but with no intention of making it a vehicle to run for anything herself.

According to a source familiar with the planning, the initial focus will be on lifting up organizations that are the product of the energy and activism she has seen since the election, and existing groups that have been reignited and reinvigorated by that energy. She has met with some of these groups, and it’s something she’s become increasingly passionate about with each meeting, the source said.

Clinton also plans to return to paid speaking. The Harry Walker Agency, her speakers’ bureau, has a page up inviting clients to “Book Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

“So you know, I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance.”

Its bad enough that she controlled the DNC a good part of the House and Senate and now this. GOOD GRIEF!


“organizations that are the product of the energy and activism she has seen since the election” translation: “organizations that care about bankers and corporations like all my supporters do.”

Part of the “resistance.” Read “McResistance.” I’m glad so many people are activating, but I’m sad that they think Third Way Democrats have anything to do with real resistance.


I actually do feel nauseous today, this sure isn’t helping!


So true, unfortunately!

Ooops, wrong place. I’ll blame it on the nausea.


sorry you’re sick, mags. another friend called today with the same!


I, personally, don’t have much invested in this health insurance battle (I’m screwed one way or another) but of course I do want those with pre-existing conditions, for example, that were helped by ACA, to continue to receive some relief.

Chaffee interrupts his month-long, paid, recovery break after taxpayer-funded foot surgery to….vote to repeal ACA! How can he look at himself in the mirror?!



Go Jaffe!!!!


Different Chaffee than I was thinking.

Also, i don’t know if it’s in this one, but they were putting in a clause that sez that they get to keep the good parts of Obamacare. So very hypocritical and mean. I didn’t really get this, unless it means their families, because don’t they already get top notch insurance forever?


Sorry! I meant Chaffetz! Too late to edit…



On the cusp of a rushed vote on the Republicans’ health care repeal plan, one GOP lawmaker summed up his party’s utter disregard for the harm the bill would do in just 64 seconds of a cable news segment.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, Rep. Thomas Garrett (R-VA) displayed both the carelessness and the cruelty that has characterized the Republican effort. When Ruhle asked Garrett if he had read the bill, he replied with a laugh and said, “That’s why we have staff.”

Then Ruhle played video of Virginia voters who said that people will die without Obamacare, and Garrett delivered the sort of ice-cold reply we have grown used to from Republicans:

I would wager based on the locality that that particular event occurred in, I wasn’t there, that none of those people did vote for me. What I would say is the free market health care system saved my mom’s life when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer 30 years ago, that the ability to innovate, the ability to let companies earn a profit to incentivize medical innovations saved my mom’s life.


I have just gotten my ticket and booked a room in the burbs to attend The People’s Summit! Excited to be going!


Congrats! take notes. :O)


Way to go Benny. We will have an in house correspondent. With all those speakers you will be very busy! Have a good time!


Oh! That’s great!!!

You will be our eyes and ears! Can’t wait to get a report from ground zero. 😉


House of Barons votes to exempt Congress from ACHA when it comes to pre-existing conditions. Straight party line votes. There is a motion to reconsider, but it is going to fail,

What hubris!


House of Barons. Perfect.


A little bloom coming off the rose lately. Not as though I thought he was perfect though, of course.

I hope a young, real, progressive emerges in time for 2020. Someone who can beat Booker, Cuomo, and all of the other neolibs. I would prefer a woman, but would settle for someone with a strong spine, a decent foreign policy position (one of Bernie’s weaknesses) and true progressive credentials.

Hillary supporters hate Tulsi Gabbard, I don’t think Nina Turner would be ready by then, and I’m not sure that I could get excited about Gillibrand (but at least she didn’t demonize Sanders like so many others did! Plus, she’s strong on the $15 minimum wage issue.)

What do you all think of Jerry Nadler? I like the way he pushed back on Obama’s $500 million to arm rebels in Syria (which turned out to be a huge waste of $).


Bernie has not been in favor of BDS for sometime. I went through the Nets this morning, and he signed on the letter because if for any reason, he wanted to show his support for Israel to defend itself. He did say he still wanted a two state solution and that one state would not suffice.

I’ll be curious as to who else has a difference of opinion.


Yes, I know. Did you see the AJ interview?

Bernie Sanders just defended Israel on Al Jazeera. Here’s why that’s a big deal.

Takruri asked why Sanders was “effectively trying to shield [Israel] from criticism.” Sanders interrupted, “No, no, no, no, no, I don’t accept that,” saying “there are many problems with Israel” and he would continue to “be critical of a lot of what Israel does.”

“On the other hand, to see Israel attacked over and over again for human rights violations which may be true, when you have countries like Saudi Arabia or Syria, Saudi Arabia – I’m not quite sure if a woman can even drive a car today,” Sanders said.

“So I think the thrust of that letter is not to say that Israel does not have human rights issues — it does — but to say how come it’s only Israel when you have other countries where women are treated as third-class citizens, where in Egypt, I don’t know how many thousands of people now lingering in jail, so that’s the point of that, not to defend Israel but to say why only Israel, you want to talk about human rights, let’s talk about human rights,” he said.

I have seen a lot of people have a problem with Sanders basically saying, “But, Saudi Arabia” and equating what Israel does to Palestinians to women in SA not being able to drive.


There are times Bernie needs to have a better prepared answer.


I agree. He’s pretty much the opposite of the carefully controlled politician who uses vague wording to avoid offending as many people as possible. 🙂

That’s part of why I like him so much. And, I suspect, at least part of why so many think of him as genuine. I certainly realize that there is no one politician who lines up perfectly with my views! And maybe that’s a good thing, lol.


I’m disappointed he’s not for BDS, but that wouldn’t stop me from voting for him again. In a heartbeat. I have a feeling that he’ll be in more of a support role in 2020?

Maybe Gabbard? Warren? With him as either Prez or VP. I don’t really see a male Bernie coming up, like Nina and Tulsi. Merkley has been supporting establishment Dems on the state level–lots of us are disappointed. And apparently may have spread a falsehood about our guy. Who knows.


How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win

Some great stuff in this one by Caitlin. Too much to even try to blockquote. Maybe I’ll post it again tomorrow.

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