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Thanks, Benny. Here’s a good one. John Atcheson.

Why Progressives Need a Long-term Strategy, Built on Values

While Conservatives are playing political chess and thinking several moves ahead, Democrats are playing political checkers, and focusing on short term excuses for losing the election – like the Russian email hacks – which as Norman Soloman pointed out, gives them a pretext to continue to blame their defeat on the Russians, rather than the fact that they ran candidates who put Wall Street over Main Street.

It is precisely this embrace of neoliberalism that has caused the Democratic Party’s long, slow slide into irrelevance. Back in the 1960’s, half the registered voters claimed to be Democrats; today, 29% do. Republicans have been hovering somewhere near 25% during the same period, while winning elections.

The reason Republicans win as a minority Party is because Democrats have embraced neoliberalism and rejected true progressivism and the New Deal. …


I have one slight quibble with this. It is true in general that the Democrats are lacking a long term strategy. However the Clintons are the exception. Their carefully conceived plan to maintain Hillary’s political power is rolling out. First it was trotting out the surrogates to deflect the blame for her inept campaign and her multiple weaknesses as a candidate. Next a supposed seclusion period when in reality she was plotting her next moves. Now she rolls out her new Pac.
I am afraid to see what comes next.


Yes. If you read the whole article, you’ll see that he’s speaking of us Bernie types. That we need to start strategizing. He lists ways that the Republicans have made work. And his alternative is to start a new party. But he says we really have to get going on some radical pushback because it’s slipping away.


i meant to say his LAST alternative is to start a new party. he wants us true progressives to start funding think tanks and all the other things that the Republicans have done to create an infrastructure that became solid building blocks and is why they are dominant in elected offices (and the MSM, of course). But part of the reason for the MSM is that they’ve built this whole circular web of beliefs (along with our own neolibcons) about how great the market is, how bad govt. is, yada, yada. Say if often enough and the MSM picks it up and of course the MSM loves neolibs anyway, so it won’t be easy.

anyhoo, i like what he’s saying and would be glad to help but we likely could use some wealthy patrons and people who know how to get these things going. or something. :O)

we are starting to confront neolibs at Town Halls, although it’s mostly aimed at Repubs for now. and we are starting to run Berniecrats for local offices–I’m proud to support one who’s running for county commissioner.

But it would be awesome if we built up this yuuuuge web of institutions that started giving all the people hungry for change a real platform and easy messages.


Part 2, on how to expose and weaken the MSM, which will lead to taking back the country, by Caitlin.

Too much to even try to blockquote right now. It’s worth the look if you have 10-15 minutes.


I read her first thing every morning. All her essays are long but powerful.


Worth the read!!! Thx PB4


Here is how the Trump administration is dealing with “Fake News’. LOL


The televisions in public areas at the Health and Human Services Department headquarters in Washington have been switched to Fox News. Now the same change appears to have applied to other HHS buildings, including Food and Drug Administration buildings in Maryland.

According to two people who work at the agency, the televisions at the Hubert Humphrey building had previously rotated among the three main cable channels every three days or so. But since shortly after the Trump administration took over, the televisions have been on Fox News.


Considering CNN and MSNBC, Fox news is about the same. All liars.


Can they just get up and change the channel? To maybe Animal Planet? :O)


The standards for winning the Nobel Peace Prize are not all that high.


This should be very interesting!


Former President Jimmy Carter will sit down for a conversation Monday evening with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders that will be live streamed on the Carter Center’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/cartercenter).

Focusing on “important human rights issues,” the sure-to-be lively exchange is scheduled to start at 6:20 p.m. A highlight of Day One of the Carter Center’s annual Human Rights Defenders Forum, it is not open to the public.


Oh! Come on now. We are the only one that can play this game.


Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross fired back at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday, calling Canada’s trade threats “inappropriate,” Reuters reported.

“We continue to believe that a negotiated settlement is in the best interests of all parties and we are prepared to work toward that end,” Ross said in a statement obtained by Reuters.

“Threats of retaliatory action are inappropriate and will not influence any final determinations,” he continued.

A day earlier, Trudeau said in a letter to the premier of British Columbia that he was seriously considering banning U.S. firms from exporting thermal coal from ports in the Pacific coastal province.

The threat came 10 days after the Trump administration tariffs of up to 24 percent on Canadian softwood lumber exports to the U.S. Lumber producers in the U.S. have long complained that Canadian producers receive government subsidies, lowering the price of lumber produced in Canada.


Lee is really good.

I had no idea there was a Wikileak of the memo of the Wall St. guy who sent it to Podesta who was running Obama’s transition team and almost or maybe every NAME on the LIST of “suggestions” for his cabinet. They BECAME the cabinet!

Shocks even me–wow.



Cool that ABC news apparently had it on. One good thing. 😉


Slow newz day: everyone was focused on the Kentucky Derby. 🙂 Like the winner’s name: Always Dreaming. My pick to show (I don’t gamble) came in third: Battle of Midway. Talk about a sloppy track! It freaked one horse out so bad, his jockey had to pull him out of the race. I have always loved horses and rode in my (much) younger days. They are among the prettiest creations in nature. T and R to the usual suspects!!


Get the Drones ready for action!


Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) on Saturday urged President Trump to “forcefully” respond to the hacking operation that targeted the campaign of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.

“This attack on French democracy is a threat to all of us, and our way of life,” Smith, the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, said in a statement.

“I call on President Trump to respond forcefully to this attack. He must not downplay, ignore, or encourage such an assault,” he added.

Honestly this “Tough Guy” posture does not impress me.


A fine example corporate power pulling the strings.


By Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan

There are 10 million people in North Carolina, and 9 million hogs. Judging by the smell, the hogs are winning. Or, rather, the giant corporate factory hog farms are. Hogs are the largest agricultural product of the Tarheel State, adding at least $2 billion to the economy there. How the hogs are raised and slaughtered, and how the waste is handled, is making life miserable for many North Carolinians. Billions of gallons of pig feces and urine are collected in lagoons, mixed with blood and rotting pig body parts. To keep these fetid ponds from overflowing, the toxic liquid is pumped skyward with enormous spray devices, aerosolizing the waste, which is carried away by the wind. Neighbors suffer indescribably bad odor and an array of illnesses. The notoriously regressive Republican majority in the North Carolina statehouse has passed a bill—H.B. 467, Agriculture and Forestry Nuisance Remedies—to protect the factory hog farming industry from liability, which the state’s recently elected Democratic governor has yet to sign—or veto. In the meantime, impacted communities, mostly African-American, are fighting back.

Bolding done by me.


Oregon also just passed a law favoring factory farms, in particular Tillamook, the brand newcomers and tourists love, and I’ll admit, I’ve bought a few of their big blocks of white cheddar when they’re on sale, who got approval for those huge lagoons of waste. Tillamook, sells ridiculously overpriced dairy products. They say they don’t use BST, but they also put a lot of money into the campaign to not list GMOs.

So sad, I remember my dad taking us all to visit the factory when I was quite little (with the family), before raising dairy cattle became the behemoth industry that it is today. I hear (from my friend who’s worked in family farm nonprofits) that Organic Valley is still decent and fairly local. I’ll have to ask about Umpqua.

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