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Not to rub it in but Piers Morgan has a good article on Hillary’s reemergence.

( on second thought maybe it is rubbing it in a little. LOL)

It refutes her latest statements up quite well. I will only quote his conclusion but the rest is worth reading.


But the truth is she ran a dreadful, purposeless campaign from start to finish and ignored the very real fears and concerns of middle America.
Trump heard those people, visited them regularly and made them believe in him.
That’s why she lost.
The fact she won’t go quietly, and with dignity, is perhaps unsurprising to anyone who’s followed her ruthless, self-interested, power-crazed Goldman Sachs funded career.
But it’s a disaster for the Democrats if they want to stand any chance of beating Trump in 2020.
The longer Hillary Clinton hangs around now, like a rotten egg, the worse the stench of failure will linger.
She should put her party before her bruised ego and shut up.


Exactly what is needed. More conservative control of the media.


Sinclair Broadcast Group announced on Monday that it had reached an agreement to purchase the Tribune Media Company for $3.9 billion.

The deal, which was first reported by Reuters ahead of the announcement, comes just weeks after the Trump administration’s Federal Communications Commission eased restrictions on media ownership limits.

“This is a transformational acquisition for Sinclair that will open up a myriad of opportunities for the company,” Sinclair CEO Chris Ripley said in a statement. “The Tribune stations are highly complementary to Sinclair’s existing footprint and will create a leading nationwide media platform that includes our country’s largest markets.”

Sinclair is a conservative-leaning broadcasting company that is one of the largest owners of local television stations in the country.


“myriad of opportunities.” They don’t even bother with lip service about serving the people as the 5th Estate anymore. All about the money.


Tribune Media has been RW/conservative for years. This will just dumb them down some more. $$$$$$$$!


Obama Shows Why Wall Street Has Two Parties And We Have None

Obama is saying loud and clear that Bernie and his minions are hopelessly naive ― that it just doesn’t matter if you take Wall Street cash. What matters is what you do, and I, Obama, did all that could be done about Wall Street. Accept the limits and realities of American politics. Grow Up! It has to be done. There’s nothing wrong with taking Wall Street money if your motives are pure.

Except there is. The money is dirty with greed.

Financial Strip Mining Ignored

What Obama, Hillary and the corporate Democrats have never grasped and may never grasp is that Wall Street’s riches come from strip mining of the rest of us. As hedge funds press companies for lucrative stock buybacks, workers suffer as wages and benefits are cut, and jobs shifted around the globe. Communities suffer as Wall Street helps the rich stash their wealth abroad, shifting the tax base to tapped out workers. States suffer as Wall Street firms extract enormous fees to mismanage pension funds and provide high fee financing for badly need infrastructure projects. Students and their families suffer as Wall Street gouges the young through student loans. Those trapped in the prison system suffer as Wall Street backed firms set up private prisons for profit.

That unbridled greed tells us why the richest country in the history of the world has a crumbling infrastructure, a declining middle class and the largest percentage of children living in poverty among developed nations.

Leopold is too kind here. Corporate Dems know full well “that Wall Street’s riches come from strip mining the rest of us.” He thinks that Dems staying with Wall St. will open the way for a Ross Perot type to enter, giving 2020 to Trump again. I say, let’s hope Bernie or Nina or Tulsi runs as an Indie if (when) the Dems don’t (won’t) change–let that be the third party run and we’ll see who wins!

Because they can’t be the party both of the predators and the prey.

What the Democrats continue to miss, and what “immature” Bernie people see so clearly, is that the country is hungry for politicians who give them a voice against unbridled greed. You can’t fight against greed when you become a symbol of greed itself


What Obsessing About You-Know-Who Causes Us To Miss

1. Accomplishing the “mission”:

2. American military supremacy:

3. America’s empire of bases:

4. Supporting the troops:

5. Prerogatives of the commander-in-chief:

6. Assassin-in-chief:

7. The war formerly known as the “Global War on Terrorism”:

8. The campaign formerly known as Operation Enduring Freedom:

9. The Gulf:

10. Hyping terrorism:

11. Deaths that matter and deaths that don’t:

12. Israeli nukes:

13. Peace in the Holy Land:

14. Merchandizing death:

15. Our friends the Saudis (I):

16. Our friends the Saudis (II)

17. Our friends the Pakistanis:

18. Free-loading Europeans:

19. The mother of all “special relationships”:

20. The old nuclear disarmament razzmatazz:

21. Double standards (I):

22. Double standards (II):

23. Double standards (III):

24. Moral obligations:

Let me suggest that any one of these two dozen issues — none seriously covered, discussed, or debated in the American media or in the political mainstream — bears more directly on the wellbeing of the United States and our prospects for avoiding global conflict than anything Donald Trump may have said or done during his first 100 days as president. Collectively, they define the core of the national security challenges that presently confront this country, even as they languish on the periphery of American politics.

By one of my favorite vets, Andrew Bacevich


In the recent French election I think that the better candidate of the 2 choices won. However the results were not so overwhelming as the media is leading us to believe.


And Melenchon is forgotten.


Almost 37% of French voters didn’t vote for either one. Their voting system isn’t as fouled up as ours. That still is a high percentage–more than 1/3rd.


This vote was far more against Le Pen than it was FOR Macron.


Don’t forget that Bernie will appear with Jimmy Carter tonight!

I hope that this embed works as I am not all that familiar with copying from facebook.



Already tabbed and set. Should be a very interesting conversation between these two as Sanders has always been more liberal than Carter.


The Carter Center
2 hrs ·
Tune in May 8-9: Human Rights Defenders Forum
Watch LIVE webcast: Opening remarks by President Carter at 1:30.
Watch Facebook LIVE: Pres. Carter & Bernie Sanders at 6:20 ET.
Join the conversation using #FreedomfromFear….


But, from what I’ve seen, Carter has been more brave and ‘out there’ on his support for Palestinians. Will be interesting to see if that comes up.



Does this sound, hmmmm….familiar? NDP is Canada’s progressive party, more or less, btw:


I guess he can go now he signed some bills.


Gov. Terry Branstad signed four bills into law Friday enhancing restrictions on abortion, instituting a more stringent voter ID system, tweaking medical malpractice procedures and adjusting funding for mental health and disability services.

“This is a banner day,” Branstad said. “I wouldn’t say this is the biggest day, but it’s certainly one of the most significant ones in terms of the public policy.”

The 2017 legislative session adjourned nearly two weeks ago, but the Republican governor still is working to implement actions taken by the GOP-controlled House and Senate over the last several months.


Its about time! There are also a few more that I can think of that deserve the same treatment.


This is sad but true! Hillary is guilty of visiting churches and bringing out the mothers but what is she doing now.

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