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Trump has now sparred to varying degrees with the leaders of France, Germany and Britain. He has cast doubt on America’s commitment to the ideals of transnational institutions such as the European Union and the United Nations. Yet he has been conspicuously tolerant of, and sometimes chummy with, a range of authoritarian figures, from Egypt’s Abdel Fatah al-Sissi to Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines.

“Who are the three guys in the world he most admires? President Xi [Jinping] of China, [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan and [Russian President Vladmir] Putin,” a Trump adviser told my colleagues last year. “They’re all the same guy.”

That’s likely because their demagogic style meshes far better with Trump’s own instincts than that of liberals such as Trudeau or French President Emmanuel Macron. “Trump has been saying for a long time things like, ‘I am the only one who matters,’ ” Ruth Ben-Ghiat of New York University told my colleague Ashley Parker. “The idea that his instincts are what guide him and he doesn’t need any experts is part of this…. That’s all typical of the authoritarian way of doing things.”


This is simply awful.

Nearly half of the nation’s hydropower electricity comes from more than 250 hydropower dams that were built on the Columbia and its tributaries — a vast and complex arc of industry and technology that touches tens of millions of lives across the West every day.

Google taps the river’s energy to power a data center 90 minutes east of Portland, Ore. — drawn there by some of the cheapest, most environmentally friendly electricity in the nation. Farmers farther upriver in Washington State pump irrigation water into alfalfa fields — with both the water and the electricity supplied by a dam. The Space Needle in Seattle uses Columbia River electricity to slowly spin tourists in its sky-view restaurant. High-voltage transmission lines shoot south to California.

Now, the Trump administration has proposed rethinking the entire system, with a plan to sell the transmission network of wires and substations owned by the Bonneville Power Administration, a federal agency that distributes most of the Columbia basin’s output, to private buyers.

The idea is part of a package of proposals that would transform much of the infrastructure in the United States to a mixture of public and private partnerships, lowering costs to taxpayers and improving efficiency, administration officials said. Assets of two other big public power operators, based in Colorado and Oklahoma, would be sold, too, if Congress approves the measure.

Hopefully the Dems and others can stop this.

Lowering costs and improving efficiency. ROFL so i don’t cry. When the NYT states that, they have a duty to at least refer to the studies that show that after the first few years, privatization COSTS MORE and is LESS EFFICIENT.


I found a fun twitter account this morning that I wanted to share with you all because, well you’ll see:


Gaby is a feisty, funny writer working for Bleacher Report, self-described “Jewish leftist” living in Brooklyn, and a long-suffering Mets fan. She tweets about all sorts of things. Not all twitter is bad!


Not getting much MSM coverage but that is not surprising.

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