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I haven’t been here in so long I can’t remember how to do anything. But someone at CC99 wanted me to post this meme. Is there no longer a way to embed images from another site, or do you have to download them into the media?

Well I hope this works.

ocasio statue 1.jpg

Hey long time no see, it worked.


Good to hear from you LSM

Don midwest
Don midwest

Juan Cole today – proposal for dems in 2020
He points out that the wins are important, and goes on to propose a platform and a worked out program for the dems in 2020. That is right around the corner.

If the dems were to truly take a stand for what is in his list, that would help them in 2018 now that fascism is alive and well here in the US and if the republicans win in 2018 and 2020 the country can never be reclaimed. Even now, it is an outside chance that we can get our country back.

Here is the first part of the article. The article has the checklist of issues.

Progressives are rightly elated by the surprise win in a New York primary of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They saw her ten-term opponent as having failed to stand for workers.

But it is possible for Ocasio-Cortez never to pass even a single law. My advice to her and to her backers is not just to perfect her platform, but to huddle with experienced progressive lawmakers to come up with model legislation on a range of issues that can be quickly enacted.

Sooner or later, the Democrats will take back the presidency, House and the Senate. The last time they did that, in 2008, however, they only kept control for a few months. And since no Republican ever, ever voted for anything Obama proposed, including the Republican health insurance bill that had been crafted for the insurance companies by Mitt Romney, the Dems at the national level have been powerless and virtually without anything to show for themselves for a decade.

Progressive Dems Are Celebrating Ocasio-Crowley Win; But where is the Legislation?



Despite our booming economy, consumers continue to lose out on potential prescription drug cost savings, driven by a system of perverse incentives that allow middlemen like pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to reap more profits and raise costs for consumers without adding value.

Similarly, health insurers continue to saddle patients by making them responsible for increasingly higher proportions of the cost of their care. In all of this, middlemen and health insurers win, while everyday Americans are left to foot the bill, paying more for less.


A lot of Americans are forced the choose between Meds or food.


Such a surprise!


New York luxury towers owned by President Trump and his senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, are reportedly part of the 2 percent of buildings that produce half of the city’s carbon dioxide pollution.

Huff Post, citing a study by environmental nonprofits, reported Thursday that Trump International Hotel and Tower, Trump Tower, and the Kushner family’s 666 Fifth Avenue buildings are some of the biggest contributors to pollution.

“It’s the Trumps and the Kushners that are polluting this city,” said Pete Sikora, the senior adviser at New York Communities for Change. “We’re not a factory town in New York City, but if we were, our smokestacks would be buildings like Trump Tower.”



President Trump periodically registers his totally correct opinion that the legislative filibuster is a stupid relic that the Senate should abolish. Senate Republicans continue to oppose him out of the highly rational belief that abolishing the filibuster would one day open the door to progressive legislation they oppose. But the real news in this story about Trump’s fruitless argument against the filibuster is that, according to Senate Republicans, Minority Leader Charles Schumer has promised Republicans not to change the filibuster if Democrats gain power.

“According to a senior GOP senator who spoke on condition of anonymity,” reports Politico, “Schumer has privately reassured Republican senators in recent weeks that he would not change the rules and is committed to keeping the filibuster.” What this means is that the decision to bottle up the agenda of the next Democratic president is being made right now, in private, in a secret deal between Schumer and Senate Republicans.

Schumer is surely not alone among Democrats in his fondness for retaining the Senate’s antiquated supermajority requirement. Some members of his caucus probably worry about the optics of eliminating it, which would surely open Democrats to a few days of scolding from Morning Joe and the Sunday talk shows.

But Democrats are deluding themselves if they think that, during the next Democratic administration, they can keep it in place without provoking mass indignation from their base. The filibuster has already been pared back twice in the last five years. Everybody knows the rules can be changed. When McConnell eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations, the news barely registered. It isn’t a “nuclear option” any more.

Democratic voters aren’t going to accept the party’s explanation that their agenda is bottled up by a handicap they could discard any time they want. They’re much better off announcing their intention to eliminate the legislative filibuster — or perhaps turn it into an old-fashioned talkathon rather than a routine supermajority requirement — in advance, rather than after months of debate that elevates its importance.

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