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Don midwest
Don midwest

Migration is a symptom. Species die of is a symptom.

The solution to hide behind the boundaries of nation states and protect racial and historical purity will accelerate the destruction of the earth.

The issue is land. Not enough land for the people and their explorations.

The Water Protectors showed that the land has been deprived of water. The Water Protectors stood for the land deprived of people who cared.

I have attached a recent 2 page article from the French Polymath Bruno Latour. It took me several tries to understand the title with the phrase “the land deprived of people.” He is after another attempt at showing that we are earthbound and the earth is the main political actor and what is going on around us falls short. In other works he points out that the sovereign state, science and secularism were the forms put in place to end the religious wars like the 30 years war in the 1600, and this led to colonization of peoples and the earth. This solution no longer works.

Thankfully, the month of May has come to an end, and with it any illusion that
May ’68 could be reenacted in period costumes. French production studios are
very clumsy when it comes to historical reconstructions, as the producers of TV
series know very well. The settings are too perfect, the collars too starched, the
voices too contemporary and the anachronisms so numerous that disbelief
cannot be suspended for a moment. So, what might be true for the screen is even
more so in politics, when people are looking for a replay of the wonderful times of
May ’68 while in the midst of the tragic situation today. Everything went wrong
in this 2018 remake of May: the ‘struggles’ didn’t ‘converge’ and there was no
‘revolutionary spirit’.

What happened, between then and now, is that the meaning of revolution

What was driving students and workers fifty years ago, propelling them
towards the future, also drives those who, around the world today, imagine they
can return to an ethnically identified nation state. There is a revolutionary spirit, yes indeed, but it is conservative revolution on an unprecedented scale, without limits. The insolence of yesteryear is now on the extreme right!

To continue to celebrate ‘the spirit of ‘68’ with festivals and colloquia is to
repeat the mistake made in the thirties of battling against a known enemy while
there was another, much more serious, movement threatening to destroy

One way of summarizing the situation today is to say that on the one hand
there are people furious at being deprived of their land, and on the other a land
sadly deprived of people.

People without a land looking for land deprived of people


Thanks Don.


Bold and solid plan from a physician! I like Abdul a lot.

What is Michicare?

Michicare is a state-level single-payer, Medicare-for-All style healthcare plan in Michigan. It is a sensible, cost-effective solution to guarantee affordable and accessible health care for all. Under Michicare, everyone will pay their fair share, and words like “premiums,” “deductibles,”“co-pays,” and “out of network” will become history—and nobody will be denied the care that they deserve.


This is how Canadians eventually got their universal h/c, one province was bold enough to do it, then a couple more joined in, and then BOOM.


I saw a tweet just now that had a problem with Bernie advocating for Disney workers, saw the the bully tweeter linked to a DK post, so peeked in to take a look at the piece.

It’s written by our old friend TomP!

Then, I made the mistake at also peeking at the comments. OMIGOD. In no time at all Tom gets accused of being dishonest and then “Super Trumpy” (! whaaaat?)

Here it is, tho I don’t recommend reading the comments, lots of hidden, nasty, comments. I so do not miss TOP. Still pie fight city.

Bernie Attacks Disney Greed at Disneyland Worker Rally

Thank you LD for this place of civilized discourse. XO


We’re all familiar with the author of this article


I recently went to Anaheim, California, the home of Disneyland. I wasn’t there to take my grandchildren to meet Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse or have them go on the rides. I was there to attend a rally with 2,000 Disney workers who are being ruthlessly exploited by Disney, an extremely powerful and wealthy multi-national corporation. The rally was organized by a number of unions and held in a large church.

Disney is a $150bn corporation, which made $9bn in profits last year. It received a $1.6bn tax break from the Trump tax giveaway to the rich and, interestingly, has received hundreds of millions in local tax breaks from the city of Anaheim. The Disney Board recently reached a four-year compensation agreement with its CEO, Bob Iger, for an estimated $423m.

And, yet, while Disney’s profits soar through the stratosphere and its CEO receives an unimaginable amount of money, the wages and benefits for its workers are atrocious. The people who walk around all day in Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck costumes, the workers who prepare and deliver the food, the men and women who collect tickets and manage the rides, make wages so low that they are barely surviving.


Actually something good about Bernie from the Post


Sanders criticized Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez on Wednesday for endorsing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over primary challenger Cynthia Nixon. He said this sort of interference by party bosses makes it harder to trust that progressives will get a fair shake in 2020.

That was the biggest news from Bernie’s Daily 202 Live interview, but he uncorked a more systemic critique of the Democratic Party during our hour-long conversation that underscored the festering tensions between many grass-roots activists and the establishment. In a word, it kept coming back to money.

For example, Sanders cited the fact that 17 Senate Democrats recently voted to roll back Dodd-Frank — the law passed after the Great Recession to prevent another financial crisis — as evidence of the sway special interests hold over the party. “At the end of the day, it’s not complicated,” he said. “Folks say, ‘Well, you know, I need that vote from you. You want campaign contributions? You want help for your Super PAC? I will expect you to vote to deregulate Wall Street.’ People will do that unfortunately.”

While Sanders caucuses with Senate Democrats, he insisted that he remains proudly and fiercely independent. He said he made a commitment to voters when he first ran for office in the 1980s to stay that way, but his refusal to technically join the party even as he works to remake it in his image irks many former supporters of Hillary Clinton.

“According to polling that I have seen, there are more people who now consider themselves independents than who are Democrats or Republicans,” replied Sanders. “There is not a lot of love, frankly, for either the Democratic or Republican Party and many people are discouraged with both. They’re turning away from both. So I think it is not a bad idea to have somebody who says, ‘I understand that. I am an independent. … I have had to run against Democrats. But I want you, as independents, to come into the Democratic primaries and transform the Democratic Party.’”


I know that LD posted the interview yesterday, but I’m much more of a reader than a listener, so I thought this would be good for those with less time to invest.


Thanks LD! I also am more of a reader than a listener.


I enjoy the reading as well!!



President Donald Trump avoided talk of hurricanes during what was supposed to have been a meeting on disaster preparedness Wednesday, holding forth on everything but a significantly increased estimate of deaths in Puerto Rico linked to Hurricane Maria, The Washington Post reported.

Leaked audio from the 40-minute meeting at Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters captured Trump musing about the cost of purchasing military equipment, attacking California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom, praising Foxconn for building a factory in Wisconsin and attempting to reassure his Cabinet members that they were very popular.

Don midwest
Don midwest

update on the police state

Glenn Greenwald

Verified account

17m17 minutes ago
More Glenn Greenwald Retweeted The Intercept
The FBI has expended major resources, in coordinating with state and local prosecutors (who have ties to the agricultural industry) to imprison activists whose only real crime is filming the conditions inside factory farms. It’s such a monumental abuse of power to crush dissent:Glenn Greenwald added,




Housing Secretary Ben Carson says his latest proposal to raise rents would mean a path toward self-sufficiency for millions of low-income households across the United States by pushing more people to find work. For Ebony Morris and her four small children, it could mean homelessness.

Morris lives in Charleston, South Carolina, where most households receiving federal housing assistance would see their rent go up an average 26 percent, according to an analysis done by Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and provided exclusively to The Associated Press. But her increase would be nearly double that.

Overall, the analysis shows that in the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas, low-income tenants — many of whom have jobs — would have to pay roughly 20 percent more each year for rent under the plan. That rent increase is about six times greater than the growth in average hourly earnings, putting the poorest workers at an increased risk of homelessness because wages simply haven’t kept pace with housing expenses.

“I saw public housing as an option to get on my feet, to pay 30 percent of my income and get myself out of debt and eventually become a homeowner,” said Morris, whose monthly rent would jump from $403 to $600. “But this would put us in a homeless state.”


I think that it may be hard for some to see the razor’s edge a lot of people live on.

When I was young I worked at a laboratory, a job I loved, but it did not pay well ($16k/yr).

One year my rent was boosted by 10%, not a big deal for many, but it was enough to bust my tight budget so I had to move to a less safe neighborhood, where I got robbed.

I can totally understand how a jump in monthly rent from $403 to $600 can be devastating.



Opponents of LGBT equality have stolen another page from the anti-choice playbook: They are trying to argue that the exemptions aren’t about discrimination. In Masterpiece Cakeshop, for example, the bakery put its focus on the cake and the artistry in an attempt to divert our eyes from what was really at issue here: the bakery owner pointing a same-sex couple to the door because they wanted to celebrate their wedding. It’s akin to what’s transpired with abortion. Today, the refusal to treat those who want an abortion is seen as a refusal to provide a service. The connection to the project of equality is lost. That argument didn’t work in Masterpiece Cakeshop, but we will surely see it again. That’s a dangerous place to be.



Lauren Arthur is a former middle-school teacher who campaigned as a progressive Democrat in a special election to fill a Missouri state Senate seat that a Republican won in 2016 with more than 60 percent of the vote. Her race, which highlighted support for expanded funding of education and access to health care, was run in a district that backed Republican presidential nominees Donald Trump in 2016 and Mitt Romney in 2012.

It should have been an uphill bid.

It wasn’t. On Tuesday, Arthur beat her well-funded and serious Republican foe by a landslide, winning 60 percent of the vote.

That was a big victory for Arthur, a labor-backed state representative who declared in her victory speech that: “For too long the priorities and pet projects of billionaires and corporations have been put ahead of investing in Missourians. We sent a message loud and clear that we demand great public schools (and) a transparent and responsive state government.”

But it was also a big victory for Democrats nationally, as this was the 42nd Republican legislative seat that has flipped to the Democrats since Donald Trump assumed the presidency.

The legislative district wins for Democrats tend to fly under the radar. They are not as closely covered as the flipping of Alabama’s US Senate seat by Democrat Doug Jones last year, or the flipping of a Republican-held US House seat by Pennsylvania Democrat Conor Lamb earlier this year. But there is a good case to be made that they provide the best measure of the resistance voting that is taking place across the country in the Trump era.


I just had to share this tweet with you all. Jeff is saltier than ever.


I had jcitybone in mind, in particular, in posting this piece. I’d never heard of this Brendan Nyhan before, but apparently he is considered to be ‘a liberal to moderate political blogger, author, and political columnist.’

Your ‘Norms’ Have Left the Building

Zephyr Teachout is a progressive Democrat and longtime activist running for New York state attorney general. In an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber last month, Teachout said she would “absolutely” pursue state-level charges against people—think Dinesh D’Souza, Scooter Libby or Joe Arpaio—who have been pardoned by Donald Trump.

Watching the above video, it’s pretty clear that Teachout is not arguing that she hopes to go after people because they are Republicans, but because she believes they are corrupt, have broken the law, and may have outstanding state charges to be leveled against them. Going after powerful and corrupt individuals—rather than targeting powerless, vulnerable people—is what public prosecutors should do.

Brendan Nyhan—a Dartmouth political scientist and prominent political commentator—disagreed, comparing Teachout to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and saying her comments amounted to “prejudging” the guilt of Trump’s allies (who have already been convicted of breaking the law).

Here’s the thing about the Democratic Norms folks like Nyhan like to bang on about: they’re already gone, and anyone who says they aren’t is living in a dream world. Mealy-mouthed centrist posturing only serves to give credence to the idea our right-wing government is desperately pushing forth: that two political factions are on an equal playing field, and thus should be given equal criticism, even if one party holds all of the power in the country, and the other party holds almost none.

“Mealy-mouthed centrist posturing”, lol. You go Emma Roller!


Nyhan (never heard of him either) is an idiot.

The NY AG race is going to be very interesting with my “beloved” Congress person Sean Patrick Maloney getting in the race. (Why? Who knows? He’s not going to win.). Also Preet Bharara might jump in the race to join Maloney, Teachout, and Letitia James, the NY City Public Advocate who was endorsed by the NY Dem Politburo, and Leecia Eve, and ex-aide to Clinton and Cuomo.


Organic matter has been found on Mars in soil samples taken from 3 billion-year-old mudstone in the Gale crater by the Curiosity rover, NASA announced Thursday. The rover has also detected methane in the Martian atmosphere.


Interesting take on this news put out by NASA:


Village of Mount Pleasant declares Foxconn area as blighted, may use eminent domain to take properties

In taking its action Monday, the village is using a section of state law that broadly defines blighted areas. Besides the commonly understood definitions of blight — dilapidated housing, overcrowding, high crime — the statute says an area can be deemed blighted if it is predominantly open and, for any reason, “substantially impairs or arrests the sound growth of the community.”

The Foxconn factory is projected by the village to increase the property value of that area of Mount Pleasant nearly 80 times over and provide as many as 13,000 jobs.

But Feest said the statutes use the word “blighted” for a reason.

“Anyone who thinks ‘blighted’ has to be thinking there’s something wrong with the property,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with any of these properties. They are beautiful properties.”

Same crap big oil is using for pipe lines. Funny that the vote R no matter what crowd is angry now that something that their can do no wrong governor effects them.


And from the sore loser department:
Deputy Beats Sheriff in Election Primary, Gets Fired One Minute Later

Um, congrats to Sheriff-elect Mark Maggs? On Tuesday, this deputy for the Bon Homme County Sheriff’s Office in South Dakota won the Republican primary to lead the department. He blew out the incumbent (his boss) Lenny Gramkow 878 to 331. The problem was, he got fired one minute after polls closed.Maggs posted the termination letter to Facebook. It was signed by Gramkow.“This letter is to inform you that effective immediately you are terminated from the position of deputy sheriff for Bon Homme County. As of this moment you are no longer an employee of Bon Homme County,” the letter stated. “Please turn in all equipment belonging to Bon Homme County by 5 p.m. on June 6, 2018.”It was time-stamped 19:01, one minute after polls closed. Gramkow declined to comment in the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan‘s write-up on the issue. Law&Crime followed up with a message to the Sheriff’s Office just in case he changed his mind. For now, he has yet to provide an explicit reason why he fired a political opponent one minute after lopsidedly losing to him in an election. It’s a mystery.
South Dakota’s general election is set for Nov. 6, but no one else is reportedly seeking to become sheriff. Maggs would take office next January.Even he wasn’t saying too much about what happened, but did say he’s going to talk to the Bon Homme County Commission about this in a meeting scheduled for 9 a.m. CDT on Thursday.“I would like to speak with the commissioners prior to speaking with any media,” he told the Press & Dakotan. “It sounds like we may have that opportunity.”We touched base with a request for comment. It wasn’t immediately returned as of Thursday afternoon.South Dakota is an at-will employment state. Under the law, sheriffs have the authority to hire and fire deputies.

Eternal Hope
Eternal Hope

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders did the right thing when he voted to filibuster the NDAA, which gives Trump a $717 billion blank check to wage wars and fund low-grade nuclear weapons. Sanders was one of only four Senators to filibuster. I was disappointed in Warren’s vote to limit debate on this measure. As Sanders rightly pointed out on Twitter, it’s time for us to rethink our policy of perpetual warfare. Link here:

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