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https://consortiumnews.com/2017/06/12/oliver-stone-reveals-a-vulnerable-putin/ we stumble into a nuclear war and end life on the planet, the American people might want to watch Oliver Stone’s four-part series of interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin on “Showtime.” Stone accomplishes what Western journalists should do but don’t


Oh the horror!


You can stop guessing which actors will be playing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the upcoming election-themed season of American Horror Story. The answer is: nobody.

The politicians will appear on the show, however. During a roundtable discussion for The Hollywood Reporter, AHS co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy explained that he’ll be using TV footage of Trump and Clinton for season 7. The FX series is due to return next fall, though an exact premiere has yet to be announced. (Would November 8 be too weird? Too perfect? Discuss.)

“Yes, it is a true American horror story, and we’re leaning into it,” Murphy said during the THR talk with TV showrunners like Jenji Kohan and Ava DuVernay. “American Horror Story begins with election night and the national conversation and both the euphoria and the fear.”


Russia attempting to crush youthful activists (Wonder what Putin would do with Bernie activists?)


About 700 people were arrested in Moscow and up to 900 in St. Petersburg in widespread rallies Monday against the Putin government that drew thousands of protesters in more than 100 cities.

In a crackdown meant to quell a movement of youthful activism, many of the arrests appeared to target students and young people, watchdog groups reported.

The rallies were organized by vocal anti-Kremlin politician Aleksei Navalny and coincided with Russia Day, a national holiday, which helped to swell the crowds.

Navalny, an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin who has crusaded against corruption, was arrested before he could join the protests and sentenced in a midnight hearing to 30 days in jail, his second such sentence this year. Before this week’s event, he used a series of social media postings to call on young Russians ― who had also appeared in force during a March protest movement ― to step out once again.


For Benny and all:

I think I saw you, Benny, say that you didn’t see Paul Jean on the weekend line-up. But I just wanted to let you know that I did see her there on twitter! Not sure when Geoff’s pic with her (in the above tweet) was originally posted, but I think it was Saturday.

I hope Paul Jean gets more exposure as time goes by. Joe must go!


She wasn’t listed on the attendees list, and I didn’t see her at events. I’d liked to have to met Miami Gator. I did see Portia but she was busy making the rounds while filming Nina Turner at work.


From the Nina Turner Show, i love that Nina, Rose Ann DeMoro, and “Dr. Jane” Sanders are coming together in “sistah power”! Love it.

And BTW, if the neoconlibs enlisted that guy over Nina to run for governor, isn’t that what they always say Bernie Bros are? Not really, but according to them, “misogyny! racism!”



The Trump administration on Monday threw out a new rule intended to limit the numbers of endangered whales and sea turtles getting caught in fishing nets off the West Coast, saying existing protections were already working.

Economically, the new rule would have had “a much more substantial impact on the fleet than we originally realized,” said Michael Milstein, a spokesman with the federal fisheries service, which killed the rule.

The rule would have applied to fewer than 20 fishing vessels that use mile-long fishing nets to catch swordfish off California and Oregon. The change would have shut down the drift gillnet fishing for swordfish for up to two seasons if too many of nine groups of whales, sea turtles or dolphins were getting caught in the nets.

Environmental groups protested Monday’s decision.

Catherine Kilduff, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity environmental group, said any accidental harm to endangered communities of humpback whales and leatherback turtles would be particularly dangerous given their low numbers — as low as 411 for one group of humpbacks.

“If they catch one, it’s a huge problem for the population,” Kilduff said.


This is a link to Jack Pine Radicals interview of Jimmy Dore:

Jimmy Dore Interview at the People's Summit!!!


A new article by Matt Taibbi that is very timely.


Last week, after yet another week of anti-establishment upheavals in Europe, former Bush speechwriter and current Atlantic senior editor David Frum tweeted in despair:

“I think we need a word to describe people broadly satisfied with the status quo & skeptical of radical changes based on wild promises.

The one true bipartisan instinct in Washington? Caving to rich industries
Frum was responding to a move by Catalonia to seek independence from Spain. But he might as well have been talking about the electoral successes of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in Britain, which Frum also denounced last week.

Frum was so distressed by all this rejecting of the status quo going on that he proposed that those “broadly satisfied” folks band together to create a political coalition:


“Idiots” ?


Um, don’t they already have such a coalition? The duopoly here and the “progressives” like Macron? Neolibcons everywhere you look.


Here’s an interview by JPR of Tim Black.

Tim Black's JPR Interview

I looked for Tim Black, but couldn’t catch him at the right times.

He also has something on his FB page about a quick meeting with Jimmy Dore.


This is what goes on behind closed doors in Washington!


This Russia!Russia!Russia! thing has gone from being super-annoying to extremely dangerous. If Dems think that most Americans care more about them pushing sanctions on Russia than they care about getting health care they’re delusional.


They’re delusional. As is the MSM. Probably sort of a mental protection delusional, so that they can stay in the “in crowd” and keep the applause and the money coming in.

Is Hunger Games becoming more and more relevant, folks?


Yes. Sanctions on a country we need to negotiate, mediate, arrive at detente with, be fair with, are soooo much more important than the health of Americans!

Maybe that’s the point: if we start a war with Russia, many won’t have to worry about their health, or anything else.


Is Trump pissing into the wind? (pardon the language)


It’s the end of an era for coal.

Production of the fossil fuel dropped by a record amount in 2016, according to BP Plc’s annual review of global energy trends. China, the world’s biggest energy consumer, burned the least coal in six years and use dropped in the U.S to a level last seen in the 1970s, the company’s data show.

Coal, the most polluting fuel that was once the world’s fastest growing energy source, has been a target of countries and companies alike as the world begins to work toward the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Consumption is falling as the world’s biggest energy companies promote cleaner-burning natural gas, China’s economy evolves to focus more on services than heavy manufacturing and renewable energy like wind and solar becomes cheaper.


If so I hope it is a strong wind! LOL


i guess this is why i have trouble getting up and flailing my arms around. Trump is a spectacle. He can’t really change the global energy direction. He can try, he can open a coal mine, he can definitely do real damage to my beloved creatures on this earth, including humans, but the ground was laid for him well and he will be out by the next election, unless the rigging is complete.

That’s why i keep pushing the concern over our rigged voting process. That is what we must reclaim.


Mylan’s board heads to chopping block after advisors bless shareholder revolt

Ahead of vote, advisors side with shareholder group who says greed went too far.

The ostensible price gouging and greed of the incumbent board led to “significant destruction in shareholder value” and “long-term reputational damage,” ISS wrote in an e-mailed report. In an unusually aggressive move, it urged shareholders to try to oust ten Mylan director nominees, including Chief Executive Heather Bresch, President Rajiv Malik, and Chairman Robert Coury, as well as the compensation committee members.

“All incumbent directors should be considered accountable for material failures of risk oversight over a number of years, when warning signs were available to the company but no actions appear to have been taken,” the firm concluded.

Though Mylan’s governance rules make it difficult to unseat directors—that requires a two-thirds vote—the scathing report from ISS, if nothing else, adds to ongoing turmoil for the notorious drug maker. That includes investigations from regulators and the Justice Department over its decision to raise the price of its life-saving epinephrine auto-injector, EpiPen, from about $100 per two-pack to more than $600.

The shareholder vote will take place during a June 22 meeting in Amsterdam. ISS recommended shareholders vote in new director nominee Sjoerd Vollebregt.


Just a reminder. Heather Bresch is Joe Manchin’s daughter.



I really enjoyed this article. I love feisty people.

Politics of a Parade: How Pro-Independence Puerto Ricans Resisted Colonial Tactics in New York City

In a modern-day manifestation of the old colonial divide-and-rule tactic, corporations and New York City politicians, including the mayor, were recently caught trying to engage in backdoor deals to divide the city’s Puerto Rican community over a pro-Puerto Rican independence activist’s participation in the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

The corporate and political efforts to divide the Puerto Rican community came after Manhattan’s annual Puerto Rican Day Parade — one of the diaspora’s largest celebrations of Puerto Rican culture — announced that it would honor Oscar Lopez Rivera, a pro-Puerto Rican independence political prisoner who had recently had his sentence commuted by President Barack Obama after being imprisoned for over 35 years for “seditious conspiracy.”

But these recent events have also shown that Puerto Ricans, as well as Black and Brown people in general, can resist modern colonial divide-and-rule tactics and can even flex their political muscles against the colonialists in the process. So far, Flores’ town hall on Broken Windows scheduled for June 30 is set to feature Public Advocate James, DA Gonzales and Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, himself a former cop, originally agreed to attend the town hall but, less than 24 hours after the parade, backed out, which resulted in El Grito de Sunset Park releasing a statement on June 13 banning him from ever marching in the Sunset Park parade again. Meanwhile, voters have learned the damaging truth about the attempts made by both Mayor de Blasio and Assemblywoman Malliotakis at backdoor deals.

As long as the colonized have just a little bit of integrity and solidarity, they can take on their oppressors. And for now, politicians and corporations will know that the Puerto Rican community will fight back against efforts to divide it.
“You’re pitting us against other people,” Flores told the NY Daily News regarding Malliotakis trying to march in the Sunset Park parade. “You’re using our parade to say, ‘These are the good Puerto Ricans and those are the bad ones.’ That’s not cool with us.”

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