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Thank you Benny! I couldn’t watch it, but it was great to see your comments. I loved the part where Bernie told them to not walk away from the problems.


T and R, and thanks Benny!!


Here is good news and bad news in the same article.


Coal Market Set To Collapse Worldwide By 2040 As Solar And Wind Dominate
But the shift may not happen quickly enough to avert the worst effects of climate change.

Coal-fired power is on pace to collapse in the United States and Europe over the next two decades, and will peak worldwide in nine years, according to a long-term forecast released on Thursday.

Solar and wind energy, meanwhile, will dominate over the next 23 years, comprising nearly three-quarters of the expected $10.2 trillion in new electricity investments.

“This year’s report suggests that the greening of the world’s electricity system is unstoppable, thanks to rapidly falling costs for solar and wind power, and a growing role for batteries, including those in electric vehicles, in balancing supply and demand,” Seb Henbest, lead author of Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s 2017 New Energy Outlook report, said in a statement.

As a result, carbon pollution from the power sector will reach its apex in 2026. By 2040, emissions are forecast to be 4 percent below 2016 levels.





Just when we need more or it we get this!


North Carolina, Louisiana, Kansas, and other states are writing laws to keep police videos out of public hands

Late last month, The New York Times published a piece, headlined “Hollywood-Style Heroism Is Latest Trend in Police Videos,” about body camera footage that depicts police officers as paragons of bravery. One video, from the Hamden Police Department in Connecticut, showed an officer pulling a troubled man away from the edge of a building. Another, from the Topeka Police Department in Kansas, showed an officer rescuing a drowning boy from a pond. These videos were not released at the request of journalists or civilians hoping to shed light on police activity. They were instead released by police employees as counter programming — a way to characterize cops positively when tales of “bad apples” overtook the news cycle. “The chief talked to me about how Topeka was really getting beat up in the news with some shootings, some homicides,” an officer told the Times. “Topeka really needed a good story.”

Cops deserve credit when they do good, but these positive police videos emerge as states work to keep less flattering videos hidden.

There is much more in the article.


My double dose of Chelsea quotes for Happy Hour! 🙂

Don midwest

Watched part of Bernie’s speech from the People’s Summit – saw the part where he called out the failure of the democratic party

Naomi Klein said he might have been more forceful because of UK election

The establishment democratic party has been outed, big time. Inteesting to see how long they can hold on to their strategy of anti trump and less bad to lead them to 2018 victory.

Bernie pointed out that in many (as I sorta recall from his speech, over 20 ) states with no dem presence.

When getting $ don’t have to do grass roots

Also means easier to take over with less organization

A while ago heard about people running into resistance when tried to take over, or at least become deeply involved, in local dem organizations. Expect it is still going on as Hillary continues her dance of failure.

Bernie, as he said, is speaking about the politics of the future

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