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W.Va. Sen. Joe Manchin signs bipartisan pledge

Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, says he is urging his colleagues to join him in signing a pledge to not campaign against a sitting colleague.

“Several years ago I took a personal pledge to not campaign against a sitting colleague,” Manchin said. “I think the time has come for all Senators to make this pledge and commit ourselves to being Americans first – not Republicans or Democrats,”

The pledge is the first step to show the American people they are here to work towards a better United States, according to Manchin’s office.

You know what? That ‘pledge’ looks like they are ‘pledging’ to protect each other and maintain the status quo!

Pledge to Return to Era of Bipartisan Cooperation and Agreement
In order to restore civility to the United States Senate and our political discourse we must pledge to return to an era of bipartisan cooperation and agreement. I, _______________, pledge to the people of _______________ and to the American people that I will:

1) Not campaign against a sitting colleague;
2) Not directly fundraise against them;
3) Not distribute any direct mail against them;
4) Not appear or endorse any advertisements directed at them;
5) Not use or endorse social media campaigns that attack them.

It sounds to me that they’re more concerned with protecting each other than actually working “towards a better United States”!


Is he talking about Dems not campaigning against Republicans and vice-versa? That’s totally ridiculous, what a f’ing joke. Like the status quo is so great.


He’s talking about dems running against DINOs like him. What a bad joke!


I’m sure he’s worried about that but this actual pledge talks about “bipartisan cooperation” “Not Republicans or Democrats” and “sitting colleagues” It’s a ploy to get Republican votes in W VA. This pledge means that he would not support a Dem challenger to Republican W. Va. Sen Capito in 2022.


That’s what it looks like!


Dream trade!


Randy Bryce, a union ironworker, announced on Monday that he would seek the Democratic nomination to run against Ryan, and released a video emphasizing what has so far been the biggest issue of the year: health care.

The two-and-a-half-minute video featured Bryce’s mother, who described living with multiple sclerosis and the 20 drugs she must take to survive.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that there are thousands of people like her who don’t have what she has,” Bryce said in the video. “The system is extremely flawed.”

After discussing his family, his work and his local roots, Bryce issued a challenge to Ryan.

“Let’s trade places,” Bryce said. “Paul Ryan, you can come work the iron and I’ll go to D.C.”


Love you, Randy–keep it up!




Resisting Trump is fine/President Holder less so


More than two years after leaving the Obama administration, former Attorney General Eric Holder is reentering the political fray.

His goal: to lead the legal resistance to Donald Trump’s agenda — and perhaps even run against the president in 2020.

Seized by a sense of urgency to oppose Trump and restore what he regards as America’s best self, Holder is mulling a White House bid of his own, according to three sources who have spoken to him and are familiar with his thinking.

“Up to now, I have been more behind-the-scenes,” Holder told Yahoo News in an exclusive interview about his plans. “But that’s about to change. I have a certain status as the former attorney general. A certain familiarity as the first African-American attorney general. There’s a justified perception that I’m close to President Obama. So I want to use whatever skills I have, whatever notoriety I have, to be effective in opposing things that are, at the end of the day, just bad for the country.

“Now is the time to be more visible,” Holder added. “Now is the time to be heard.”


These screen caps are from Bradd Jaffy (NBC news):








Go Witches!


This Wednesday at midnight, by the light of the waning moon, Kate Doucette will join several thousand strangers on the internet in casting a spell to “bind” Donald Trump.

Doucette — which is her married name, not her legal name — is one of the “resistance witches,” an at least 13,000-strong umbrella group of internet neo-pagans, Wiccans, solo practitioners who self-identify as “hedge witches,” longtime magical practitioners in various traditions, and committed activists. They’ve come together each month since Trump’s inauguration with one goal: to perform a spell — equal parts quasi-religious ritual and activist performance — to “bind” the president, forming a collective known as the #MagicResistance.

The spell, a variant on a traditional “binding” spell found in many contemporary neo-pagan and other occult practices, involves channeling energy to limit Trump’s power, “so that he may fail utterly/that he may do no harm.” (Practitioners have the option to add, “You’re fired.”)


Secret Government Report: Chelsea Manning Leaks Caused No Real Harm

Prosecutors said WikiLeaks’ disclosures about Iraq and Afghanistan posed a major threat to US national security. But it turns out the classified document they cited — newly obtained by BuzzFeed News — said almost the exact opposite.

In the seven years since WikiLeaks published the largest leak of classified documents in history, the federal government has said they caused enormous damage to national security.

But a secret, 107-page report, prepared by a Department of Defense task force and newly obtained by BuzzFeed News, tells a starkly different story: It says the disclosures were largely insignificant and did not cause any real harm to US interests.

Regarding the hundreds of thousands of Iraq-related military documents and State Department cables provided by the Army private Chelsea Manning, the report assessed “with high confidence that disclosure of the Iraq data set will have no direct personal impact on current and former U.S. leadership in Iraq.”

The report also determined that a different set of documents published the same year, relating to the US war in Afghanistan, would not result in “significant impact” to US operations. It did, however, have the potential to cause “serious damage” to “intelligence sources, informants and the Afghan population,” and US and NATO intelligence collection efforts. The most significant impact of the leaks, the report concluded, would likely be on the lives of “cooperative Afghans, Iraqis, and other foreign interlocutors.”


I am not going to provide a link, but it appears the DNC Election Fraud lawsuit plaintiffs have made some noise at Breitbart, which I think is horribly bad for PR strategy. They are calling the DNC’s funding strategy a ponzi scheme. I don’t think it’s wise to make such excoriating comments when there hasn’t been a ruling on the merits of the case as to whether it deserves a discovery trial. They appear as sour grapes and not patient. It took months to get their hearing, and moreover, the circuit courts are overloaded as it stands.


And certainly not at Breitbart! What could they have been thinking?


Amazon Buying Whole Foods May Create A Whole New Way To Buy Groceries

Amazon has the deep pockets to survive (in the online grocery or any other business for that matter) for a while and patient enough stockholders that it has no real pressure to turn a profit in that segment (or any segment) anytime soon.

The path towards global domination by Amazon continues! 😛

Jeff Bezos is getting closer to becoming the richest man


Published on Oct 12, 2010

The beginning of this video is Florence Reece, the author of “Which Side Are You On.” The second half is a revised version by Natalie Merchant. The song was written during the 1930s strike in Harlan County, Kentucky.


And, here it comes, the DNC attacks against Bryce.

Parkhomenko is using supposedly feisty Bryce supporters (who apparently don’t like Bryce’s carpetbagger opponent Yankovich) to attack Bryce. Yankovich appears to be the DNC/establishment choice:

Parkhomenko is a Hillary man, a DNC guy, and Yankovich sounds like a jerk. I mean this was his first reach out to Wisconsans:

“How badly do you want Paul ryan gone, send me $$$$”


I don’t think this DNC chosen carpetbagger can beat Ryan. Bryce is the real deal, he is the one the DNC should be supporting.

As Yankovich’s tweet points out, he’s currently in the process of moving to Wisconsin; likely the Kenosha area. This means he has no legitimate ties to the state or its politics. He has no in-state family, no connections, no ideas about local issues. All that appears to be driving his candidacy is a drive by local liberal activists to use him as a tool for their political grudges against Ryan. Such a strategy might sound good on paper given Yankovich’s online presence as an activist and occasional Huffington Post columnist; but it has a rather poor track record of success.

The decision by 1st District Democrats to seek someone out of state to challenge Speaker Ryan has been met with a lukewarm reception at best. This is how one person commenting to the Janesville Gazette article reacted to the news of a Yankovich candidacy:

Nearly 6 million residents in Wisconsin, and the Dems need to import a “political activist from Ohio”?

If you’re going to bring in somebody who has never lived here, has never worked here, and knows absolutely nothing about the state, its residents, or its politics, why not just ask for Hillary?

Instead of flailing around, trying to determine “how do we get rid of Ryan”, shouldn’t the Dems focus on finding, or cultivating, the best person to represent our state in Congress?


It’s so hot in Phoenix, they can’t fly planes

PHOENIX — The extreme heat forecast for Phoenix on Tuesday has caused the cancellation of 20 American Airlines flights out of Sky Harbor International Airport.

According to a statement from American Airlines, the American Eagle regional flights use the Bombardier CRJ aircraft, which has a maximum operating temperature of 118 degrees. Tuesday’s forecast for Phoenix included a high of 120 degrees, and the flights that are affected were to take off between 3 and 6 p.m. MT.

Extreme heat affects a plane’s ability to take off. Hot air is less dense than cold air, and the hotter the temperature, the more speed a plane needs to lift off. A runway might not be long enough to allow a plane to achieve the necessary extra speed.


Margaritas will evaporate pretty fast in that heat!




Ok, close enough to poll closings to throw this in?


Both are right.


A close one


Looks like Ossoff will lose so put on your thick skin as us Berniecrats are sure to get the blame, I didnt expect to ‘win’ this red seat.


Yes unfortunately he seems to be doing slightly worse than Clinton in 2016. All that money to go after suburban Republican voters did not pan out.


I saw 5 things and I’m sure there’s more than the superficial items I’m listing:

1) Voter registration issues were reported in May. A judge ordered them to re-open registration. See TOP’s piece: https://www.dailykos.com/story/2017/5/4/1658963/-GA-06-BREAKING-Federal-Judge-Orders-Georgia-To-Re-open-Voter-Registration-Ahead-Of-Runoff-Election (we reported it, but this was quick & easy on google)

2) Rainstorms and some low-lying areas may have affected the turn out too.

3) R’s vote for R’s over DINOs, which proves our point. If there isn’t a contrast, DINOs who aren’t incumbents do not generally prevail.

4) Ossoff was seen as a mattress dragger who didn’t live in the district.

5) Nancy Pelosi is associated with the smugness of the Clinton Dems. (Hello, Stephen Jaffe) and now, R’s may feel emboldened to craft an even more watered down ACHA, cutting Medicare to the bone.

$50M is a lot of money. And I despise how much money elections require. I don’t think Ossoff was that outspent, but we’ll find out in the coming days.


The guy who refused to prosecute the banksters who exploited the system, causing more foreclosures and got raises out of the bailouts.

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