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Read for the LOL


Okay, before I go any further, let me state unequivocally for the record that I believe Hillary Clinton ran one of the worst campaigns in modern political history. Her management was inept, her messaging misguided, and her character terribly flawed. Let’s put this into proper perspective: she lost to Donald Trump, for fuck’s sake! A colossal joke of a candidate who by all accounts should’ve lost to a chair. As the saying goes, the election was Clinton’s to lose… and she lost it. So why on Earth would I want her to run again in 2020?

The answer is rather simple: I remain committed to the belief that Clinton would be an incredible president. And I believe she not only will run again, as her recent and outspoken re-launch onto the public stage indicates, but that she will also win. No, I’m not crazy. I just believe that history repeats itself. And for that we simply need to look to Richard Nixon.


That article makes me want too barf


Someone spotted this photo of a birdie from the National Nurses United flickr account:

The People's Summit 2017


I believe that was during Van Jones’ speech. Correction, it was during Amy Goodman’s talk concerning DAPL (I had to look at the photoshare some more to get more of the context).


What’s the dude doing?


I think he was delayed in standing up. He was at the table behind us.


Here’s another pic of the birdie after the panel Jane Sanders moderated:

The People's Summit 2017


Pretty Birdie! 🙂


i don’t see the birdie.


Me neither, lol, looked hard.

I’m assuming at this point a little birdie we know?



The American Health Care Act is shaping up to be the least popular legislation in decades, as the Senate prepares to release its own version of the healthcare legislation.

A poll published Wednesday from Morning Consult and Politico is another in a slew of recent polling showing that the Republican healthcare bill as passed by the House is deeply unpopular. The latest survey displayed 30% approval among respondents and 50% disapproval.

That represented a collapse from the 42% approval and 37% disapproval levels the bill had when Morning Consult/Politico ran a poll on April 30, before the bill passed.

While the bill is predictably unpopular with Democrats, independents and Republicans are even turning against it. In April, 67% of Republicans said they supported the AHCA, with just 16% opposing it. Now, just 56% say they favor it, while 30% say they’re opposed. Disapproval among independents has also increased in that timeframe from 36% to 53%.


Won’t stop them though. The tax implications are why ACHA will steamroll through.


Exhibit 1


Republicans appear ready to make a small, but significant change to historic Senate procedure in order to advance their legislation to rework the U.S. health insurance system, a move that could have notable impact on the future of the chamber’s operations.

GOP leaders are sending signals that, if necessary, they plan to invoke a seldom-used rule included in the Congressional Budget Act that would allow Senate Budget Chairman Michael B. Enzi to skirt a decision from the chamber’s parliamentarian, a key gate-keeper for the budget maneuver known as reconciliation that Republicans are using to advance their health insurance measure.

Such a decision would have ripple effects far beyond the tenure of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a careful practitioner of the chamber’s procedural rules, and open the door for future leaders to more easily advance legislation under a 51-vote threshold.

“It is the Parliamentarian’s office that determines whether or not a reconciliation bill is in compliance with the rules of the Senate. This is not a function of the chairman of the Budget Committee,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, the ranking member on the Budget panel, said in a floor speech this month. “I am extremely concerned that the chairman of the Budget Committee, in an unprecedented manner, appears to have made that determination himself with regard to the Trump-Ryan health care bill.”


JoyAnn Reid, a true Clinton deadender, has lost her perspective on what it means to be a journalist. First rule is to report facts.

Here’s an example of what I’m referring to is illustrated by Glenn Greenwald in this tweet:


Fake News!


The new meme presented (just look at TOP) is that it was a R district of 20+ because Price won by 22 points. But of course, this all negates the point that Ossoff was encouraged by Dems to run because Clinton only lost by 1.5pts. Clawing at straws to spin a loss. Glenn is correct though.


yes those Romney Republicans who are ripe for Dem picking. No problem with trying to win this seat–big problem with trying to win only this seat



Last October in Charlotte, Donald Trump detailed his vision for bringing “urban renewal” to America’s “inner cities.”

“The conditions in our inner cities today are unacceptable,” Trump said, before lamenting that the United States had “wasted $6 trillion on wars in the Middle East that have produced only more terrorism, more death, and more suffering — imagine if that money had been spent at home.”

Seven months later, the Trump administration has made a neuroscientist turned motivational grifter the head of Housing and Urban Development; put a wedding planner in charge of the largest affordable-housing program in the country; and proposed $7 billion in cuts to HUD’s budget, so as to finance a large increase in military spending.

But if you think that means the president has betrayed his vow to look out for America’s “forgotten men and woman,” think again: Trump’s proposed cuts to HUD have been carefully tailored to prevent everyday, salt-of-the-Earth, billionaire landlords from experiencing any pain.

As the Washington Post reports:

President Trump’s budget calls for sharply reducing funding for programs that shelter the poor and combat homelessness — with a notable exception: It leaves intact a type of federal housing subsidy that is paid directly to private landlords.

One of those landlords is Trump himself, who earns millions of dollars each year as a part-owner of Starrett City, the nation’s largest subsidized housing complex. Trump’s 4 percent stake in the Brooklyn complex earned him at least $5 million between January of last year and April 15, according to his recent financial disclosure.


wonder what conditions are like in that housing.

more houseless people–third world here we come! oh joy.


I’m not sure if the # of code violations there is considered normal.

93.5 “serious housing code violations” per 1,000 units in 2016 from what I can tell from the graphic.

Almost 90% Black or Hispanic.


Thanks, mags, for looking it up! so about one tenth. Doesn’t sound great.


This is where Trump is most vulnerable on the Russia issue. It’s all about the $$$ for him.


But the Justice Department inquiry led by Mueller now has added flavors. The Post noted that the investigation also includes “suspicious financial activity” involving “Russian operatives.” The New York Times was more specific in its account, saying that Mueller is looking at whether Trump associates laundered financial payoffs from Russian officials by channeling them through offshore accounts.

Trump has repeatedly labeled Comey’s and Mueller’s investigations “witch hunts,” and his lawyers have said that the last decade of his tax returns (which the president has declined to release) would show that he had no income or loans from Russian sources. In May, Trump told NBC that he has no property or investments in Russia. “I am not involved in Russia,” he said.

But that doesn’t address national security and other problems that might arise for the president if Russia is involved in Trump, either through potentially compromising U.S. business relationships or through funds that flowed into his wallet years ago. In that context, a troubling history of Trump’s dealings with Russians exists outside of Russia: in a dormant real-estate development firm, the Bayrock Group, which once operated just two floors beneath the president’s own office in Trump Tower.

Bayrock partnered with the future president and his two eldest children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, on a series of real-estate deals between 2002 and about 2011, the most prominent being the troubled Trump Soho hotel and condominium in Manhattan.

During the years that Bayrock and Trump did deals together, the company was also a bridge between murky European funding and a number of projects in the U.S. to which the president once lent his name in exchange for handsome fees. Icelandic banks that dealt with Bayrock, for example, were easy marks for money launderers and foreign influence, according to interviews with government investigators, legislators, and others in Reykjavik, Brussels, Paris and London. Trump testified under oath in a 2007 deposition that Bayrock brought Russian investors to his Trump Tower office to discuss deals in Moscow, and said he was pondering investing there.


This pic is for LD:

People's Summit 2017

It’s Dallas Goldtooth, from the first night at PS. (Sadly, I had to leave before he spoke)


Doctors to Trump:

Experts Tell Opioid Commission: Back Evidence-Based Treatment

President Donald Trump’s administration should do all it can to support evidence-based addiction treatment and find ways to encourage more physicians to take on addiction medicine as a specialty, clinicians told members of The President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis today.

The physicians who testified before the commission — and most of the other speakers — also urged the panel to strongly advocate against Medicaid cuts, especially those that have been proposed under the American Health Care Act, the Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

“Medicaid is the largest national payer for mental illness and addiction treatment,” said Joe Parks, MD, medical director for the National Council for Behavioral Health. “The Medicaid expansions must be maintained and completed,” said Dr Parks, in his testimony.

The Commission is chaired by Chris Christie, so I’m not going to hold my breath. But I sure do hope the doctors pleas do not go unheeded!



I have that Pix on my cell phone as a reminder and an educational tool. I asked Rs around my area when I had a civil conversation about politics. I set them up by asking if they liked FDR and if the answers yes I ask did you ever hear of his 2nd bill of rights? some say yes, most no even though they liked him as president. I then showed then this pix and asked whats wrong with this ? Most said nothing or its ok . I closed by saying well that’s what us Berniecrats are about were not cold war socialists just was a fair deal for all AMERICANS. Funny thing some of those same people don’t engage me in political chit chat anymore 🙂


some of those same people don’t engage me in political chit chat anymore


Here’s Obama’s Canadian BFF:


And now, for something completely different:

Whale Waters Update For Glacier Bay Effective June 22, 2017

BARTLETT COVE, ALASKA – Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Superintendent Philip Hooge announced today that a 13-knot vessel speed restriction will be implemented in a portion of the West Arm due to a high concentration of humpback whales. Numerous humpback whales have been observed widely distributed in this area. Some of the whales are diving for 8-10 minutes at a time, making it difficult for vessels to spot and effectively avoid them.

Yay for National Parks!


Dark humor alert!


good one!


Ha or no food 🙂



Sen. Bernie Sanders, who clashed with the Democratic National Committee during his 2016 presidential campaign and continues to criticize the party, gave $100,000 to the DNC in May to help cover costs from his cross-country spring tour with DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

Sanders and Perez embarked on the nine-state “unity tour” earlier this year after Sanders’ endorsed candidate, Rep. Keith Ellison — who supported Sanders in the 2016 presidential race — lost the race for DNC chairman to Perez. Sanders moved the money from his presidential campaign account to the DNC to help pay for the tour, according to campaign finance records and Sanders spokesman Josh Miller-Lewis.

The rare transfer of money from Sanders to the national Democratic Party comes after the unity tour and addition of Ellison as a “deputy chair” at the DNC, two changes that could signal a thaw in a high-profile, often-icy relationship. Former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile, who led the DNC after Wasserman Schultz resigned, were both Hillary Clinton allies — a fact that roiled Sanders supporters when hacked emails showed DNC staffers discussing Sanders unfavorably during the primary.

Sanders, who still identifies as an independent, has come under criticism from Democrats for not doing more to raise money for candidates down the ballot and for the national party in the past. The DNC declined to comment for this story.

But Sanders, using his vaunted email list, has thrown significant fundraising support to dozens of individual congressional and legislative candidates over the past year, including Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) and Zephyr Teachout, the New York Democrat who lost a run for Congress in 2016. And this spring, Sanders campaigned with Rob Quist, the losing Democratic candidate in Montana’s May special election for its at-large House district.

Sanders has $5.3 million in his presidential campaign bank account left over from the last election, in addition to $3.9 million in his Senate campaign account as of the end of March.


Probably the right thing to do but they have the rich neolibs to pay for that


I really have to give it to Nina Turner. She’s as brave as they come!


I want that girl to run for something in the worst way. To borrow a quote ” the buck stops here” she wouldn’t put up with any bullshit


Repub -Dem latest fund raising figures courtesy of Lone Star Mike

Both the DNC and the RNC filed their reports for May last night.

DNC (click on Filings, then click on the June Monthly report that covers May.)
•Beginning cash on hand – $8,796,366.15
•Receipts – $4,293,682.32
•Disbursements – $5,395,705.73
•Ending cash on hand – $7,694,342.74
•On top of that, they have debts totaling $1,901,185.17

If you’ll remember, last month was the worts April fundraising totals for the DNC since 2009 and for May, the total raised was about $440,000 less than last month. I’d have to go back and look at all the previous May reports to see how this May compared to the months of May in previous years.

RNC (click on Filings, then click on the June Monthly report that covers May.)
•Beginning cash on hand – $41,410,435.00
•Receipts – $10,868,580.
•Disbursements – $10,446,998.34
•Ending cash on hand – $41,832,036.98
•And they have debts totaling ZERO.

The reports covering the month of June should be posted no later than July 20th at midnight.

If things keep going the way they’re going, the DNC won’t have much money left by the 2018 mid-term elections which puts them in a weaker position to defend their preferred candidates in any contested primaries. (Hi Nancy! Hi Joe!) Let’s ope Claire and Heidi get primary challengers, too.

No wonder the DNC is constantly begging for money

Make them beg like a dog.

Hey Democrats! I’ll throw 27 cents your way if you’ll make Hillary bark like a dog!–LSM

I do $27 if Pelosi resigns –WI 59

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