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Is Nina planning on running for either the U.S. House or Senate? I love her. T and R to the usual suspects!!



And now we have the proof of just how wrong Gorsuch’s friends were, looking at the actions of the court this week. Gorsuch revealed a dangerous disregard for the Obergefell marriage equality decision, in the 6-3 ruling that overturned an Arkansas law that prevented both parents in a same-sex marriage to be on the birth certificate when one gives birth to a child ― as is the case for heterosexual marriages in the state. Gorsuch took pride in writing the dissent, joined by far-right Justices Thomas and Alito, clearly supporting flat out discrimination and ignoring precedent ― something even Justice John Roberts, who dissented in Obergefell but joined the majority in the case, would not do.

Last week I thought that the first case to be the test of the reach of Gorsuch ’s view of religious liberty might be the abominable Mississippi law that a federal appeals court allowed to go into effect ― considered the worst anti-LGBTQ law ever by many LGBTQ activists and legal experts.

But obviously that will likely be the second act, after the Colorado baker case. All of this is part of the long-term strategy I’ve written about, interviewing those on the right and attending their conferences, in which religious conservatives, dealt a blow by Obergefell, will now work ― as they did regarding Roe v. Wade ― to weaken the decision, and try to turn same-sex marriage in second-class marriage.


A lot of people thought Gorsuch would be Scalia II. He’s proving to be dumber than AS. If Capt. Corporo-Roberts is having 2nd thoughts, how about Kennedy?


It’s a global thing. TPTB hold the power. They’ll do anything and everything to hold on to it.


A friend became active with her fellow union members where she works and quickly became amazed at how her union resisted every request/demand the union members made. They weren’t listened to at all. Their union told them to shut up and take whatever crumbs (a raise of 0.10/hr) they got and be happy about it.

Then she rallied her fellow union members into looking for a different union to represent them (since their union was not), got to the point where she had over 50% of the members in her corner, even began meeting with a different union rep, lawyers got involved, and then the shenanigans really started!

Threats, underhanded behavior, intimidation tactics, whisper campaigns, you name it. She was unprepared for it.

I eventually had to remind her that those in power do not give up their power willingly or easily. She said that she kept that truth in her mind to help her deal with it all. So far, though, nothing but trickery and brick walls.


Good on your friend for keeping up the good fight! She’s got lots of support here! Yeah, some unions seem like “fronts.” And yeah, there’s likely a lot more “unions” that need new leaders or diff unions completely.

Interesting that there’s blowback about IronStache. If he runs on the stuff he talks about, I’d like that. I hope he’s not for TPP and the like. Doubtful.


Forget Breitbart and Fox, TMZ is the worst media menace

Trump was the ideal vehicle for TMZ to break into political coverage. A reality TV host and a creature of celebrity culture pursues the most powerful position in the world — all while dishing out TMZ-friendly sound bites on a daily basis.

As Trump has risen, TMZ has quietly emerged as, arguably, the most important pro-Trump outlet in America. Fox News is the largest and best known, but its audience is older and already inclined to support Trump. Breitbart is the most aggressive and strident, but its connection to white nationalism limits its appeal. TMZ attracts a large and diverse audience — precisely the folks Trump needed to reach to stitch together a winning coalition.

The power of TMZ comes not from its focus on political news, but its ability to attract an apolitical — and thus more malleable — audience. Viewers and readers come for Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and Amber Rose. And they get plenty of that.

But they also get a steady stream of pro-Trump coverage. It’s coverage that treats Trump as he wants to be treated — as the biggest celebrity in the world, worthy of your admiration. Like Trump, TMZ doesn’t spend much time picking through the policy details. But when TMZ does, it generally takes Trump’s side.

With the election in the rearview mirror, things don’t seem like they are changing.

“It just became about now promoting him as president, rather than promoting him as a candidate. So it didn’t stop after the election at all; if anything it probably got even crazier,” a TMZ staffer told ThinkProgress.


Celebrity porn.


Plenty appeal to Stupid. All that counts.


I wonder if they were using US created intelligence software again?


Call me cynical but I’ll bet that they will be found not guilty.




A Republican congressman lost close to $17 million on Tuesday when stock in an Australian pharmaceutical company he allegedly promoted to other lawmakers plunged to pennies per share.

Shares of Innate Immunotherapeutics fell more than 90 percent in Sydney after a multiple sclerosis drug being tested by the pharma company showed no signs of working.

Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), the largest stockholder in the company, lost roughly $17 million as Innate’s stock price sunk after the news broke Tuesday morning, according to Bloomberg. Collins sits on the company’s board of directors.


His twitter account is pretty silent.


I wonder if the politicians who he misled will come running to his rescue?


A write off on his taxes


I can’t believe that this actually occurred.

I thought it was from “The Onion” at first glance.


If Perry would be a no show the collective IQ of those attending should rise concerning climate change


I looked at Dan Bacher’s twitter feed to get the info on Trump working with Jerry Brown to get those water tunnels in CA and found this:

If they had an ounce of courage they’d all turn on their cameras at once. I saw someone sent in a sketch artist the other day. Ridiculous.

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