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Eric Holder is a gift to republicans.

Eric Holder: Calls to abolish ICE are ‘a gift to Republicans’

Former Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday that the growing calls from Democrats to abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are a “gift” to Republicans.

“I don’t think that substantively or politically that makes a great deal of sense,” Holder, who served under former President Obama, told host Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily.”

“In some ways, you’re giving the Republicans a gift by saying we’re going to have a debate now about whether ICE Should be abolished.”


Holder told MSNBC that a debate on ICE moves away the focus from reunifying the thousands of migrant families separated at the border.

“The focus ought to be on what this administration did to those children,” Holder said.


and what his boss contributed greatly to. he could have turned it around so that Trump wouldn’t even have had this easy opportunity.


Eric Holder was a gift to the bankers that he failed to charge.


More than 2,500 migrant children waiting to be reunited with parents over next two weeks

The Trump administration has identified over 2,500 children between the ages of 5 and 17 who have been separated from their parents, according to a new court filing.

According to the filing, there are a total of 2,551 children in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) who could potentially have been separated from their parent after being apprehended for crossing into the U.S. illegally.

However, HHS said it will not — and cannot — reunite all those children with their parents.

“It is not, nor should it be, our objective to reunify all 2,551 minors with the adult whom they arrived here with, because some of those adults are not their parents or pose a clear danger to the children,” the agency said in a statement.

HHS said the 2,551 number is larger than the number of minors separated as part of the administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy because the court case covers minors who were separated for other reasons.


As if ICE isn’t a danger to the children. I wouldn’t trust these heartless bastards with any decisions regarding any children.


From this article it sounds as if the scope extends into the previous regime as well:

(…presumably while looking for those “comfortable shoes”)


Black farmers were intentionally sold fake seeds in Memphis, lawsuit says

Mid-South farmers filed a lawsuit against a company that they said sold them fake soybean seeds at a convention.

A group of African-American farmers from Louisiana and the Mid-South, say that Stine Seed Company purposefully switched seeds in order to sell black farmers a subpar product at the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show in March 2017.

Despite above average rainfall, experienced black farmers saw limited soybean yield from the Stine seeds during the 2017 harvest.

“Mother nature doesn’t discriminate,” President of Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association Thomas Burrell said. “It doesn’t rain on white farms but not black farms. Insects don’t [only] attack black farmers’ land…why is it then that white farmers are buying Stine seed and their yield is 60, 70, 80, and 100 bushels of soybeans and black farmers who are using the exact same equipment with the exact same land, all of a sudden, your seeds are coming up 5, 6, and 7 bushels?”

After losing millions of dollars, the farmers took the seeds to experts at Mississippi State University to have them tested. They say the tests show the seeds sold to the black farmers were not certified Stine seeds.

The black farmers said the distributor working for Stine Seed Company used labeled certified seed backs–tampering with factory sewn seals, in order to remove the certified seeds. The distributor would then sell the fake certified seeds to black farmers at a high price.

The farmers bought more than $100,000 in soybean seeds from the distributor, plus an additional $100,000 purchase in chemicals.

As for a motive, Burrell said farming is a very competitive industry and unscrupulous people see black farmers as easy prey. He said by hurting those farmers’ bottom line, someone else would be able to swoop in and buy up the land that belongs to black farmers.


If true, and it sure sounds like it is, that is pure theft. Did they really target black farmers??


I wonder if this could be the distributor?

comment image



And he, along with AOC, also will be stumping for James Thompson too.



Ocasio-Cortez is a big supporter of Linsey Fagan’s campaign here in TX26 (Denton area) so Hoping the tour extends in this direction.







FEMA Was Sorely Unprepared for Puerto Rico Hurricane, Report Says

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s plans for a crisis in Puerto Rico were based on a focused disaster like a tsunami, not a major hurricane devastating the whole island. The agency vastly underestimated how much food and fresh water it would need, and how hard it would be to get additional supplies to the island.

And when the killer storm did come, FEMA’s warehouse in Puerto Rico was nearly empty, its contents rushed to aid the United States Virgin Islands, which were hammered by another storm two weeks before. There was not a single tarpaulin or cot left in stock.

Those and other shortcomings are detailed in a FEMA report assessing the agency’s response to the 2017 storm season, when three major hurricanes slammed the United States in quick succession, leaving FEMA struggling to deliver food and water quickly to storm victims in Puerto Rico.

The after-action report describes an initially chaotic and disorganized relief effort on the island that was plagued with logistical problems and stretched into the longest feeding mission in the agency’s history.


Bernie Sanders’ Senate campaign, office throw weight behind nurses during strike

When last-ditch efforts by the University of Vermont Medical Center and unionized nurses to reach a contract failed this week, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders told his Senate re-election campaign staff to take action.

“The Senator told us to do everything and anything we could to help the nurses and provide them with support,” said Sanders’ Senate campaign manager Shannon Jackson on Friday. Friday was the final day of the two-day strike.

Those working on Sanders’ campaign sent out text messages to about 20,000 people living in the Burlington area to ask them to stand alongside the nurses. The names came from a list compiled of people who had signed up for the campaign’s newsletter or asked to stay in touch with the campaign during previous Sanders campaigns, Jackson said.

Several hundred people have answered the call, Jackson said.

“We’ve been on the picket lines with them, both staff and volunteers and supporters of the campaign,” Jackson said. He added, “We will continue to support them. We really believe what they are advocating for is necessary and is a minimal standard that should be received and accepted by UVMMC.”


Bernie Sanders Blasts Disney CEO Bob Iger Over Pay

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders renewed his long-running attack on the Walt Disney Company and the pay disparity between the executive suite and those who work at its flagship theme park, today taking aim at CEO Bob Iger.

Sanders attacked Iger’s rich pay package, which Institutional Shareholder Services estimates could earn the executive as much as $423 million over the next four years if he hits all of his performance goals.

“Does Disney CEO Bob Iger have a good explanation for why he is being compensated more than $400 million while workers at Disneyland are homeless and relying on food stamps to feed their families?” Sanders asked.



Apparently Amazon is joining Disney and WalMart and ??? in this despicable practice. It’s like their need for our money is endless.

And people don’t think psychology is important or it’s stigmatized. I think it leads to the very kind of world we are in.



But but Bernie’s not a Democrat!/s


Imagine the excitement of a Manchin/Baldwin rally though, and all the millenials that would show!




Knowing Baldwin their not their to see her, I imagine you’ll here a chant of ‘run Bernie run”


Watch how easy it is for companies to take indigenous land

In 2014, in a remote corner of the Peruvian Amazon, an indigenous community called Santa Clara de Uchunya realized that someone was cutting down trees on their ancestral land–and then learned that a palm oil company had acquired the rights to a chunk of the community’s forest. The community is now struggling to get formal legal title to land it has lived on for generations.

A new report on land rights from the nonprofit World Resources Institute outlines the global challenges with unequal land rights. It’s hard for indigenous groups to get legal rights to their land, though companies can often sail through the process. A GIF illustrates one example of the basic problem, and an infographic details the full process for both companies and communities.

In Indonesia, if a company wants to plant a palm plantation–making oil used in everything from toothpaste and shampoo to peanut butter and chocolate–obtaining the necessary permits can take three to five years (assuming the company waits for legal permission). For an indigenous community, gaining legal rights can take as long as 15 years, navigating through a process that involves 21 different government entities. To formalize land, communities often have to give up rights to some of the resources on the land.


i try not to use palm oil–it’s a challenge but can be done. I’m wondering about other “plantation” crops now, too, like coconut oil, soybeans, and on and on and on…..


I avoid it at all costs. The peanut butter I buy doesn’t include it and because I don’t eat very many convenience foods I find it pretty easy to avoid. Although I didn’t know it was in toothpaste.

It breaks my heart knowing what’s happening to orangutan (and sloth) populations as a result of the palm oil industry. It’s as though the profiteers are just going to keep cutting down forests until there’s nothing left. 🙁

I read of a new book out called “The Green Gold of Borneo: an exciting environmental docufiction” and I thought, that’s what forests are!! Green Gold.

Then I thought, “environmental docufiction”?? Interesting approach, why not, especially if it brings attention to environmental-related issues.

KOTA KINABALU: Emin Madi’s new release English book titled “The Green Gold of Borneo (GGoB)”, is not only an adventure-packed documentary fiction, but also provides an insight into Sabah’s phenomenal achievement in forest conservation efforts.

The protagonist of the 145-page literary work is a strong-willed journalist obsessed to uncover the secrets of the unexplored saucer-like summit in the middle of the famous Maliau Basin Conservation Area (MBCA), also known as Sabah’s Lost World.

The fictional journalist did not heed a Murut shaman’s advice and later encountered unusual happenings and strange events in very unlikely situations.

“In many ways, although the plot is mostly fictionalised, GGoB is all about natural environment, particularly the fate of the last remaining undisturbed rain forest in Malaysia and Sabah in particular.

“I came to realise that natural wonders, and in this case the totally protected forest in Sabah, is a very interesting topic for book writing.

“I was very fortunate to have participated in many resource and wildlife surveys inside Sabah’s last remaining natural wonders and I thought I should write something more interesting, such as documentary-adventure-fiction.

The Green Gold of Borneo: an exciting environmental docufiction by Sabahan writer


But I also realize the native populations should be able to harvest enough to survive at the same time.

Considering that the indigenous communities mentioned in @LieparDestin‘s post have made it this far AND there is still forestlands around them tells me that they’ve been good wards of the forests, so I trust them to manage them going forward. But I certainly don’t trust those who are just clear cutting!


I take it back about working under a mentor, mags. Heck, you could just get your teeth into researching and writing a book on something you’re passionate about! But then you don’t need my advice anyhoo. 😉


Awww, you’re so positive and supportive polarbear!!

Very welcomed words today of all days as we woke up this morning to realize that our ‘good’ car had been stolen! Right out of our driveway as we slept!! And bedroom windows so close to driveway, it really creeped us out. Police came here twice today.

Next door neighbor’s security cam caught two men walking down the street at 2:05am, but apparently pic is grainy.

So thank you for your positive comment. Helped my morale a lot. XO


That sucks. I hope that it was well insured.


Thanks Humphrey, still not sure how this will all play out.


Oh I’m so sorry mags. Very creepy! Hope the insurance gets you another you love. Or it’s found. And thanks. 😘🦊🐳🐻🐬🌸


Thank you polarbear, it was creepy. It has left us a bit shaken. Am hoping it will get sorted out. In the meantime we don’t feel safe in our neighborhood now. But perhaps we should never have felt ‘safe’ in the first place. A real wake-up call as they say.


Cynthia Nixon in Peekskill: ‘We must shut down the pipeline’

In her first major appearance in the Lower Hudson Valley, gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon took aim at the controversial Algonquin pipeline during a Friday afternoon press conference on a pier overlooking the Hudson River.

“Turn off the gas, turn off the gas,” said Nixon about how she would first try to address the pipeline if she were elected. “This should never have been built, these permits should never have been granted … the fact of the matter is people have been screaming about this for five plus years.”




Colonial Pipeline Sued Over Fatal 2016 Alabama Explosion

The widow of a man who died in a 2016 gas pipeline explosion in Alabama has sued Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline and an engineering inspection contractor for wrongful death and negligence.

Among the claims brought by the woman—and by another man who was seriously injured—is that a project inspector for Colonial did not show up on the day of the explosion. Instead, the plaintiffs said, the inspector told a subordinate to go ahead with the excavation, even though documentation concerning the pipeline’s whereabouts he requested had not been provided.


Illinois commission won’t fine in fatal pipeline explosion

The Illinois Commerce Commission won’t be issuing a fine in connection to a fatal gas pipeline explosion that killed two men and injured two others in the northern part of the state.

M&R Farms workers operating a tiling plow ruptured the high-pressure pipeline on Dec. 5, causing the explosion near Nachusa, about 95 miles (150 kilometers) west of Chicago. The workers were installing drainage tile.

Investigators with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration determined the owner of the land failed to contact the Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators before beginning the project. The law requires notification a minimum of 48 business hours before digging can begin.

The commission has determined that there was a violation of law in the case, but won’t impose a penalty due to the tragic circumstances, Sauk Valley Media reported. Fifty-nine-year-old Rory Miller of Amboy and his son, 30-year-old Ryan of Oregon, were killed. Kyler Ackland of West Brooklyn and Michael Koster of Sterling were injured.

M&R Farms could’ve been fined up to $5,000 for the infraction, but the commission also decided to take into account the farm’s previous history of regularly reporting projects involving digs, according to Manko.


It’s Time to Stop Investing in New Oil and Gas Pipelines

We can’t trust the administration to do the right thing, so we need to convince investors to take their money elsewhere



The Jordan Cove Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, pipeline has been in the works since 2004.

The proposal has failed twice, and now is back for a third try.


Local conservation groups have stated their opposition, but landowners are the ones most deeply affected.

The pipeline terminal is in Jordan Cove but crosses a broad stretch of southern Oregon to Malin, impacting Coos, Douglas, Jackson, and Klamath counties.

In those counties are hundreds of landowners who’s land would be impacted.

“if a person works all their life for a piece of property, and they put everything into that piece of property, is it right for a private corporation to be able to come in and threaten your property,” says Deb Evans, a landowner affected by the pipeline.



Tribal Chairman Sends Ominous 4-Word Letter to Keystone XL Pipeline Developer

The hotly contested Keystone XL Pipeline set to bring crude oil from Canada into the U.S. is chugging along. Developer TransCanada is preparing for construction in Montana and South Dakota, and the company decided it would give the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe a heads up in a letter on Wednesday. On Thursday, Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier offered just four ominous words in response.

“We will be waiting.”

Native American tribes in the Midwest have been opposing the 1,179-mile long pipeline since 2008, and they’re not letting up. They nearly won the fight in 2015, when former President Barack Obama rejected a key permit. Then Trump came along and reversed that decision.

Opponents worry what an oil spill could mean for their water, their land, and their health. And they have reason to worry. Keystone XL’s sister pipeline, Keystone, suffered a spill last year in South Dakota.


I saw that yesterday! wow


After Fighting The Dakota Access Pipeline, Standing Rock Activists Want To Green The Rez

In 1956, the Army Corps of Engineers flooded nearly 160,000 acres of land on the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Indian Reservations to create the Lake Oahe reservoir, which powers the Oahe Dam.

Approximately 55,000 acres of forest and agricultural land were destroyed at Standing Rock and about one-third of its residents were displaced. Despite promising to do so, the Army Corps of Engineers never replaced the infrastructure it destroyed (such as roads, water systems, schools and community facilities), nor did the Standing Rock Sioux receive the compensation the Corps promised in the form of a share of the hydropower the dam created. Instead, Standing Rock residents pay some of the highest electricity rates in the region ― as high as $1,000 a month, while 40 percent of the population lives below the federal poverty line.

Now a group of Standing Rock activists and innovators is working to move the reservation off the existing electric grid and onto 100 percent renewable energy as part of the Green The Rez campaign.

“We need to get off the grid and access the revenue derived from our own property on the Oahe Reservoir,” said Phyllis Young, a former Standing Rock Tribal Council member. Young and other activists are also starting to speak with attorneys about how to get compensation and regain 20,000 acres of riverbed.

The goal of Green the Rez is to implement a regulatory mandate for statewide renewable energy portfolio standards of 50 percent by 2030 for North and South Dakota, which the reservations cross. Campaign leaders also want to move all tribal buildings to renewable energy sources and then transition homes on the reservation to green power as well. The campaign is also working toward pushing North Dakota and South Dakota to enact solar access laws, which would make it easier to install solar panels on homes, and net metering laws, which would allow residents to sell excess solar energy that goes back into the electric grid.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deploys campaign staff to help another liberal Democrat

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year old former waitress who shocked Democratic Party politics by defeating Rep. Joe Crowley, D-New York, in a primary last month, is deploying members of her growing campaign staff to help another liberal upstart seeking to unseat a longtime Democratic incumbent.

Ocasio-Cortez this week decided to send at least three paid campaign staffers to Delaware to help Kerri Evelyn Harris, an Air Force veteran and community activist who is challenging three-term Sen. Thomas R. Carper, D-Delaware, in a Sept. 6 primary. Aides to Ocasio-Cortez and Harris shared the details first with CBS News.

Harris, a political novice based in Dover, Delaware, began her campaign in February, seeking to run to the senator’s left. She is only the second Democrat to challenge Carper since he joined the U.S. Senate in 2000.

There is no reliable polling to gauge Harris’ viability in Delaware, where just a few thousand Democrats voted when Carper faced a primary challenge in 2012. If she wins, Harris would be Delaware’s first biracial lesbian woman to serve in Congress — and the first-ever to serve in the U.S. Senate.


At Massive London Protest, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn Trashes Trump, Calls for ‘World of Justice Not Division’

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn joined the mass protest against Donald Trump in London on Friday, where he said the message to the U.S. president was a call for a “world of justice not division.”

Speaking from Trafalgar Square to an enormous crowd after hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of London, Corbyn praised those gathered for “asserting our right to free speech and our right to want a world that is not divided by misogyny, racism, and hate.”

He took aim at specific actions the Trump administration has taken, including its cruel “zero-tolerance” immigration policies and decision to ditch the historic Paris climate accord.

Though he didn’t name Trump specifically, he said, “When somebody on a global stage condemns Muslims because they’re Muslims, it’s not acceptable and we will call it out.”

“When a major country says it wants to walk away from the UN council on human rights, I say, ‘Sorry, you are wrong. Human rights belong to all of us,'” Corbyn said. “And when a government condemns children because they’re Mexican or Guatemalan or from somewhere else in Central America, that is a breach of every international convention that I understand,” he said.

Beyond issues of humane immigration policies, Corbyn said the problem is “also about our planet, our world, and how we relate to each other.”

“Our environment is under threat,” he continued, saying that “there is no hiding place, ultimately, from foul air, from dirty seas, from polluted rivers. There’s no hiding place from the destruction of our natural world for any of us—unless we work together to protect it and our environment and our sustainability.”


He draws crowds like someone else I know.


This is what I call teamwork. It is great to see.


“Medicare-for-all” Means Something. Don’t Let Moderates Water It Down.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat 10-term House Democrat Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th District — the political upset of the year — in part because she championed Medicare-for-all (in addition to free college tuition and a jobs guarantee, among other progressive policies).

Immediately, some pundits began to try their best to explain her victory in a light most favorable to moderate liberals.

Part of their agenda involved watering down what “Medicare-for-all” means. It is very important that Medicare-for-all advocates resist these efforts and clarify exactly what we’re fighting for.

Vox’s Dylan Scott recently quoted one activist (Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee), describing the “pleasant ambiguity of Medicare-for-all.” Green suggested that there was no downside to letting voters hold different definitions of the phrase in their minds, at least during campaign season. Meanwhile, Paul Krugman described Medicare-for-all, in his New York Timescolumn, as a “deliberately ambiguous phrase.”

“In practice,” Krugman wrote, presumably to reassure centrist readers, “[Medicare-for-all] probably wouldn’t mean pushing everyone into a single-payer system. Instead, it would mean allowing individuals and employers to buy into Medicare — basically a big public option. That’s really not radical at all.”

It’s correct that Democrats diverge on the issue of health care. Yet despite the musings of Krugman and others, there’s nothing ambiguous about the Medicare-for-all legislation Ocasio-Cortez supports and that appealed to the people who voted for her. She was referring to two specific bills, Rep. Keith Ellison’s H.R. 676 and its companion, Sen. Bernie Sanders’s S. 1804, both of which would create a single-payer health care system and both of which share clear principles.


They are manning the fire hoses as I type. It is not in the interest of the corporate Dems for it to succeed.


Dem infighting erupts over Supreme Court pick

Democrats are fighting among themselves over how far to go to oppose Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and tempers are starting to flare ahead of a decision that could weigh heavily on the midterm elections.

Liberal activists, who are closely aligned with the party’s base, are losing patience with centrist Democrats who are on the fence over Kavanaugh, a judge with impressive credentials and the approval of the conservative Federalist Society.

But Senate Democratic leaders don’t want to twist the arms of vulnerable colleagues up for re-election in pro-Trump states, adding to the disappointment of activists.

“There’s a great deal of frustration,” said Neil Sroka, spokesman for Democracy for America, a liberal advocacy group that is pressing Senate Democrats to unify immediately against Kavanaugh.

“We need to be training all of our firepower on Murkowski and Collins and we don’t need to be wasting one shred of energy trying to push a Democrat in the right direction on this extremist nominee,” he added, referring to moderate Republican Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who are viewed as potential swing votes.

“There’s great deal of impatience amongst the grassroots for senators to get off the fence on Kavanaugh,” Sroka added.


Of course they are. Have fun, y’all!


They harp that Bernie isn’t a Democrat (good thing) but these #$@% are.


Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (W. Va.) had strong words for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (N.Y.) efforts to unify the party against President Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

Manchin suggested to Politico that Schumer does not have any influence over whether or not he supports Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

“I’ll be 71 years old in August, you’re going to whip me? Kiss my you know what,” Manchin told Politico, referring to whipping votes among the party caucus.

Schumer has spoken out harshly against Kavanaugh and vowed to oppose him “with everything I’ve got.” Democrats will need at least two GOP votes, in addition to all Democrats, to block the nomination.

But Democrats up for re-election in Trump states are not guaranteed votes against the confirmation, and many have signaled that Schumer’s efforts may not be enough to convince them to vote against the nominee.
“My decision won’t have anything to do with Chuck Schumer,” Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) told Politico. Donnelly, in addition to Manchin and Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) all voted in support of Neil Gorsuch.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) told Politico that Schumer “knows better” than to try to pressure her to vote a certain way.

I wish the people at TOP would explain this to me.


BTW Schumer still sucks as a leader. The only thing that he will rally the troops involves AIPAC.


And the troops will rally–nice, murderous, insane things are worth rallying for, eh?


Big Country (not county) Fair this weekend. Taking Sabina for her first time and am working in the “empathy booth” :O) sponsored by my mediation center, CDR.

Thanks lala, as always!


That is so cool!! I can’t wait to hear more about it!


It was fun, mags. Only had a couple of people during my four hours. Learning to be more receptive, tune into my body and listen with my heart, trusting that what little comes out of my mouth will only be a way to allow more room for whatever the person has to come out, to take shape. Empathic listening is different from coaching and mediating and I’m just learning. The Fair seems to have emotion in the very air, though, and the people that did come seemed to really be grateful and feel better to get it out, which of course feels good to us. We need better signage in the years to come.

The Country Fair is a yuuuge affair out by Veneta, an hour west of Eugene. Free buses run all day. Must be 5 stages with acts going pretty much continually. LOTS of funky, creative vendors of all kinds, people somersaulting over 5 people to African drumming, stilt walkers in paper mache masks and much more–a big party. And if you’re still the partying type, you can work the whole thing (sometimes for weeks before and camp around the perimeter. These people then party into the night (late!) with some of the same performers. For me, not something I do every year, at least not usually, but you never know. Mark has an empathy booth at the Saturday market so I might start signing up for that once in a while.

Thanks for asking! btw i have to figure out how to get notified when i get a response so that’s why you never see another reply after a day when i let the page go….


So, do you live in OR, pb4? If you do, lucky dawg!! LOL.


yes, i am a lucky dawg. :O) (reminding self to get to the coast more often.)


Nurses gathering in Michigan:


University of Michigan nurses to hold rally amid contract negotiations with Michigan Medicine

The contract between the nurses and Michigan Medicine expired June 30. Negotiations have been stalled with the administration since then, according to Amy Neubecker, a nurse at the Unviersity of Michigan.

Neubecker also said the last picket from nurses at U-M was in 1989.
Expected to attend are U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell, president of UMPNC Katie Oppenheim and more.

“We’re excited that so many nurses and supporters are joining us on Saturday to stand up for our patients,” Oppenheim said. “You can’t run a world-class health care system if you shortchange nurses and shut out our voices when it comes to safe staffing.”

According to a press release by UMPNC, Michigan Medicine has demanded cutbacks in “retirement compensation and other concessions” from nurses during contract negotiations, despite having a $4.3 billion budget and a $103 million surplus in 2018. UMPNC also claims Michigan Medicine rejected its proposals for a “transparent, accountable process to address staffing issues.”


I apologize if this has already been posted:

Thank unions for what you have, before it’s too late

For several decades, now, anti-union politicians and their fat cat backers have been hacking away at the collective bargaining rights of working people. About a week ago the U.S. Supreme Court took that big ax to public unions.

In a 5-4 decision the anti-union judges on the court overturned 40 years of precedent and said that government workers who haven’t joined the union that bargains for them don’t have to help pay for that collective bargaining.

The justices argued that it was a First Amendment issue, which is, simply, baloney.
Those who don’t belong to a union already have the right to get refunds for any money they contribute that might have been spent on political activities.

What the court ruling means, essentially, is that fewer people will opt into unions, since they’ll receive all the benefits and protections … for free.




Well in that case it certainly is a good case that Congress authorized an increase in the defence budget as they utilize their money so wisely. S/



In the latest sign that many in the party are ready for new blood and a bolder, more progressive vision, the Democratic Party in California offered a stunning rebuke to the state’s senior U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein by endorsing her primary challenger Kevin de León, the former State Senate leader from Los Angeles.

In a vote by the party’s 330-member executive body in Oakland on Saturday evening, de León received a full 65 percent of the votes, while Feinstein—who had argued with the board not to issue an endorsment—received only 7 percent. Twenty-eight percent of members chose not to vote.

“Tonight we showed the world what a truly unified Democratic Party looks like,” de León declared followig the vote. “California Democrats are leading the call for a bold agenda in Washington that puts people before politics and focuses on building a future for our state that works for everyone.”


Our local party agreed to endorse all, with the ability to not endorse someone unfit. Bernicats were tired of losing endorsements. It may be statewide now….





EVERY system for converting votes into power has its flaws. Britain suffers from an over-mighty executive; Italy from chronically weak government; Israel from small, domineering factions. America, however, is plagued by the only democratic vice more troubling than the tyranny of the majority: tyranny of the minority.

This has come about because of a growing division between rural and urban voters. The electoral system the Founders devised, and which their successors elaborated, gives rural voters more clout than urban ones. When the parties stood for both city and country that bias affected them both. But the Republican Party has become disproportionately rural and the Democratic Party disproportionately urban. That means a red vote is worth more than a blue one.

The consequences are dramatic. Republicans hold both the houses of Congress and the White House. But in the three elections in 2012-16 their candidates got just 46% of the two-party vote for the Senate, and they won the presidential vote in 2016 with 49%. Our voting model predicts that, for Democrats to have a better than 50% chance of winning control of the House in November’s mid-term elections, they will need to win the popular vote by around seven percentage points. To put that another way, we think the Republicans have a 0.01% chance of winning the popular vote for the House. But we estimate their chance of securing a majority of congressmen is about a third. In no other two-party system does the party that receives the most votes routinely find itself out of power (see Briefing).


This link is about a year old but best describes whats going on here in WI right now

Why Wisconsin Is Not a Democracy

The consequences of this unfair districting are many. Because Wisconsin had been politically competitive between the parties for decades, it has often been recognized for its bipartisan consensus on public policies. Now it has become much more ideologically driven, and efforts to obtain bipartisan consensus on legislation are almost non-existent. A state that once prided itself for strong public schools and a world-class public university system now sees devastating cuts to education and ideological fights about education policy. There is also substantial underinvestment in vital infrastructure like highways; Wisconsin is now rated as having a rural highway system as bad as any state in the country. Out-of-state special interests are buying changes in regulations that allow industrial users to operate high capacity water wells and to mine frac sand in ways that damage our rich heritage of wetlands, trout streams and clear blue lakes. And this is just a partial list of the unfortunate product of the legislatures elected under this biased legislative apportionment



T and R, la58!! 🙂 If Don midwest checks in, what do you think of the race that is shaping up in Ohio’s 12th CD? GOPukes have controlled it since 1980–election of fascist gunslinger Rayguns–UGH!! The young Demo challenger is positioning himself for an upset. Danny O’Connor is a 31 y.o. millennial. He is a native of that district and definitely knows it. He has public servant experience as he was the County Recorder. His big message is his youth, and it is resonating with the voters he meets. Thoughts?


Go Danny. 🙂


Wonder what prompted this story?


Yes, strange.

I read an interesting story recently published almost exactly one year ago (7/7/17) about Crowley.

Who’s out to get Rep. Joe Crowley?

When I read the story, rather than a pattern of what the story suggests may have been a co-ordinated effort to ‘get’ Crowley (as the title suggests) what I saw was what appeared to be a lot of corruption in Crowley’s corner.

There’s been a steady stream of negative stories about Rep. Joseph Crowley in the local press in recent months, and those with an ear in politics and an eye on the papers have noticed – with some speculating that the Queens Democrat’s political enemies are trying to tarnish his reputation.

The spring of Crowley stories seems to have started flowing on April 2 with a Daily News story on Queens County Democratic Party officials with ties to Crowley raking in millions in Surrogate’s Court fees. A week later, City & State’s Gerson Borrero reported that Jewish leaders weren’t happy with Crowley’s leadership of the Queens Democrats. On April 12, the Observer reported that Crowley family members were getting appointments and payments from the county Supreme Court – a sketchy but not illegal practice, which Queens Patch and the New York Post picked up on the next day.

The Post was back on it May 10 (with a next day follow-up and a Monday editorial), reporting that Crowley was paying his brother with campaign funds to rent office space outside his district. Days later, the Post found that Crowley’s campaign had been paying its treasurer’s son for odd jobs since he was 14. Neither of the payments appeared to be illegal, but both stories included wary quotes from ethics watchdogs. Sample: “This, without a doubt, raises red flags about conflicts of interest.”

More still: a May 18 Village Voice story about Crowley’s Queens County Democratic Party allies making a killing off foreclosures. A May 24 Post story about Crowley funding a project represented by his brother’s lobbying firm. The Post noted the trend of bad stories in a May 26 editorial, but the news didn’t stop there.

A June 12 Post story about a state investigation of Crowley’s treasurer – allegedly launched thanks to the Post’s earlier reporting. A June 14 Gotham Gazette story about Crowley’s power over a local court system that has largely shut out lawyers of color. A June 19 Village Voice story about Crowley’s rise to power and a newly-announced candidate hoping to challenge Crowley from the left in 2018.

That challenge “from the left” story was, of course, about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I’m not sure why a story about Crowley getting a challenger would be included in an article that seems like it was trying to tie a bunch of negative stories together. Alexandria not exactly the sort of candidate many “Jewish leaders” might be thought to support, with her criticism of Israel at least.

The latest reports come from City & State’s Borrero, who reported rumors on June 19 that some Queens Democrats want Crowley to step aside, and on June 26, that some think Crowley has not been vocal enough in defending House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi against calls for her to step down.


From the 6/19/17 Village Voice story referenced above:

“What Joe Crowley represents is the floodgate between Wall Street and the United States government. He’s the clearing house, he takes millions and millions of dollars in funding from them,” Ocasio-Cortez told the Voice. “We see how he’s come to power locally — it’s totally undemocratic, machine-run, dynastic. He’s trying to spread this same model on the federal level.”

(Alexandria)learned quickly that people usually didn’t even contemplate running against Crowley, let alone start an actual campaign.

“A lot of progressive groups are coming out of the woodwork. They’ve been trying to find a challenger to Crowley for years,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “It’s literally political suicide for anyone with a semblance of a political career.”


Things seem to be heating up over at the Ecuadorian embassy in west London.

Julian Assange could be EVICTED from Ecuador embassy as he’s branded ‘STONE in the shoe’

Sources close to Assange claim he was not aware of the talks, but believe America is piling “significant pressure” on Ecuador to give him up, according to the Sunday Times.

The sources claim that America has threatened to block a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) if he is not removed from the embassy, based in Knightsbridge, west London.

The new president of Ecuador is due to visit the UK on July 23rd.

The former Ecuadorian president, Rafael Corra, granted Assange political asylum when he fled to London after being accused of sexual assault and rape in Sweden.

But the new Ecuador premier has fallen out with the controversial figure, and has cut off his internet access, installed jammers and banned visitors to the embassy except for lawyers.

Meanwhile, a court ruling out of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, based in Costa Rica, came out in favor of Assange and his right to safe passage. But I don’t know how much weight, if any, the ruling has:

Julian Assange Scores Major Legal Victory as Court Orders Safe Passage of Wikileaks Founder Out of Embassy

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights based in Costa Rica is a multinational independent judicial body which handles court cases relating to the human rights of individuals in or effected by the laws of the members states of the Organization of American States (OAS). At present the OAS is comprised of every North American, Central American and South American nation, although Venezuela has expressed a desire to withdraw from the body.

Today, the Court ruled that it is the duty of nations to allow for the passage of successful asylum seekers from embassies to the mainland territory of the state that has granted an individual asylum. For Julian Assange, this would mean that according to the Court’s decision, Britain has a legal obligation to allow Julian Assange to exit the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in peace and allow for his safe transit to an airport from which he would be able to fly to Ecuador, the country that has granted Assange asylum and where he now also holds formal citizenship.


I was saddened to hear of yet another senseless killing by police, this one in Chicago:

The officers reported they “saw a subject that they thought might have been armed around his waistband,” Police Chief Fred Waller said at a press conference late Saturday. Officers approached the man, who became combative and tried to push the officers’ hands away. The man began “flailing and swinging” at the officers, Waller said, and as he tried to escape, he appeared to reach for his weapon, which prompted the officer to shoot. Waller described it as a “semi-automatic weapon” and said he had “magazines” on him.

While police have not publicly identified the victim, Black Youth Project 100, an activist organization based in Chicago, said he was Harith “Snoop” Augustus, an African-American barber and father. Black Youth Project interviewed one of Augustus’ friends at the barbershop, who said he was a quiet and good man. The Chicago Sun-Times also identified the man as a barber known as Snoop.

The shooting took place in the predominantly African-American South Shore neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, fire department spokesman Larry Merritt told The Associated Press.

Witnesses told the Chicago Sun-Times that a female officer had opened fire on the man and then “was immediately put in a squad car and taken away from the scene.” The officer has not been identified.

A reporter named Nader Issa did a good job of covering the ensuing protest.

“Snoop,” the barber who was killed by Chicago Police tonight, has a 5-year-old daughter. One of his customers says he usually brings his daughter with him wherever he goes, but she wasn’t with him today.

The man below, a witness, gives his account below and it doesn’t sound good, not sure if it was a female officer or a male officer but it sounds like SOMEONE was very trigger-happy:


Here is some of one officer’s body cam footage. Snoop definitely seems to have had a gun but it also looks like he was pretty much executed as soon as the police became fearful. I wish that the people who became police officers didn’t become fearful so quickly.


Agree! Getting worse.


And here’s the skinny on the one who killed Harith Augustus:

As an aside, I imagine that a lot of people in Chicago have guns, especially those who work in small venues like a barber shop. Hubby is just back in from bringing neighbor up to speed on last night’s uninvited visitors and said that the neighbor, a retired police detective, looked hubby right in the eyes and said, “Time for you to get your gun permit”.



Hard to imagine tha Haass could spew crap like this considering events in Afghanistan,libya, Iraq and Syria amongst others.

Don midwest
Don midwest

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