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Bernie weighs in on Donald Jr. et al

We have now learned that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort all met with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower two weeks after Mr. Trump won the Republican nomination. This is not Bernie Sanders talking, the former ethics lawyer for George W. Bush believes that if the New York Times report is true, then these guys are in serious trouble.



What’s good for the goose… and all that

Be Careful How You Define Collusion: On the Veselnitskaya Bombshell and the Steele Dossier

Don’t get me wrong. I suspect there is more to this story. But I also note that Democrats should be really careful not to get too far ahead of this one, for fear of where it will lead.


Meanwhile, we have rotten health care, more of us live on less, our whole election process is rigged, but who cares, b/c Russia.


Colbert was on fire during his monologue last night concerning Trump Jrs mtg. LMAO 🙂


(Apologies if this was posted yesterday)

Single-Payer is Now Morally, Politically and Economically Savvy: Time to Step Up, Congress

Health care is gobbling up well over $3 trillion a year. It’s just about the same as the federal budget. — Warren Buffett

The multi-billionaire business magnate went on to describe single-payer as most likely “the best system” to curb the spiraling administration costs of our current system.

To his point, the US healthcare industry spends around $200 billion annually on unnecessary administrative fees (e.g. enormous middlemen salaries and bonuses, marketing costs, claim handling, etc.), almost all of which would be eliminated by moving to single-payer. This malignant and self-perpetuating system — which Buffett once described as a “tapeworm” — is diverting spending away from public care and towards corporate coffers.

If we have to woo the ‘business’ community by using the single-payer-cuts-costs angle, so be it!

Why Single-Payer Health Care Saves Money

The attached graph is from 2012 and includes data as old as from 2010. But now:

In 2016, the average American spent $10,345 on health insurance: around twice as much per capita than other developed nations with single-payer systems.

I read about a program yesterday in Minnesota that provides a 25% discount for health insurance for people who make too much money to qualify for federal credits but too little money to be able to afford open market plans (and the program is far under budget with less people buying insurance than they thought would).

The article quoted a woman who receives that ‘discount’, gratefully, who pays over $2,000/month for health insurance-$24,192 per year!! That’s nuts!

Surprise! State insurance relief program coming in way under budget

per capita health spending.png

This program seems custom-designed for us here on TPW:

What is Solarpunk?

Solarpunk is a rebellion against the structural pessimism in our late visions of how the future will be. Not to say it replaces pessimism with Pollyanna-ish optimism, but with a cautious hopefulness and a daring to tease out the positive potentials in bad situations. Hope that perhaps the grounds of an apocalypse (revelation) might also contain the seeds of something better; something more ecological, liberatory, egalitarian, and vibrant than what came before, if we work hard at cultivating those seeds.

Interesting, eh?

Solarpunk is a (mostly) aesthetic-cultural and (sometimes) ethical-political tendency which attempts to negate the dominant idea which grips popular consciousness: that the future must be grim, or at least grim for the mass of people and nonhuman forms of life on the planet. Looking at the millennia-old rift between human society and the natural world, it sets as its ethical foundation the necessity of mending this rift, transforming our relation to the planet by transcending those social structures which lead to systemic ecocide. It draws a lot from the philosophy of social ecology, which also focused on mending this rift by restructuring society to function more like ecology: non-hierarchical, cooperative, diverse, and seeking balance.

Solarpunk’s vision is of an ecological society beyond war, domination, and artificial scarcity; where everything is powered by green energy and a culture of hierarchy and exclusion has been replaced by a culture founded on radical inclusiveness, unity-in-diversity, free cooperation, participatory democracy, and personal self-realization.



Imagine the names were different.

Imagine Chelsea Clinton had taken Bill Clinton and campaign chair John Podesta to a meeting set up by a Chinese government intermediary who claimed to have damaging information about Donald Trump’s tax returns and said over email they were willing to share the information in a bid to defeat Trump.

Imagine this information came out mere weeks after stories revealing a major Democratic funder, acting on the behest of prospective National Security Adviser Susan Rice, had been trying to work with Chinese hackers to steal copies of Trump’s tax returns.

Imagine, during all of this, that Hillary Clinton herself had gotten on a stage and begged the Chinese government to release Trump’s tax returns. “China, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the tax returns,” Clinton said in Florida. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

Imagine that these stories were not isolated. They came alongside dozens of strange meetings between Clinton campaign aides and Chinese staffers — contacts left off security clearance forms and “forgotten” during sworn congressional testimony — and were buttressed by Clinton herself lurching toward a strangely pro-China policy and an unusual, and repeatedly articulated, affection for China’s leader.

And imagine that, in a crucial stretch of the campaign, hackers backed by the Chinese government really did break into the Trump family’s systems and release a bevy of damaging financial documents in a successful effort to elect Clinton.

To simply write this story out is to strain credulity. It reads like a bad spy novel or a fevered conspiracy. Can you imagine what Fox News would be saying? What Rush Limbaugh would be saying? How deafening the calls for impeachment and investigation would be?


I guess that it is in vogue to be a hypocrite


Political scamp David Brock has nailed “wanted” posters in the public sphere, promising that his coordinated-with-the-Clinton-campaign super PAC, Correct the Record, will pay a cash bounty to anyone who brings him fresh dirt in the form of audio or video on Donald Trump. The effort, called Trump Leaks, follows an earlier Brock initiative from July, in which he claimed to have secured $5 million from an anonymous donor that would go to a charity of Trump’s choosing if he releases his tax returns.

Although Brock insists what he’s doing is not journalism, the spectacle of money changing hands in exchange for information tends to give American journalists the vapors. It reminds them of the National Enquirer, TMZ, the British tabloids, Gawker and other outlets they disdain as unethical journalistic bottom feeders.

This is what Brock does for a living but the Democrats don’t have vapors for those actions. Just Saying!


A great article about RoseAnn DeMorro. The more I find out about her the more impressed I am.

Nurses’ RoseAnn DeMoro zeroes in

A few block quotes do not suffice. I suggest reading the whole article.

Amid an increasingly partisan and uncertain political climate, RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, isn’t afraid to call out politicians on both sides of the aisle.

“We’re doing the exact opposite agenda of the Democrats who are just about Trump,” says DeMoro, a Democrat.

“What we’ve been up to is trying to change the landscape in the United States for more progressive politics and people to win an election.” The Democratic Party, she has said, “is in absolute crisis and denial.”

DeMoro, who is accustomed to fights, has a degree in women’s studies from Southern Illinois University. She was the first woman to work as an organizer for the Western Conference of Teamsters. She later organized for the American Federation of Teachers and the clerical workers at the University of California. She joined the California Nurses Association in 1986.

“If you aren’t a neo-liberal zombie, you’re a bomb thrower.” — RoseAnn DeMoro

Within the ranks of labor, DeMoro is not universally liked — to say the least.



The military is sure having a lot of fun lately playing with their toys.


I am not sure but it appears as if the US is playing both sides against the middle in the Qatar situation.



The MIC just smiles like a Cheshire Cat!


LOL! This dude seems a tad pissed off with the IRS!


OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — An Olympia, Washington man who authorities say mailed one of his fingers to the IRS is now facing federal charges.

The Seattlepi.com reported Monday (https://goo.gl/a1MU1R ) that 68-year-old Normand Lariviere was charged with mailing a threat to injure after IRS workers in Ogden, Utah discovered a package containing a fake bomb July 6.

Charging papers say he also sent his finger, a bullet and a marijuana joint to tax collectors in 2016.

Court documents say Lariviere has been upset with the IRS since he was laid off in the 1990s from his job as a civilian defense contractor.

I don’t think that I would go about it in the same manner.


I wonder if he wants it on Fox News?

It pity the Planet with this man in charge.


The video at this link would almost be amusing if it wasn’t for the fact of the suffering of Palestinians.

Israel Turns UNESCO Meeting into ‘Politicized Circus’. Resolution Naming Israel an “Occupying Power”

Israel, not for the first time, is royally P.O.’ed at UNESCO. The UN organization’s World Heritage Committee has been holding a meeting in Krakow, Poland–and in a session on July 4, the body passed a resolution naming Israel as an “occupying power” while at the same time condemning its tunneling and underground excavation activities in the old city of Jerusalem.

Three days later, on July 7, Israel again had a hissy fit over a resolution–passed by the same committee. This time the measure had to do with Hebron, specifically recognizing its old city as an endangered World Heritage site. Hebron’s old city includes a site known to Muslims as the Ibrahimi Mosque (or Mosque of Abraham) and to Jews as the Cave of the Patriarchs. In that regard it has significance to both religions. But the committee voted to recognize the old city of Hebron as a Palestinian World Heritage site–rather than an Israeli one. This of course makes perfectly logical sense because Hebron is in the West Bank and the West Bank is internationally recognized as rightfully belonging to the Palestinians. But again Israelis resorted to tantrums.

“Not a Jewish site?!” thundered Netanyahu. “Who is buried there? Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah – our patriarchs and matriarchs!”

Of course, the committee didn’t say it wasn’t a Jewish site; they just said it was a Palestinian site–because the site is, after all, in Occupied Palestine. In fact, according to a report here, the resolution–which passed by a vote of 12-3 with six abstentions–“emphasized the importance of the site to Jews, Christians, and Muslims.”


There will no lasting peace in the Middle East without justice for the Palestinian people.


Check out your Senator in this Poll. Guess who is most popular!


If Americans were feeling optimistic about their senators at the dawn of the new era of a Republican-controlled federal government, many are souring on those elected officials as the 115th Congress rolls on, according to Morning Consult’s new Senate Approval Rankings.

More than half of all senators saw negative swings in net approval outside of the surveys’ margins of error in their respective states. By comparison, over 20 senators saw their net approval rating decrease in the first quarter of the year from the 2016 pre-election rankings.


It’s not even close!

On the Democratic side of the ledger, it’s Rhode Island voters who were most likely to appear embittered. Sen. Jack Reed saw his net approval rating drop 20 points, as did Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse. Roughly three in five Ocean State voters had previously approved of both senators, but for Whitehouse the share expressing approval slid below 50 percent in the new rankings. It was a similar story in Delaware, where the share of voters approving of Sens. Chris Coons and Tom Carper dropped from 58 percent and 65 percent to 52 percent and 58 percent, respectively, while their disapproval ratings rose.

I used to be a fan of Sheldon Whitehouse. He puts forth good noises re: environmental concerns, for ex. But I was so disappointed when he endorsed you-know-who. Obviously Bernie was the better candidate for the environment.

This event was on June 19th (2017) and I found the juxtaposition of his doing the keynote address at this lush event put on by the American Chemistry Council, which appears to be all about promoting plastic vs. his meeting with the ‘demonstrators’ who were there to express their concern about the prevalence of plastic in our environment somewhat stark:

Before Senator Sheldon Whitehouse gave the keynote address this morning at an American Chemistry Council (ACC) sponsored conference at the swanky Viking Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island he met briefly with demonstrators representing the Break Free From Plastic movement.


Here’s the link to the event from OUTSIDE the “swanky” hotel (invitation only).

Senator Whitehouse and environmental advocates tell industry: We need less plastic

I mean, he wasn’t just attending it, he was the keynote speaker. He claimed that the event was about efforts to reduce plastic, but…did you see that link??

This reporter was denied access to the event to record Whitehouse’s keynote address. Whitehouse’s office responded to a query, saying, “Senator Whitehouse attended the conference to build support for the Save our Seas Act, his bipartisan bill aimed at ridding the oceans of plastic debris.‎”

According to the Break Free From Plastic press release, the American Chemistry Council is purportedly addressing plastic marine debris at the two-day event. However, the ACC, according to Break Free From Plastic, fails “to address the biggest issue of all: on plastics, there is simply too much being produced… We don’t need better cleanup, we need less plastic.


I really like Corey Robin.


Sen. Bernie Sanders to endorse Ben Jealous, former NAACP president, in Maryland governor’s race

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Our Revolution, a national progressive group that formed after the senator’s upstart presidential bid, are scheduled to endorse Ben Jealous in the Maryland governor’s race on Thursday, according to an email sent to Our Revolution supporters in Maryland.

“With Ben as governor, we can make health care a right, not a privilege,” Sanders said in a statement. “We can create a minimum wage which is a living wage. We can stop the school-to-prison pipeline and end mass incarceration. We can make college tuition affordable, protect our environment and create good-paying jobs.”

He is competing against Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III, state Sen. Richard S. Madaleno Jr. (Montgomery), Alec Ross, a technology entrepreneur, and lawyer James L. Shea. Baltimore County Executive Kevin B. Kamenetz, former Maryland attorney general Douglas F. Gansler and U.S. Rep. John Delaney have also said they are considering the race.

Most of the other candidates vying for the Democratic nomination backed Clinton in 2016, including Madaleno, a political insider who also pushes a progressive agenda. Baker, a centrist, initially endorsed former governor Martin O’Malley in the presidential primary.

Don’t any women live in Maryland?! But, I like Jealous a lot.




Even the MICC has tried to get the funding for this loser stopped. Go figure.


My guess is they don’t to pay the reward or give credit to the Russians.


The U.S.-led coalition battling Islamic State does not have concrete information about whether Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead or alive, the senior U.S. general leading the campaign said on Tuesday, when asked about reports of his death.

“Despite all the helpful reports to us from every source imaginable, I’m unable to confirm or deny either where he is or whether he is alive or dead. Let me just say for the record my fervent hope is it is the latter,” Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend told a news briefing.

But what used to be a reliable source confirms it.


Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it has information from top ISIL commanders confirming Baghdadi’s death.

Russia’s defence ministry said in June that it might have killed Baghdadi when one of its air strikes hit a gathering of ISIL commanders on the outskirts of the Syrian city of Raqqa, but Washington said it could not corroborate the death and Western and Iraqi officials have been sceptical.

Abdurrahman said Baghdadi “was present in eastern parts of Deir az Zor province” in recent months, but it was unclear if he died in the area or elsewhere.

I wonder if CNN has “BREAKING NEWS” about this subject?


This is awfully kind of Corbyn.


It is hard to imagine that both sides can play the same game.


This should come as no surprise.


Another Democrats gets it right.


But our house “leader”, Pelosi, is on the healthcare industry take and will block every attempt at passing it. Disgusting.

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