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Don midwest

Judas Goat Politics

Judas goat: a trained goat used in general animal herding. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared.

Here is the link to Judas goat

Judas goat

A couple months ago I asked the question Why does Trump hate his supporters?
I asked that because the Republican tax reform plan and health care plan seemed specifically designed to inflict pain on the people who voted for Trump.
Then a few weeks ago I noticed that Trump had flip-flopped on his opposition to free trade agreements, one of the few things that his supporters cared deeply about.

It does seem unusually cruel to target your own supporters for the most pain.
It’s the opposite of how democracy is supposed to work.

OK. It’s Trump. A certifiable con-man and liar. So what do you expect, right?

The article spends most of the time on democrats

What got me thinking about this is how partisan Democrats reserve all their venom, not for Democrats that vote Republican, but for independent leftists that don’t vote Democrat.

Partisan Democrats always start with the baseless assumption that they are entitled to your vote. They don’t have to earn it because your vote is their privilege, even when you aren’t a registered Democrat.

This illogical thinking doesn’t apply to the vastly larger group of liberals and minorities who vote Republican, or don’t vote. Only to third party voters.
As Hillary Clinton says, people who vote third party are, “the crazy third-party people.

and then goes on to describe the attack on democracy by the Judas goad of both political parties

Now apply that same reasoning to our “democracy”. The progressive institutions, such as labor unions and environmentalist groups provide services to their members by giving them a forum to harmlessly agitate without endangering the status quo. Then the leadership of those progressive institutions sell out their members to the applicable political party – the Democrats – for a profit, without consulting the membership.

When the people in the liberal spectrum gets antsy, the Democratic establishment astroturfs a “movement” for it’s customers, just like a good business would.

There are links in the article


The dems want to lead progressives around by the nose the same way righties are so easily manipulated. The problem is progressives tend to think for themselves. If the dems want to win, they’re have to EARN those votes.


Caitlin on NPR and wikileaks. Also a link to take action on net neutrality at Medium.

As if we needed another reason to want the legacy media to die screaming all alone in an ill-reputed nursing home, National Public Radio has just added one more to the planet-sized pile. NPR, which just Wednesday released an anti-WikiLeaks attack editorial disguised as a movie review, has made a deliberate attempt to tarnish WikiLeaks’ 100% perfect record of authentic and accurately-vetted releases by going out of its way to report that the publishing organization had posted nine gigabytes of partially inauthentic documents. …

In reality, WikiLeaks did not post 9 gigabytes of anything, but only tweeted a link to a pre-existing cache of documents allegedly from French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on a site that very plainly does not have the WikiLeaks URL, with a very clear disclaimer that it didn’t know who was responsible for posting them.


They’re trying to Fox News Style “fair and balanced” reporting in hopes Trump won’t whack them. Problem is the very concept Public Radio goes against everything republicants stand for.


Yeah, and i noticed the article is a few months old, too. Just so sorry that they continue to debase themselves.


Berners still a bernin’. :O)


ObamaBro Joy Reid has some explaining to do

An apology would be welcomed!



Macron is an idiot!


looks like Trump has a new BFF, Putin’s gonna be jealous.


I wonder if consulted with Hillary with regards to “walking in the woods”?


This will surely help his re-election chances. NOT!


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indiana senator railed against Carrier Corp. for moving manufacturing jobs to Mexico last year, even as he profited from a family business that relies on Mexican labor to produce dye for ink pads, according to records reviewed by The Associated Press.

Joe Donnelly, considered one of the nation’s most vulnerable Democratic senators up for re-election next year, has long blasted free-trade policies for killing American jobs. He accused Carrier, an air conditioner and furnace maker, of exploiting $3-an-hour workers when it announced plans to wind down operations in Indiana and move to Mexico.


This is an interesting twist in the way things are done.


Turkey has agreed to pay $2.5 billion to acquire Russia’s most advanced missile defense system, a senior Turkish official said, in a deal that signals a turn away from the NATO military alliance that has anchored Turkey to the West for more than six decades.

The preliminary agreement sees Turkey receiving two S-400 missile batteries from Russia within the next year, and then producing another two inside Turkey, according to the Turkish official, who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter. A spokesman for Russia’s arms-export company Rosoboronexport OJSC said he couldn’t immediately comment on details of a deal with Turkey.

Turkey has been in NATO since the early years of the Cold War, playing a key role as a frontline state bordering the Soviet Union. But ties with fellow members have been strained in recent years, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pursuing a more assertive and independent foreign policy as conflict engulfed neighboring Iraq and Syria. Tensions with the U.S. mounted over U.S. support for Kurdish militants in Syria that Turkey considers terrorists, and the relationship with the European Union soured as the bloc pushed back against what it sees as Turkey’s increasingly autocratic turn. Last month, Germany decided to withdraw from the main NATO base in Turkey, Incirlik, after Turkey refused to allow German lawmakers to visit troops there.


Why non-Americans should speak up about America.

The other day the Australian Broadcasting Corporation released “The Afghan Files”, covering the leaked secret defense force documents which revealed how Australian troops killed unarmed men and children in Afghanistan and tried to hide it. These horrific events transpired in the wake of a military operation which should never have happened and which Australians never stood anything to gain from.

On the eleventh of November, 1975, Australia’s democratically elected prime minister Gough Whitlam was removed from office in a coup staged by the CIA and MI6, ending an administration which had made leaps and bounds in social progress, aboriginal rights, national sovereignty, demilitarization and nuclear weapons opposition. Legendary Australian journalist John Pilger reports that in the 1980s it was learned that the CIA had discussed “with urgency” how best to resolve “the Whitlam problem”, and that prior to his removal Whitlam was shown a top-secret message from the head of the CIA’s East Asia division saying that the prime minister was “a security risk in his own country.”

You don’t get to live in a country which consistently uses its military and economic might to manipulate world affairs and then bitch when people in other countries have opinions about it. You don’t get to be one of the world’s two nuclear superpowers and tell me I’m not allowed to be loudly and unapologetically opinionated about your nation’s insane escalations with Russia. You don’t get to live in the nation that keeps my nation from having its own government and then say I can’t criticize yours. That’s not a thing.

I mean, what do these people think is actually happening on their planet? It’s really dumbfounding to consider the belief systems that must foster this kind of worldview. They must honestly think that they live in a separate little nation that pretty much tries to just do its own thing like the other countries in the world. The amount of American privilege it must take to even be able to see the US in this way is truly staggering.


And here I thought the move “The falcon and the snowman” was based on fiction. Wow! Is Canada next?


Plenty of Americans see the ugly reality of their country. A bunch of them are on this blog. 🙂


Not the American Exceptionalism our parents grew up with


Sanders/Turner 2020?!


I’m down with that! 🙂


This thread leads one to wonder just how bad Dems will lose in 2018 unless they wise up fast:

There’s only 4,000 people in her town. Robocalls would do zilch.

Rude and dismissive.

Others in the thread shared similar experiences.


It’s hard to change when what you did worked well but doesn’t anymore. You tinker around the edges but basically keep doing the same thing. The dems won’t change until their benefactors tell them to. All you have to do is look at what happened to single payer in California and what Pelosi is saying now.


I wonder what meeting were the tweets referring to? I doesn’t sound like one that Bernie would have been involved in.



It would be interesting to see who David Brock had conversations with. It would probably gag a maggot.

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