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Don midwest

We’ve screwed up the coasts so badly that an invasive species is a plus
When native species are gone, an invasive one can provide ecosystem services.

cockroaches of the world unite!!

Sea level fears as Greenland darkens

Maybe cockroaches can learn to swim and mate in the invasive species protecting what is left of coastlines


Life will find a way- mankind we’ll see?

Don midwest

Another hint at an economic slowdown

Worried about a marked crash to be used for more opression

European banks struggle to solve toxic shipping debt problem

Don midwest

Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence

Democrats were desperate when claiming Russian hack. Why not let FBI examine the systems? And NSA has all the evidence anyway since they monitor international stuff.

Ray McGovern is one of the main players in this group.


What’s in the coffee over at MSNBC?


Well, obviously, democrats and moderate republicants are the same critter with slightly different spots.


A crème flavored dimensional drug of some type. Bernie would kick ass in the Midwest.


One of the NPR talk shows had Jerry Brown on yesterday. He was railing against the left and going on about the need to be moderate. I had to shut it off. UGH. He has certainly sold out in his dotage.

Don midwest

he Democrats: A party that wants to die but can’t pull the plug

Short piece by Corey Robin which points out the job training charade – goes back to 1982 and is a staple of both parties.


THAT’S where I read it! Great essay.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Kim Dotcom wins on another step in his legal battle. Kim is the German who has been living in New Zealand and made hundreds of millions on the file sharing service MegaUpload. The US movie industry association, headed by former darling of the “liberals” Chris Dodd, who was behind this crack down on Kim for copywrite violation. This is like suing Xerox that someone copied a document on their machines.

As Ars has reported, Dotcom, who has been an NZ permanent resident since November 2010, has been fighting American criminal copyright charges for years. His legal team has fought tenaciously since 2012, delaying his extradition hearings several times. More than five years ago, New Zealand authorities, acting on the orders of American prosecutors—swept in to arrest him and conduct a raid, replete with two police helicopters, on the Dotcom mansion. The operation was conducted the same day that an American criminal complaint was unsealed against Dotcom and his colleagues.
In February 2017, another NZ High Court judge ruled that Dotcom could be extradited to the United States—a decision that will likely continue to be appealed for years.

Separately, Dotcom is also fighting the American government’s efforts to seize via civil forfeiture a slew of high-valued items that it says were procured via illegal means. In 2016, Dotcom lost his appeal at the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court is currently evaluating his final appeal and has not yet said whether it will hear the case.

Slight chance Supreme Court will hear the case (and I proudly don’t have a clue about an issue like that, but I can express my opinion ….)

NZ judge: Our spies surveilled Kim Dotcom for 2 months longer than admitted
“The US extradition case is dying. And someone is going to pay for this mess.”

Another article in NZ newspaper tweeted by Glenn Greenwald today. There are implications for NZ government and the international spying system of 5 Eyes. They are spying on everyone and using it in secret ways.

Judge: Dotcom spied on two months longer than previously admitted

And Kim has been in the news recently by saying that Seth Rich had communicated with him and that Seth was the one who sent out DNC documents. Still early in this case to know what is going on. Did the DNC murder him?????


I know it is decried as CT, but I have always believed the DNC did Rich in because he was Wikileaks’ leaker, not the Russians.

Don midwest

There has been a coup in the USA

Secret agencies continue to carry on secret work and block even the shred of normalcy

How can a trial of a public servant, a whistle blower, not allow the printed record in the media to provide the context for the act and the evaluation of the damage done, and a defense of providing evidence to citizens?

Murders and other criminals are not held in silence.

Silence the dissent.


The protective order would restrict “our right to cite and quote information in the public domain, such as articles in newspapers, broadcast journalism and online publications,” the defense wrote in their brief. “The order proposed by the Government imposes upon Defense Counsel the duty to question the source of reports in the New York Times or matters discussed on Morning Joe and then to confer with the security officer before repeating or citing these facts even though the information is clearly in the public domain.”

Essentially, the government is trying to bar Winner’s lawyers from discussing large swaths of journalism done around the election, cybersecurity, the Trump administration, and Russia in court, unless each time, they go back and scour thousands of pages of documents to make sure none of their references are also cited in the documents that were handed over.

This is a critical point given that the trial may hinge on whether the prosecution can prove the document Winner is alleged to have leaked could have “damaged” national security. Winner’s team may want to use these stories to provide the jury with much-needed context around the document at issue — to show, for example, that the public interest in election security is extremely high, or that leaking the material in question couldn’t possibly have damaged national security given the mountains of stories about Russian hacking that came before it.

Think about it: Literally everyone in the country has been talking about alleged Russian attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. It has not only been the subject of front page stories in the nation’s leading newspapers on an almost daily basis, but it has been publicly discussed by virtually every member of Congress, all the intelligence chiefs, and Presidents Obama and Trump. Yet much of this discussion could be barred from the public courtroom if the government has its way.

What’s more, the government argues that Winner herself isn’t allowed to see any of the classified documents handed over to her lawyers at all. As the defense writes in their brief: “The Sixth Amendment right to counsel includes the right to confer with counsel.” What the government is essentially doing here is cutting Winner out from her own defense team, which may have to make key arguments in the case without being able to consult with her about the relevant facts. As her lawyers make clear, “Her telephone calls are taped, and all of her outgoing mail is being reviewed by Government agents. There is no risk to national security that could flow from her being allowed to view the evidence that may be used against her.”

These tactics are likely just the beginning of the government’s attempts to cut off virtually every avenue of defense for Reality Winner. The Justice Department has been cruelly effective in all of the Espionage Act cases aimed at the sources of journalists in recent memory.


How can this be legal?


The Bana Alabed Psy-Op Proves The West Is Saturated In War Propaganda

Like the Kuwaitis taking babies out of incubators, the WMD, the law under Obama legalizing psyops on Americans, Bana Alabed does not seem to pass the smell test.

From the article, this RT piece on it:

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