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My comment is in response to the Jimmy Carter article. Sometimes I can post a reply, other times I cannot, which I don’t quite understand about our blog.

They should listen to him, but they probably won’t. Jimmy Carter in many respects was not your establishment guy, he was voted into office as an outsider. He wanted a better system when in office, but between the disaster in Iran and the horrible situations he inherited from the shambles of Nixon et al, it was hard to make any bold changes (other than drop the speed limit). Ted Kennedy was in the insurance industry’s pocket and didn’t want single payer either.

It will take more conversations. Bernie has always been a little ahead of the curve.


Yes many more conversations. The fact that single payer is squarely on the radar with some prominent Dems now supporting it is all thanks to Bernie and his remarkable presidential campaign and his equally remarkable post-campaign activity. We will get a good view on how far we’ve come when he introduces his Medicare for all bill.


I have found a sort of solution to the comment problem. When it seems as if nothing happens when I click on the “post comment box” I copy my comment refresh the page then paste the comment. It usually works. I know that this problem is frustrating having to retype comments.


This works for me too.


These statistics are nothing to be proud of.


My daily Jamarl Thomas fix. I like his style.


The latest Nina Turner Show with Josh Fox.


You may want to avoid driving through Torrance Country, NM, for awhile!

Company plans to close private Estancia prison, lay off 200

The company that has operated a private prison in Estancia for nearly three decades has announced it will close the Torrance County Detention Facility and lay off more than 200 employees unless it can find 300 state or federal inmates to fill empty beds within the next 60 days, according to a statement issued Tuesday by county officials.


What’s up with Bannon these days? He almost seems like he’s trying to do good things!


Oh! Sorry, the first attempt didn’t appear for me. So instead of bugging LD I just posted it again (down below). Guess I should have tried refreshing first!

But, what’s Bannon’s angle? There must be one, an angle. I’ll try to find out more.



I think it is a whole orchard.


What’s up with Bannon these days?

First he floats a rise in marginal tax rate for those making over $5 million/yr and now this:

I’m telling ya, if Dems don’t wise up real soon business-friendly Repubs may end up deking Dems out and pass single payer first! Of course they’d justify it by saying they’re doing it to help out the blessed job creators.


They’re so far right they’re poking at the progressive left rear. Or they’re just posing.


Sanction happy US strikes again!


Washington (AFP) – The United States on Friday imposed new sanctions targeting Iran’s ballistic missile program, one day after Tehran tested a satellite-launch rocket — an act that Washington had called “provocative.”

The US Treasury singled out six companies owned or controlled by Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG), which it said was central to the Islamic republic’s missile program, freezing their US assets and barring US citizens from dealing with them.

Foreign financial institutions could face punitive measures if they deal with the sanctioned entities, it added.

I guess that we are the ones who decide on who can launch satellites.


We can always hope that it is not financially viable.


(Reuters) – TransCanada Corp, Canada’s No.2 pipeline operator, will make a final investment decision on its Keystone XL project by December, the company said on Friday as it reported a better-than-expected profit.

The December timeline is the first time the company has publicly set a deadline about making an investment decision for the project since U.S. President Donald Trump approved Keystone XL in March, reversing a decision by Barack Obama.

The investment decision will be based on shipper demand and a regulatory outcome from the U.S. state of Nebraska, through which the project passes, Paul Miller, executive vice president and president of liquid pipeline at TransCanada, said in a conference call after the release of quarterly results.

“Our assessment of these factors will really drive our investment decision when we get into that November-December time frame,” he said.


The Mooch nails Priebus!



It was said that Trump made the decision after someone called Priebius weak on cable TV.

Looking more like modern day Goodfellas entertainment.


Where’s that bald eagle who almost bit tRump in the arse?? He and Snowball the wise guy need to go on tour. Too frigging funny, Benny!!! 🙂


LOL that vid was awesome. Thank you.


Here is something on the lighter side. We need a break.


Oh my.

The sheep-herding dog was like, what are my orders? Waiting for a whistle! Nah? I’ll just be over here..


Wanted to share this short clip. Check out the 16 second mark in particular.


NYT opinion commentariat wrote that Collins and Murkowski were the heroes. Heroes of what? They were doing their jobs representing the majority of Americans. They forgot where the bribes came from–rare one. McCain was simply showboating on repealing a RW bill. Pass phasing in Medicare For All/Public Option. Then we can talk about heroes, or actually, honest public servants.

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