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What’s wrong with the Democrats?

Sanders didn’t hesitate to put forth policy positions that made sense to the citizenry. Namely, fairly taxing the billionaires and millionaires whom he correctly identified as “running the country and Congress.” His single-payer, Medicare for all plan was likewise incredibly popular with the Democrat base. Making it possible to go to college without the resulting albatross of crippling debt held nothing but promise for the nation’s future. Taking care of our seniors by protecting and enhancing Social Security was likewise a pillar of Sanders’ populist platform.

But now, apparently bereft of ideas, or lacking the courage to lead, the best Democrats can do is mimic Trump’s view that governance is an “art of the deal” with their own, feeble offering of a “Better Deal.”

Like Sanders, about 40 percent of the electorate now identify themselves as Independents. That’s more than either Democrats or Republicans can claim and wooing Independents offers a clear way out of the minority for Democrats. It’s a huge pool of voters — but they won’t pull the Independents’ support running on the bald tires of Hillary Clinton’s policies as the populace wonders “what’s wrong with the Democrats?”

Read the rest here: http://missoulian.com/opinion/columnists/what-s-wrong-with-the-democrats/article_044aadb3-0f6c-5199-a771-f31eef6dd646.html


Instead, Dems are losing members going Indie.


I’m one of them. But I don’t think it’s necessarily bad either.

The Clintonistas need to think very carefully in not lashing out against Bernie; otherwise, Trump or some other R is ensured another 4 years. But I suspect the media will try to pit them against us.


i don’t think it’s bad either.


There’s a diary at TOP worth reading:

Is the “White Working Class” the Enemy?

Is there a single vast, monolithic, homogeneous white working class culture?

Is every member of the white working class racist, whether consciously or unconsciously?

Consequently, is there an unbridgeable gulf between such folks and working class POC?

Is the white working class the irredeemable enemy of POC?


After all, if both sides of an argument tell those classed as white that they are the enemy of POC but one side says this enmity is justified while the other condemns them for it and labels them as irredeemable, who do you suppose they will listen to?

This is an example of one of the classic tricks in the white supremacist/racist handbook. The appropriation of a particular stream of AA opinion by white supremacists who then misportray it as being the opinion of all African Americans. In this they are following the established pattern of reducing Black People to ciphers, suitable only for the projection of their own fantasies and obsessions.

Of course the AA community is no more a single vast, monolithic, homogeneous whole than any other segment of US society. Nevertheless, it suits the white supremacist project to treat them as such, just as it suits them to treat those classed as white in the same fashion.

This is also, in my opinion, the crux of a problem within white liberal and progressive circles. What I would describe, for lack of a better term, as disguised condescension.

Perhaps I’m a bit of an antique. Having grown up during the civil rights struggle and having spent my life doing anti-racist work in the south, I’m steeped in the politics of racial reconciliation. My lode stars are people like M.L. King, Coretta Scott King, Reverend Joseph Lowery, John Lewis, Rev. James Orange and Rev. William Barber among others, as well as Malik el-Shabazz, W.E.B. DuBois and Frederick Douglass.

The Southern leaders of the Civil Rights movement didn’t preach the politics of division, much less the demonization of whole groups. Despite living and struggling within the belly of the beast, where their lives were literally on the line every day, they preached and worked for racial reconciliation. A legacy that Rev. William Barber carries on to this day. One might search their histories for denunciations of the white working class as the motive force in white racism but one would search in vain.



Good diary. Comments all over the place.

I’m beginning to think that the main issue with the term ‘white working class’ is actually the word ‘class’!

Democratic party increasingly seems full of elitists who sniff at those unkempt workers (eww, they might even smell a bit after their long and laborious day!) and assume that they’re all uneducated, unsophisticated hicks who lack the ability to reason.

One comment in the DK diary brought up the distinction between being racist and being prejudiced. I think that’s something to consider.

Of course there are some WWC who are racist, but perhaps ‘prejudiced’ is a more nuanced and accurate description of others? I periodically am presented by my own prejudice regarding certain ethnic groups. I’m appalled with myself every time I realize it, and look deeper into myself when it happens to examine the source of such thoughts. But I certainly don’t think my whiteness makes me better than the next person!

I wonder if a certain DK college professor ever looks into her heart to examine some of her deeply held beliefs about working class people.


Are you be talking about Denese Velez(sp?). She is a hothead and intolerant. Kos loves her. I go over there occasionally. I see one of her posts, and I leave. I do not like her.


Wow, that happened even quicker than I thought it might!


The Mooch does get some sympathy! LOL


Brutal!! Oh my…

I’m a bit sorry that I won’t be able to use the name I came up for him over the weekend though – Scaradouchie. I coined that after hearing about all the stuff with his wife.

Married for three years, she gave birth to their first son, Nicholas, in early 2014.

Their second son, James, arrived on Monday in New York City, while Mr Scaramucci was at a Boy Scout jamboree with President Donald Trump in West Virginia.

“When James was born, he sent her a text saying: ‘Congratulations, I’ll pray for our child,’” a source told the paper.

“She’s mad. They aren’t really speaking right now.

“The pain runs deep. Anthony tells her she’s not that smart, that he’s out of her league.”


Gotta be a record for shortest tenure on the job


Bwahahahaha! He didn’t last very long!


A bit of an update.

President Donald Trump has removed Anthony Scaramucci as communications director, a little more than a week after the former financier was named to the post, three White House officials said on Monday.

The change came at the request of new chief of staff John Kelly, who started Monday, the officials said. It was not clear whether he would take on a new role after leaving the communications job, nor was it immediately clear who would take over the position


Are you quite sure about that Donald? LOL


After one of the most tumultuous weeks in what already has proven to be a turbulent administration, President Donald Trump declared on Twitter Monday morning that his White House is not in chaos, despite what outside critics and commentators have said.

I sure would like to see what his definition of chaos is.


I wonder who is next.




Well, well, look at what I just found. Thank you Ryan Cooper! Democrats! What is wrong with you?! Groupthink? Ignorance? Have you all become neocons??

Democrats are being staggeringly reckless with Obama’s greatest diplomatic achievement


Barely anyone even addressed this argument, let alone gave it the close attention it deserves. Neither did Democrats much care that European allies who are also party to the deal are furious.

At any rate, not only could more sanctions blow up the deal, as noted above, they could easily slide into open conflict. War with Iran — a much larger and much more formidable opponent than Iraq — could be a disaster many times worse than any of our recent wars. And yet, many in the foreign policy establishment have never stopped pushing for it. Simply forestalling disaster counts as a major victory in these degenerate times.

It is staggering how cavalierly Democrats are behaving towards President Obama’s greatest diplomatic achievement.


Aw! Isn’t that a pity!


Humphrey, this one is for you in particular, a young man who some may find a bit rough, but who I think has clear eyes (and a good heart):


Thanks for this. The language doesn’t bother me. He does make a point.


Here is one for you.

It is a real eye opener.

It is hard to believe that a DNC representative if finally speaking the truth. WOW!




i thought it was put on by some people who aren’t really DNC?


He has probably been fired by now or forced to deny that he meant what he said.


did anyone in Washington ask you if you wanted a new cold war?

I’ll likely repost tomorrow with some text b/c it’s so dam important. i am so mad right now.


I couldn’t wait. So here it is.

If you were to ask the average American what they wanted from their government, what percentage of the population do you reckon would list “heightened tensions between the planet’s two great nuclear powers” in their top ten?
Do you reckon it’d be anywhere remotely close to 100 percent of Americans who would wish for such a thing? I ask because almost every single Capitol Hill lawmaker opted for exactly that last week.
After the House voted 419 to 3 and the Senate 98 to 2 for codified sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea (how cool and retro is it that we’ve got a new Axis of Evil, by the way? Russia replacing Iraq feels kind of like Shemp replacing Curly, but beggars can’t be choosers), Vladimir Putin ordered hundreds of US diplomats expelled from the nation. It’s unclear if the Kremlin will be taking additional action.
Ninety-eight to two in the Senate. The vote was 51–49 on whether to keep Obamacare. A knock-down, drag-out, skin-of-the-teeth barn burner of a fight over whether to keep the ACA or replace it with something that will kill even more Americans than Obamacare does, but escalating tensions with the only nation that has a reasonable shot at annihilating the United States in a matter of minutes gets passed with near unanimity. Even Bernie Sanders said he only voted against it because of the Iran provisions, not because a new cold war with Russia threatens the life of every terrestrial organism. Had Iran been excluded the vote would have been 99–1, the lone dissenter being the Republican Rand Paul.

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