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My son still believes he will be President. I smile, sad that I know the likelihood of this is infinitesimally small, unwilling to yield the last grain of hope.

Don midwest

Great TYT statement about Bernie’s speech

The future of the “news” is TYT


Love TYT. They are my go-to for analysis about this election cycle. Cenk was right that we are going to see massive pressure put on Bernie to concede. He is not going to do that and we need to put even more pressure on the establishment. We are not going away. We are not going to be silenced. We are here to make change happen.

The struggle continues!


It’s hard not to feel discouraged this morning. But I always knew it would be hard if not impossible. I can’t express how pleased I am that Bernie did as well as he did, especially when you consider that he had absolutely no help from the media. None. This was totally people-powered. That is very heartening indeed.

This is the not the end of anything. It’s merely the end of the beginning of the revolution that will take place. Bernie will continue to keep working and so will we.

Thank you, Bernie!


While I made my first contribution to Sanders the day he announced (my first monetary political contribution ever, actually), I am still absolutely astounded at how well he did. Frankly I am convinced that if we had a free and fair vote in this country, he would have won. Sanders is what the people want, Democratic primary results notwithstanding.

Pushing Clinton on us was a huge mistake by the Democratic party. I look around me, talk to people, see the support, and not ONE SINGLE PERSON here in central Florida has ever expressed, through words, yard signs, or bumper stickers, support for Clinton. Trump is going to win this county that went twice for Obama – I’d put money on it. I have my doubts Clinton can win in the general – against Trump, even? How sad is that? ANYONE should have been able to beat Trump, in a landslide! Could there have been a worse candidate the party could have run?


I couldn’t agree with you more. I was taken aback yesterday when a good friend in NJ said he voted for Trump and so did his whole family. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so shocked.

Clinton is a very flawed candidate. If anyone can lose to Trump, it’s certainly her. I just don’t think the swing states will go her way. Take FL, for example, if Trump wins FL he’s won the general.

Still, the general is a loooooong way off. So much is bound to happen before then. Let’s keep our eyes open.


The sad thing is that I see FAR more Sanders signs and bumper stickers now than I did before our primary. The media blackout was absolutely effective here. No one even knew who Sanders was or what he stood for when the primary was held. Now everyone is talking about him. I doubt he could have won a religious state like Florida, but it is certain he would have done far better than he did if the primary was held today.


Very interesting what you are reporting on the ground. I wonder how this will translate going forward. Will folks jump on the Peace Train? Will it fizzle out? Call me crazy (many do!) but I think this movement will keep going. The disparity in America between the haves and the have nots is just too big. And the disgust with the establishment is not going away. We need to capitalize on it so positive change can happen for all of us.


I live in North Central Florida. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Trump carry every county (except for maybe Alachua County) North of the I-75 and Turnpike split.


I think you’re right. The Republican party is in disarray, which means, I think, that the real debate over the next four years may be within the Democratic Party. When Clinton inevitably flips back to support TPP, Keystone, etc. Bernie will be there to expose it and galvanize support against it. Unlike other Presidential candidates who have faded away after a primary, Bernie remains a sitting senator, and now he has essentially the entire Democratic Party under 45 years old, plus the majority of independents, listening to him.


Thanks LD.

Cora Regina

Never let it be said that Bernie did not fight an amazing fight. It’s only a shame that we will never know where this could have gone had it not been for the AP’s disastrous and calculated “clinch call” on Monday night (I will never buy that HRC and her campaign did not know about it ahead of time), not to mention the rampant cheating and deck-stacking that HRC had to do to carry her this far. God knows she never would have made it on policy substance.

I am a woman, and my heart bleeds to see her move toward the nomination. I know that if HRC enters the Oval Office, thousands of innocents are going to die by her hand, many of them women and children. I know that she’ll appoint the least liberal people to SCOTUS that she possibly can. I know that we will have nothing to look forward to but an ever-increasing torrent of wealth flowing upward, years of war, no universal healthcare, continued crippling debt for students, and a probable Republican presidency when she’s done scavenging our nation’s carcass.

That all assumes that she can beat Trump. I will believe an indictment when I see it, but in the meantime she has absolutely no care for or interest in courting Bernie’s voters, many of whom are Independent. She will need them desperately if she is to have any hope of winning come November; instead she chooses to try to sway Republicans. Her contempt for us is palpable, us voters who truly internalize Bernie’s “we, not me” message. Hillary knows no other way than other than “self first, others last (and then only if it’s convenient and I get something out of it).”

But the movement is not over. We now know the corrupt, festering corpse of the Democratic Party for exactly what it is. We cannot be made to no longer see what is truly going on. We must continue to give our support to Bernie, whatever his path, while we support those who can at least replace the dedicated EDs in Congress. We can do our best to be the anchor that will prevent Hillary from going as far right as she wants to.

Thank you, to Bernie and to everyone who supported him. It is a sad day, the first of many. It will get worse, probably much worse, before it gets better. But we cannot surrender to them. Bernie will take this to the convention, if there is any justice in the world (HA!) then someone will investigate California and the rampant vote suppression including purging of pages and pages of the voter rolls (nothing will be done about the AP’s actions, or other media outlets who told people not to bother voting), and we will continue onward. The movement may have begun with Bernie, but it has never ended with him.

That is the kind of stance and attitude that Hillary is incapable of understanding. Let us hope that Bernie’s resonance with young voters, resonance that inspires action, is signaling the end of a devastating era of Boomer politics. I have to believe that it does, or else I could not go on.


I was nodding in agreement until I got to your last paragraph. I am so tired of being blamed for all that is wrong with the world just because I was born in a certain year. Every generation has a time of holding the reins. We’ve had some shitty boomer politicians, like GWB, Bubba, and now $hillary. But, remember, Bernie is a boomer, too.

It’s not so much “boomer” politics as it is entitled politics. The vast majority of boomers are not rich, and aren’t any happier with the status quo than the young people. A lot of us are old radicals who never really lost the dream, but became crushed under the burdens of trying to survive in an increasingly unequal world. And now we face uncertainty about Social Security, and have little opportunity – unless you think working at Walmart is an opportunity. Read about “work campers” or “workampers”.

This morning I felt like not even dragging my aching bones out of bed. I am depressed, angry, and hopeless. Maybe I will feel better later – I hope so. But don’t assume your pain isn’t shared by people of all ages, including boomers. (LOL, when we were young, we had a saying “Never trust anyone over 30.” I guess it is the same with every new generation. It is so easy to blame the generations before.)


I know someone who is a “workamper” — but didn’t know there was a term for it. She’s in this area, working at a state park, until September, when she goes to her next job / place.

Cora Regina

My parents are Boomers. My mother is a Quaker, and Quakers are among the truest progressives that I know. My father is a scientist who is adamant and vocal about the need for women in STEM, who was displeased even in early Dem debates about how far right many candidates seemed. I’m fully aware that plenty of Boomers do, in fact, feel terrible about this.

But the undeniable fact is that a huge number of Hillary’s voters are also in that age group and have been enthusiastically supportive of her. For people my age, who are getting handed a country that’s been utterly devastated and then having the people responsible say it’s OUR job to clean up THEIR mess, it’s infuriating. The fact that there are so many people in their 20s and early 30s who found their political flowering during the past few months is testament to the fact that we’re sick of it. And there is one age demographic in particular that we get it the most from.

Young people are facing uncertainty about social security, too. We stand the very real chance of having it destroyed while we’re still young and knowing that we will never, ever be able to retire, especially not with the fight against a living wage that impedes saving for later. It upsets us in a very real and immediate way, just as it does for you, as we pay into it while knowing we may never benefit from it. We worry about loved ones who need it no longer having it. My generation is being openly denied the American Dream, and doesn’t have the luxury of illusion about it. I was in university during the Great Recession, and when I left the world didn’t need art historians anymore. Things went to shit right around the time we were in school and it became apparent that things would be very, very different for us than they were for our parents. Many of us will never get into the careers we studied (and accumulated debt) for, though not for lack of trying, and we do not have the money to go back to school and study something else.

We are bitter, and cynical, and angry, and we have every right to be.

Of course we’re not saying every Boomer is a horrible person. We don’t blame the ones who don’t deserve blame. As you said, Bernie is a Boomer and by god we do not blame him, we hold him up as an example of the kind of person we want to be. There are many examples of Boomers that we do not hold responsible for this. But if a group at large is disproportionately at fault for handing us a shit sandwich, we’re not gonna act like isn’t. We’re not going to say “thank you” and take a big, steaming bite. We are rather tired of shit sandwiches.

I do understand where you’re coming from on the matter. I hope that you can also understand where I am coming from, as a young person with decades of uncertain, or perhaps all too certain now, times ahead. I certainly am not blaming you for any of what’s happened. I am happy to compromise with “establishment Boomer” politics. My experiences go back years from this primary cycle and have been shaped by the behavior and rhetoric of that establishment group in particular. It’s not something that I can simply ignore, but I can certainly acknowledge that there are many who do not participate in it and I don’t want them to feel like I hold them personally at fault.

This is not an easy time for any of us, nor an easy feeling to put into words.

(I’m really not doing well with trying to express myself or picking my words today, it’s been an ongoing thing. Probably I should have five cups of coffee and come back tomorrow when I’ve had a day in the garden to clear my head.)


Everything you said, phatkhat! I agreed until the boomer comment as well. I’m 65 and have never given up. You are so right that it is the “entitled politics.” I have had to stand up for the boomers, being one, with the millennials more often than not. It’s a bad rap on boomers who have been working their hearts out trying to turn things around. Your last paragraph about how you feel resonates with me both physically and mentally and yet, I won’t let my spirit be broken by this election. I can’t, I have my millennial daughter’s future, and yours and ours, to think about.


Great BNR! The AP call really delegtimized the race and the delegate math; it clears the way to campaign in D.C. and the convention, at the very least as a pretext to advance the progressive movement through the summer. I imagine Bernie’s Act II will be to stump for progressive candidates through the summer and fall.


I was looking at the county-by-county map of California, and it is astounding how few people voted in some counties. And overall, only 10% of Californians voted in the Democratic primary – although on the bright side, that is twice as many as voted in the Republican primary.

Half again as many people voted in the 2008 Democratic primary. Fairly convincing evidence that the MSM “Clinton already won” vote suppression effort was successful.

Sybil Liberty

A pandemic of tone-deafness &/or how Rachel evolved into a lamestream puppet head.

Obtuse MSM: “omgdz sanders is laying off campaign staff!!!”
Obtuse MSM: “what could this mean? has the sanders campaign run out of money?”

noshitsherlock, wasn’t your goal all along to make short shrift of the sanders campaign? well, you failed, all you self-styled “journalists”, you slaves to your corporate masters.

yesterday, rachel had her feelings hurt – looked to boss-todd for validation – todd haz a sad, shakes his head – too many scathing emails to msnbc – one of them was mine

Where’s the well-thought out op ed on how Sanders ran a *revolutionary campaign* financed by ordinary Americans who know what they want? to the ethers….

…and oh yes, we’re still out here. with our list. – 1968 revisited in philly?
watch and listen…


Ah, Rachel. I’m afraid I had to let her go this election cycle. In fact, one of the boons of this primary season has been the ongoing reveals from folks I thought were progressives but who turned out to be establishment shills. Rachel is at the top of that list. I stopped watching months ago and haven’t missed her. There are plenty of real journalists out there (Amy Goodman comes to mind). I’d rather give them my support. Remember: loss of revenue is the only thing these folks will understand.

Sybil Liberty

Of course, but during an election cycle (*this* election cycle) it behooves me…that is to say, I feel an obligation to prepare myself with whatever “wisdoms” are being spoon fed to cable “news” audiences. (Rachel, being one of the most influential.) Because I know it’s going to be recited *as gospel*, straight into my face.

Rachel always appears on the rec list at the Big Orange Karaoke Palace. Same with Krugman, sometimes I read him too, but mostly during *this* election cycle.

Isn’t it funny how so many “democrats” are suspicious of sanders, but eager and willing to swallow anything that Hillary, Rachel or Krugman has to say. Anything at all.


Totally agree. It was very revealing. TPM, Rachel, Daily Kos, just to name a few. Not just Kos but every front pager with only a couple exceptions.

This is important. It’s part of the political revolution. We see our friends and adversaries.
The cause continues regardless of Bernie’s inability to win the nomination. Frankly, and Bernie has said this, the cause continues regardless of Bernie.It is much bigger than Bernie. .


Great rant, Syb!
I will NEVER, ever listen to any of them again.
Of course, I saw where Rachel was going a little more than a year after she took her nightly hour show. She began to exhibit the personality of an exhibitionist with her reporting, pedantic rants and screeds that were tedious to hear, and then kissing up to Andrea Mitchell and Brian Williams and then even Chris Matthews! I never liked her radio stint – again tedious. I guess I was fooled by her early on when she went after David Gregory with gusto, and even argued with Chris Matthews at times. I got the feeling they told her to fall in line or else. Or maybe she just wan’t who we all wished her to be.


I haven’t been this heartsick since GWB took office. My gut tells me $hillary is gonna be even worse. I wonder if all her cheerleaders will still be backing her when she starts pushing TPP and all the other horrors she’s so good at unleashing. Here’s hoping Bernie & crew can get some restraints on her & the DNC before November.

Gonna go cry some more….


I don’t have any tears left. Or even rage. I’m just… empty.

Someone – a Hillary supporter – posted a very nice post on a thread at DK in the wee hours. She begged the author of the diary, which was inflammatory, to take it down. She made a case for the Sanders people. She got slammed.

I have come to the conclusion that her people hate us for existing. Hate Bernie for existing. How DARE he postpone the coronation? How DARE he raise issues that resonate? He was accused of sexism and misogyny for running hard against her. I just can’t wrap my head around it.


I heard about a former site (I was banned for calling out abusive behavior from the writer of an article!) just this morning. Apparently, one of the site members wrote a long post asking HRC supporters to stop gloating and taunting the Sanders folks. Cynical person that I can be, I thought, “They just want us back so they can have our votes.” However, I was told that the posters there just ignored her and kept right on bashing Bernie supporters. That tells you something, doesn’t it?


I really believe they hate us because deep in their darkest corner of their hearts they know what Bernie is saying is right and true. They know that they have sold out and can’t allow themselves to admit it. It would be too damaging to their sense of the “good-self” that they have invented. So any reminder otherwise by people like us is seen as an attack on their very core being.

I read one comment in a diary written by a supposed Sanders supporter that switched over too Clinton…where a HRC supporter greeted them with “Welcome to the dark side.” It gave me goose-bumps and turned my eyes away, because it was so true.

Ethical Individualist
Ethical Individualist

The first woman president will be Nina Turner in 2020. If the Clintons win the Oligarchy will rule for another 25 year cycle. If Hillary loses we can win the presidency in 2020 if we hang together and put up another dynamic candidate. Nina Turner is dynamic, a true Berner, from Ohio, black, and a woman. How could she lose in a Dem primary? The battleground states in the Dem primary is the midwest. We need more women and the AA vote to expand the movement. Nina can do this.


From your lips to God’s ear! I’d never heard of Turner until she started speaking for Bernie way back. I was hooked. I thought she would have been a perfect VP. And you are absolutely right: she is a true Berner. I would support her in a heartbeat.


I learned about Nina Turner from her appearances on The Ed Show, before MSNBC went formally over to the dark side. She is a real force of nature. I was thrilled when she threw her support to Bernie. Hoping to see much more of her in the future. She will certainly have my support.


I first heard of her when I read about the amendment she attached to an anti-abortion bill in Ohio — requiring men to bring a permission slip from their wives to their doctors if they wanted to get Viagra.

Everything I’ve seen her say and do since then — not the least being her “Fight on!” speech in San Francisco — ensures that I’ll vote for her for anything she wants to run for.

Cora Regina

Likewise. It’s a global awareness, too. I was speaking with a friend from Norway this morning and they had all been enthusiastically in support of Bernie. The idea of HRC as president terrifies them (perhaps not quite as much as the Great Trumpkin but very very close), and unlike many Americans, they are not at all blind to her antics.

“It’s like Bush all over again” came up in the conversation, and it wasn’t me who said it. Everyone else can see it plain as day.


OK. I’m confused. The Guardian shows this number of delegates awarded:

Total pledged

That is not 2383. So someone is still counting pledged delegates?????

Asked at the other BNR, too.


Don’t understand your question. That’s the number of pledged delegates at the moment. So neither Clinton nor Sanders reached the 2383 needed to get the nomination through pledged delegates. The supers will decide the nomination when they vote on July 25. Right?


OK. Great! I thought that she had the number of pledged delegates to win the nomination–isn’t that what Obama said, too?


They are just trying to bamboozle the uninformed masses. Don’t fall for it. She didn’t get to the magic number though she does have more pledged delegates than Bernie.

The problem will be that everyone will now say that she had more support and should get the nomination. I understand that. But I just don’t believe it. I do think there has been election fraud on the Dem side and, as a result, the outcome of the pledged delegates does not accurately reflect Bernie’s actual national support among the electorate.

However, this is a hard argument for others to accept. I get that too. Sigh. So we will just keep working and fighting for the policies we want as we head to Philadelphia on July 25. A lot can happen in the coming weeks. This has been an unprecedented primary season and, no doubt, more surprises are in store for all of us.


That’s what I thought too. Then looked it up and for the pledged Hillary 2203 Bernie 1828 needed 2383 . Totals 4031 of the 4051 which leaves 20 left for total available. I assume is the DC primary. numbers from real clear politics . so she did not make it with the pledged


They have been counting the super delegates in the totals since day one perhaps even before that. It was part of the “Inevitable CORONATION”


yes, but i thought that last night was supposedly different, that she had actually reached 2383. I thought Obama even chimed in on it.


Simplify simplified things :O). Even if Sanders won all the remaining pledged delegates, he couldn’t overtake Clinton’s pledged delegate count.


Alas, the uninformed masses have fallen for it. We need to continue speaking out and speaking truth. Let’s get going! 😉


Love the site LD. Good to be here


My TV was muted last night and wasn’t paying close attention to the talking heads to see if they mentioned the California exit polls. I came across this site that has them for those who might be interested.



I thought it was announced a week or so ago that the major networks were not going to pay for exit polling in CA or NJ. Something like that. Interesting…..


and the mail ins are still coming in.

Linda Thieman

Great roundup, LD. Really appreciate it.


I hope he stays in till the convention because she may be indicted and the powers to be will try to put Biden in.

Square Knot

A couple thoughts –

First – not to be repetitive, but I really hope Sanders channels his energy and campaigning into downballot races, while he waits for the convention (and the FBI investigation). That way he doesn’t have to suspend his campaign, he can keep his message & momentum going, he can really boost folks downticket, and he is overall helping out the Democratic party – hopefully dodging some of the growing attacks about enabling Trump, etc. This seems like it would be a net positive for all sides, even HRC – who will undoubtedly need all the support she can get in Congress. I don’t know what “politics” are involved, but surely he could campaign for downballot candidates who had endorsed HRC, as long as those candidates are sufficiently progressive? That would be a good answer to calls for “party unity.”

Second – great message, inspiring leader, dedicated volunteers & workers, massive donations, but terribly flawed campaign management almost across the board. It’s not sexy, but we desperately need to groom a strong crop of campaign managers and organizers to work at all levels. Would love to see a course on this at Netroots Nation. Chris Reeves’ Nuts and Bolts series was good, though more geared to candidates than managers. Social media, coders, and iPhone apps are all great (as are passion, good causes, rallies, etc), but can’t substitute for core campaign management skills. The “no-drama Obama” campaigns in 2008 and 2012 were airtight. Can we glean from their managers’ knowledge?

Megan Crane

Radiohead helps gets me through times like this.

Flies are buzzing around my head
Vultures circling the dead
Picking up every last crumb
The big fish eat the little ones
The big fish eat the little ones
Not my problem give me some

You can try the best you can
If you try the best you can
The best you can is good enough

This one’s optimistic
This one went to market
This one just came out of the swamp
This one dropped a payload
Fodder for the animals
Living on an animal farm

If you try the best you can
If you try the best you can
The best you can is good enough

I’d really like to help you man
I’d really like to help you man…..
Nervous messed up marionette
Floating around on a prison ship

If you try the best you can
If you try the best you can
The best you can is good enough
If you try the best you can
If you try the best you can
Dinosaurs roaming the earth


The Bloomberg piece is beautiful. Wish there’d been more of that leading up to now.

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