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Thanks for the post polarbear4.


The title on the Caitlin article is short but it gets across her message. LOL


Who sez that money doesn’t Talk?


Is he really the lesser of 2 evils?


I like Jimmy Dore and I am one of many.

I might say that this surprised me.


I think that Reince Priebus is a dolt!

Here is one of the reasons why.


LOL! Nikki Haley is stealing Hillary’s famous line.


In an interview Sunday with Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Haley said Trump’s meeting Friday with Russian President Vladimir Putin was an important step because “things start to move” once Trump meets with another leader.

“What he did was bring up right away the election meddling, and he did that for a reason,” Haley said, referring to Russia’s interference in the 2016 campaign. “One, he wanted … to basically look him in the eye, let him know that: ‘Yes, we know you meddled in our elections. Yes, we know you did it, and cut it out.’

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