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Thanks for the update!


“Demos and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Ohio filed a lawsuiton Wednesday against Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, alleging that the massive purge of Ohio’s voter rolls is illegal and violates the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), know as the “motor voter law.” Under that law, states can only remove voters from the rolls if they request the removal, die, or move out of state, and the list maintenance program must be nondiscriminatory.”

But in NY it was kosher?

At least it’s getting more attention this time around. Perhaps at some point, it will tip and enough people will demand transparency and accountability in the process.

Don midwest

Going to Sat. Salon with Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman and Cliff Arnebeck

They usually are around but might be on the road

The Salon held at Bob’s house

Bob & Cliff have suites filed (Bob for sure, Cliff has been working on it for some time)

Hope to find out more and will report after the event

Thanks for keeping up with this

Glenn Greenwald wrote an article about Bernie’s statement on fraud in the impeachment in Brazil. Glenn guesses why he spoke out now — because primary over, can speak out on issues like this.

Could it be that election fraud in the US is on his mind but he is bringing up Brazil as an indirect way to comment on the stolen primary election which he lost?


Would love to hear what you learn !


Thanks for putting all this info together. I watched the Jordon Charlton interview with lulu Fries’dat and was impressed with it. Getting back to a clear verifiable voting system is critical. I am shocked that this disaster has been continuing since 2000.

Don midwest

Went to Sat Salon with Bob Fitrakis

Did not learn much

Bob says that the election was stolen

Here is a mention of Bob on the TrustVote.org web site (this is up now, may change)

In this update here, we will talk about the Ohio Election Integrity lawsuit. During the primary, it appears to be the case that Edison Research edited exit poll results, taking votes from Bernie Sanders and giving them to Hilary Clinton, so that the election results would match the electronic vote totals. Currently Bob Fitrakis has sued Edison Media Research to release unadjusted exit polls for 12 states in the primary. Edison Media Research has told Bob Fitrakis now to communicate with their lawyers. This response is basically a carefully worded refusal. Their law firm is BakerHostetler, a global law firm that reported earnings of over 600 million dollars in 2015. It will be very difficult for Bob Fitrakis to get the unadjusted exit poll results from Edison Media Research for the primary. The Media consortium and the DNC clearly favored Hillary Clinton getting the DNC nomination throughout the time that Bernie was campaigning. When looking at the nature of the law firm used by Edison Media Research, we can see clearly how much power lies in our country in the hands of extremely large corporations and the legal firms associated with them.
Of course, when Bernie was running the Washington Post called people wondering about the hacking of the primary results ” conspiracy theorists”. This term, originated by Karl Rove in 2004 has been used to discredit people who have been concerned about hacking all the time. The issue is that the mainstream media is being biased in its reporting in that it did not support people concerned about the hacking of the primary, but would very much be concerned about the hacking of the November election where Hillary is concerned.

Bob has another suit.

I told Bob that I will send him this article from CA Democrat and ask if additions are needed.

Something that I did learn is that Cliff Arnebeck has not yet filed his lawsuit. He has been seen on video saying that fix is in and that Bernie won the primary. Until, of if he ever files his lawsuit, we can not tell if he can pull it off. It looks like he overpromised and not able to deliver in a timely fashion.

But in the above paragraph, Bob with very limited funds is going against a global law firm that booked $600 million in 2015 which shows that the election gods don’t want their system challenged.

The people in CA are really angry about this election. They saw the fraud in real time, including the AP announcement before voting that Hillary had won,

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