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I bet “dog” is not the word Trump would like to use


President Trump on Tuesday referred to Omarosa Manigault Newman as “that dog” as the former senior White House adviser continued a publicity tour to promote her new book depicting Trump as a racist.

In a morning tweet, Trump praised his chief of staff, John F. Kelly, for firing Manigault Newman last year. The former reality television star was the highest-ranking black employee in the White House.

“When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out,” Trump said. “Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!”

Trump’s tweet came shortly after Manigault Newman appeared on “CBS This Morning” and released a new recording purportedly of a discussion in October 2016 among campaign aides about how to handle a tape on which Trump is said to have used the n-word.


Trump’s ‘strategy of trotting out black people to support him’ is backfiring, according to new poll

Just as in a “Where’s Waldo?” puzzle, a solitary, hard-to-identify black person typically appears somewhere in the bokeh of faces behind Donald Trump when he speaks to cheering crowds.

Of course, the black stand-ins are pure Trump-style showmanship, a human product placement scheme meant to suggest against evidence and reason that this president is popular among black Americans. Don’t believe the hype.

In fact, based on the findings in a recent National Association for the Advancement of Colored People poll of prospective 2018 midterm voters in 61 of the most competitive congressional races, Trump is so despised by African American voters — as well as, all other voters of color — that it threatens a Blue Wave that could wash away Republican control in the U.S. House of Representatives. The NAACP poll found a 13-point advantage (51 percent to 38 percent with 11 percent undecided) for Democratic candidates over the Republican candidate in the targeted House races among all voters.

One of the most intriguing inquiries made by the poll assessed the effectiveness of Trump’s efforts to leverage the celebrity of a few carefully selected black luminaries in an effort to drive up Trump’s support among black voters. Clearly, it’s not been successful, as the NAACP poll findings found:

Trump’s strategy of trotting out black people to support him is not working, if it is intended to inspire African American support for him or his policies. Black celebrities like Kanye West or Dennis Rodman who support Trump do not help Trump’s support among African American voters. To the contrary, more than three times as many black voters say that black celebrities speaking on Trump’s behalf makes them less interested in listening to or supporting Trump’s ideas than black voters who say it would make them more open to listening to or supporting Trump’s ideas. A majority of black voters say these celebrities have no impact.



Any self-respecting AA with a crumb of intelligence would not be working for the Orange Dimwitted Blob!



Being trans is all well and good as long as she’s a true liberal Progressive, too!! Today is Primary Day–anyone going to do a diary on it? Excellent discussion in TLitC’s diary yesterday. T and R to the usual TPW suspects!! 🙂


I’ll check back tonite to see what wi60 has to say.



But the “law and order” the president seeks to “restore,” does not seem apply to violations committed by the corporate class, and the threats that America must be made “safe” from, apparently, do not include pollution, rip-offs and recklessness that are unleashed by deregulated corporate greed. Enforcement against corporate criminals and regulatory violations, a new Public Citizen report finds, has dramatically plummeted since Trump took office.

Public Citizen found that in 11 out of 12 agencies led by a Trump administration official for most of 2017, the dollar amount of penalties imposed on corporate violators dropped, in most cases by more than 50 percent.

At the DOJ, corporate penalties dropped 90 percent; at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), penalty amounts against all violators dropped by 94 percent.

Even those who did not expect robust corporate enforcement from President Donald Trump are shocked. When legendary academic and political dissident Noam Chomsky mentioned the report on Democracy Now!, he said the rollback in corporate enforcement the report revealed was so drastic, it was “almost comical.”


The Orange Blob Cabal is the result of a good 50+years of scheming and corrupting by a very nasty human mindset. This mindset is a sick, deranged one consumed by out-of-control greed. Extremely blind and short sighted, it eventually destroys everything it touches. World history is a long running recording of this blight. Mother Nature is fighting back via climate change. My money’s on Lady Gaia.


I’m still looking for more substance from the Dem nominee of KS-03. I guess she’s continuing to use identity politics as her main well for the campaign. From the WaPo this morning:

Sharice Davids, who sees past discrimination as her asset, could become the first gay Native American in Congress

session with the Star, Davids declined to join calls for the elimination of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and wasn’t specific about whether she would support Pelosi for speaker if the Democrats win control of the House. She did praise the 78-year-old Democratic leader for “tremendous leadership.” She also distanced herself from the “Medicare for all” proposal issued by Sanders, saying it was a “good slogan” that shouldn’t get in the way of more immediate solutions. Overall, her policy prescriptions are not terribly specific.

But she’s touted as a good listener.


She sounds like a TWayer. However, she can be pressured (if she wins) by her constituents!


Emily’s list crushes the prog again. Trying to think of a better name for them, something like a nasty Queen of old. Marie Antoinette’s List?


The mask needs to come off of Emily’s List. They were so smart to use such a nice name like ‘Emily’. Makes them sound so sweet and so not-corporate/donor class/consultant class/money machines.


I saw her on Capehart’s show last weekend (I was a captive audience and had no choice! It was very painful) and Sharice did fine, but she came across as mild somehow. No fire. And she spoke in very general terms in a kind of safe way. In fact, I can’t even remember what she talked about except for one thing-Capehart kept trying to talk about Trump, Trump, Trump, and Sharice gently told him that, actually? when she was out talking to people on the ground? they weren’t talking about Trump so much, but they WERE talking about needing healthcare.

But all Capehart wanted to talk about was Trump, Trump, Trump, so any discussion of the desperate need for actual healthcare got swamped. But, at least she tried. I would have loved to have seen her be far more forceful though.


sounds hopeful, anyway.


She was better than I feared, tbh. But I was left hoping that her inner strength is stronger than one can see from her outwardly. She’s a beautiful woman and that will give her the opportunity to appear on many news programs. But we need fighters right now, imo.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Interesting program for those in DC area or live broadcast

Sept 4, 10 – 12 EST

Featuring William Binney, Former Crypto-Mathematician, NSA; Kirk Wiebe, Former Senior Analyst, NSA; Edward Loomis, Former Computer Systems Analyst, NSA; Thomas Drake, Former Senior Executive Service Member, NSA; and Diane Roark, Former Professional Staff Member, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; moderated by Patrick Eddington, Policy Analyst in Homeland Security and Civil Liberties, Cato Institute.

Almost 17 years after al Qaeda’s attacks on America, many key questions remain unanswered. Chief among them: why did America’s National Security Agency (NSA) fail to detect and thwart the attacks? Has the NSA as an institution learned the right lessons from this national tragedy and changed accordingly? What has Congress done—or failed to do—since the attacks to improve intelligence collection while still protecting American’s constitutional rights? “The NSA and the Road to 9/11: Lessons Learned and Unlearned” brings together five former federal officials who were key players in the effort inside the NSA and on Capitol Hill to prevent the 9/11 disaster and to reform NSA’s approach to surveillance in the years after.

Being held at CATO institute which I never thought I would link.

The NSA and the Road to 9/11: Lessons Learned and Unlearned

Don midwest
Don midwest

I just read that article. It was posted on Naked Capitalism.

Pissed off at dems to start a new cold war rather than face up to their defeat by Trump

I trust Binney and VIPS in their work, but not sure how this is going to turn out.

Emptywheel continues to have excellent coverage of the Muller investigation with a very active comment section. Another excellent source that at times is too much detail to follow given the time I can spend on it.

Know for sure that Trump and oligarchs are criminals but not sure how the investigation and trials are going to turn out.

In the mean time, the coup continues….

Don midwest
Don midwest

Where even Walmart won’t go: how Dollar General took over rural America

Here in OH, Dollar General stores are all over the place and expanding rapidly in rural areas.

Walmart helped ruin small town USA and Dollar General may be the next phase. In the areas I see on way to camper in rural OH, from driving through, looks like filling in where little already exists. Was not aware of the tax breaks that they demand and sometimes get as reported in this story.


Their workers are wage serfs/slaves. I avoid shopping in both as much as I can. It’s not easy with all the uncontrolled monopolizing though. 🙁


I must admit that I buy my paper goods at our local Dollar Tree. Not only do I get a much better price for napkins and toilet paper, but I’m hoping that I’m avoiding giving any of my money to the Koch brothers.

I also get my greeting cards there. No way can I justify spending $6-$7 on greeting cards unless it is for a VERY special occasion.

But those places feed too much plastic crap into landfills.

Don midwest
Don midwest

plastic waste & food additives

these are a couple of big issues that have gotten little press but I suspect people here know about them

this article was posted on Naked Capitalism by the #3 author who joined in the last couple of years and posts their list of links a couple times a week. I think she lives in the islands, New Zealand, or someplace like this

she has been following and writing about these issues for some time

the big new thing I realized from this is the risk to small children from plastics in dishwashers and food additives. With 10,000 additives, who knows what is going wrong?

Plastics: Don’t Microwave, or Place in the Dishwasher




What a coincidence! I literally just commented on plastic crap in the comment immediately above this one.

I do think, though, that people may be starting to wake up about this. Mind you, my evidence for that is mostly my facebook feed. One of my facebook friends is on a one-woman mission against balloons and another friend is always posting pics of plastic waste floating around in the oceans.


I got this link from my facebook feed. For me facebook is for keeping in a bit better touch with family. But some of my fb ‘friends’ are environmental zealots, which I appreciate, but it is also very depressing.


Yeah, people usually avoid my stories about what we all discuss. I don’t mind. I know a few read it but don’t admit it. Every little bit.


LD: is anybody going to monitor today’s primaries? WI is one of them so I will be watching for wi60’s comments/reports. 🙂

Don midwest
Don midwest

Waste big issue heating up with Chinese actions

The philosopher and system theorist, C West Churchman, maybe in the late 70’s characterized the world’s problems with MPcubed. MPPP. Militarism. Pollution. Population and Poverty. Now we would use terms of environmentalism rather than pollution, but plastic waste and other pollution causing major problems

How China’s green wave is making recycling more expensive in Maine

Will actions like this make recycling programs no longer viable? Then what?


No kidding. We are regressing. I’m hoping the govt. subsidizes some big recycling plants so we can do our own. Eugene alone has many, many “master recyclers.” I’m sure some of them would welcome some good pay for going through the recycling like they do at events. A lot of people will never take the time to thoroughly clean their plastics.

Let’s support companies that use biodegradable packaging, as much as possible, and then pray that our government starts using our tax dollars the way WE want them to. And let’s face it, I can’t even imagine the amount of petroleum and petroleum based products the MIC goes through daily.

I’m so sad that I’ll likely leave this earth in much worse shape than I thought I would be leaving it in. I had visions of us honestly helping countries to flourish, of us caring for each other and the earth, and yet we seem to have regressed. It took Trump to lay it bare and sharpen its teeth, but it was there all along.

Here’s to Bernie Bros getting in as fast as possible and turning things around. Now, though, other countries all over the globe seem just as committed to this suicidal philosophy and they will need to also come around. Can we do it, with election systems all over so easily rigged and voters disenfranchised? I will help AND I fear….

hmmm, i digressed. 😉

Don midwest
Don midwest


I am sure that most of the readers here are aware of this problem

When will the prediction that water will be more precious than oil, when will it come true?


Where does human waste mingle with household chemicals, personal hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, and everything else that goes down the drains in American homes and businesses?

In sewers.

And what can you get when rain, pesticides, fertilizers, automotive chemicals, and trash run off the streets and down the gutters into those very same sewers? Sewage backing up into people’s basements. Sewage spilling onto streets and parks. Sewage pouring into rivers and streams.

Each year, more than 860 billion gallons of this vile brew escapes sewer systems across the country. That’s enough to flood all of Pennsylvania ankle-deep. It’s enough for every American to take one bath each week for an entire year.

After bursting out of a pipe or manhole cover, this foul slurry pollutes the nearest body of water. Downstream, some of it may be pumped out, treated, and piped into more homes and businesses. From there, it goes back into a sewer system, and the cycle resumes.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Assange has said that Google is a bigger threat than NSA

But he didn’t mention Amazon.

Now that the $53 billion of DOD purchases are going to go through amazon

and on top of this a $10 billion contract for consolidated data services

maybe amazon is a bigger threat than Google

The deal for an obscure $10 billion Pentagon contract suggests the extent to which Jeff Bezos is gobbling up the swamp—without the guy in the White House even batting an eye.


While most everybody has some contact with Google and or Amazon it is wise to keep in mind that

    they are not your friend


IF YOU GOT an Amazon Echo or Google Home voice assistant, welcome to a life of luxurious convenience. You’ll be asking for the weather, the news, and your favorite songs without having to poke around on your phone. You’ll be turning off lights and requesting videos from bed. The world is yours.

But you know what? That little talking cylinder is always listening to you. And not just listening, but recording and saving many of the things you say. Should you freak out? Not if you’re comfortable with Google and Amazon logging your normal web activity, which they’ve done for years. Hell, many other sites have also done it for years. Echo and Home simply continue the trend of saving a crumb trail of queries, except with snippets of your voice.

What About Siri?
Siri records your queries too, but she doesn’t catalog them or provide access to the running list of requests. You can’t listen to your history of Siri interactions in Apple’s app universe.

Well, How About Cortana?
Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant on Windows 10 works a bit differently, but it still mirrors some of your personal information on servers. To customize your experience, Cortana uses a combination of cloud-stored data and on-device data.


Google records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to, an investigation has found.

The Associated Press reported that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data, even if you have used a privacy setting which states it will prevent Google from doing so.

Computer science researchers at Princeton University in the US confirmed the report’s findings.

For the most part, Google is up-front about asking permission to use your location information.

An app like Google Maps will remind you to allow access to location if you use it for navigating. If you agree to let it record your location over time, Google Maps will display that history for you in a “timeline” that maps out your daily movements.

Storing your minute-by-minute travels carries privacy risks and has been used by police to determine the location of suspects. However, the company will let you “pause” a setting called Location History.

Google said this will prevent the company from remembering where you have been. This is not true, the AP report found. Even with Location History paused, some Google apps automatically store time-stamped location data without asking.

Big brother is everywhere. Get used to it!



And they’re using the acronym JEDI. grrrrrrrr. Interesting article, exposing how the corpse writes not only legislation, but allegedly influences what’s in the proposal that is put up for bid, so that they are the ones that can meet the bid.

today, it’s all feeling waaay too big and powerful to take on, but I have to have faith that we can do it if enough of us join forces.

i’m out of here most of the day, hoping to hop in when i can.

as orlbucfan and others, say, T&R to the usual suspects!


JEDI? I read about it, too. Good thing I prefer “Star Trek.” Thanks for the compliment, pb4. 🙂 I will be checking in on the primaries before crashing. LOL.


Amazon, Google and FBook are owned/run by the same mentally challenged nonsense that threatens the rest of us with climate change. Bezos the Bozo looks ridiculous with his shaved head. Zuckerberg is a c student who hit the tech jackpot with easy getting your-15-minutes-of-fame. FBook is nosy, too. Google is the same deal regardless of the ownership. I do my best to cyber avoid them. It’s not easy cos they are major monopolies. 🙁


After James Thompson trolling Ron Estes on twitter, it appears there will be a debate between the two for KS-04.


Where unbridled profit-making, corruption and destruction of our environment all overlap:

How tax havens threaten Earth’s environment

Industries involved in deforestation and illegal fishing operations have strong ties to territories considered as tax havens.

Tax havens may facilitate deforestation and illegal fishing, according to an analysis published on 13 August in Nature Ecology and Evolution1.

Researchers scoured publicly available databases to find out where ships caught fishing illegally were registered. Of the 209 ships involved in illicit fishing, 70% were flagged under the jurisdiction of tax havens — territories that impose very low taxes and provide secrecy around financial activities. By contrast, only 4.4% of the world’s total fishing vessels were registered in these territories (see ‘Fishing for trouble’).

Most vessels involved in illegal fishing were registered in Belize and Panama, two countries dubbed ‘flags of convenience’ states. These states impose few repercussions on ship owners who break international law, in addition to providing the financial benefits of a tax haven.

The team also looked at how tax havens were used by beef and soya producers operating in Brazil’s Amazon basin — two sectors that are driving deforestation of the region. They found that, between October 2000 and August 2011, 68% of foreign-cash transfers into the nine large companies they examined came via tax havens, totalling US$18.4 billion (see ‘Deforestation driver’).


Silly picture to break things up 😉


Along the same line. I never considered a Rhino to be cute. You can decide.


I think rhinos are adorable!! I’m not sure if it’s their eyes or maybe their ears, or both.


I wonder if he has some sort of Russian connection? /S


Your never too young (or too old) to be involved.


That sure was quick.


The defense in Paul Manafort’s tax and bank fraud trial has rested its case without calling any witnesses.

The decision on Tuesday comes in the third week of the criminal trial against the former Trump campaign chairman. Manafort faces a total of 18 counts — five of tax fraud, four of failing to report foreign bank and financial accounts and nine counts of bank fraud and bank fraud conspiracy.

He could face up to 10 years in prison for tax fraud alone based on the level of the offense and his criminal history, federal prosecutors said in a February court filing.

Manafort spoke for the first time in court after his lead attorney, Kevin Downing, told Judge T.S. Ellis III the defense was resting without presenting any evidence.

“I do have a question for the defendant,” Ellis said. “Does he wish to testify?”

“He does not,” Downing replied.


The defense rested without calling any witnesses? Strange.


Not really. Orange Blob has IOUs all over the world to some bad criminal cabals/groups. Money laundering. The witnesses are out there but they want to live a normal lifespan. I don’t blame them for being invisible.



For a minute I thought LSM was at it again. LOL

Roger Stone Posts, Deletes Photo of Himself and Trump Covered in Swastikas

Roger Stone, longtime ally of President Donald Trump, posted a photoshopped picture on Instagram Tuesday showing himself, the president, and other Trumpworld defenders in spacesuits. But the picture shows the mock Space Force team wearing shocking insignias.

Stone has deleted the picture, but screengrabs live forever:

comment image


This should come as no surprise. The pushback on superdelegate reductions begins.

The establishment Dems are going to put up a fight to maintain their control of the party.


Intensifying a dispute over superdelegates ahead of a Democratic National Committee meeting next week, Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond on Monday urged committee members to oppose a plan to weaken superdelegates’ influence in the presidential nominating process.

In a letter to DNC Chairman Tom Perez, Richmond (D-La.) said the proposal would “disenfranchise elected officials” who serve as superdelegates.

“There should be enough room in the process to include the perspective of local party activists and officials, and Members of Congress,” Richmond wrote. “One group should not be harmed at the expense of the other.”

He added, “to add insult to injury, it appears that this is a solution in search of a problem. Unelected delegates have never gone against the will of primary voters in picking Democratic presidential nominees.

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