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🙂 Thanks LD and Benny 🙂 for the help streaming the Gillum rallies yesterday. The Bernster delivered. He needs to take rest breaks. His voice sounded a little better in Orlando, but it still was hoarse. Both venues were full. 🙂 We’ll know the results in 10 days. The minorities were out in full force in terms of the opening speakers. Many appeciative and grateful thanks again, fellow TPWers! 🙂
T and R to the usual TPW suspects!!


An excellent example of Presidential afterlife. Too bad it hasn’t been duplicated.


It is fitting that he was a Bernie supporter.


Habitat for Humanity was the beneficiary not a bloated bank account.


And still going strong today, one of President Carters best post presidency achievements.


This to me is not what I would call a surprise.


Neither is this. The target practice goes on unabated.


DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:30 A.M)- Israeli regime forces killed 2 Palestinian protestors yesterday in Gaza, injuring a further 270.

Palestinian demonstrators once again gathered to protest, this Friday, resulting in the murder of two unarmed men. The two demonstrators executed, were identified as Saadi Akram Muammar (26 yrs old) and Kareem Abu Fatair (30 yrs old). The Gaza Health Ministry stated that upwards of 270 demonstrators were injured.

As of March 30th, this year, more than 170 unarmed demonstrators have been killed, as well as 18,300+ injured by Israeli forces. Of the 170 demonstrators killed in Gaza, approximately 25 of them were children.


I wonder what Pompeo and Bolton will have to say about this?

They likely are sad but the momentum might be unstoppable.


Yet the Trump administration wants to cut back on safeguards!

The Environmental Working Group just released an article showing the potentially cancer causing glyphosate found in Round Up is all over the oats in your favorite cereal and health bars


I woder if the exec’s of Kellogg,GM and other cereal exec’s eat or feed thier products to thier own kids especially round up?


Here is another of Trump’s brilliant ideas.


They are out of control!


This is good but what about the nation’s water supply?


A handful of senators sent a letter to Army on Friday asking about reports of lead poisoning on U.S. military bases and urging officials to outline steps they are taking to protect any affected families and children.

“The health and safety of our servicemembers and their families are of the utmost importance,” Sens. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), David Perdue (R-Ga.), Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) wrote in the letter to Army Secretary Mark Esper obtained by Reuters.

“We ask that you provide our offices with a detailed briefing as soon as possible outlining the immediate and long-term mitigation strategy to keep military families safe, provide medical treatment for those potentially or previously affected, make long-lasting repairs and finally, provide legislative proposals or guidance on legislation needed to hold contractors accountable.”

Flint and many other communities also require similar considerations.


No kidding. WTH.


The Tony Evers-Scott Walker race jumps right to the ‘scorched earth’ phase

As expected Walker henchmen AKA The club for (The 1%’S) Growth and Americans for (the 1%’s) Prosperity kicked off their ad’s attacking Evers bringing up A unpopular decision he had to follow the law on as school superintendent.

The topic, apparently a cornerstone of GOP strategy, concerns Evers’ actions after a Middleton-Cross Plains teacher viewed pornography on a workplace computer during the school day. The GOP has been fulminating about this for a year. They say Evers should have revoked the teacher’s license, but Evers said state law — since changed — would not allow him to do that because students were not exposed to the material. “Evers … had the discretion to initiate license revocation proceedings. But state law at the time required the endangerment of kids in order to revoke a teacher’s license and, like the arbitrator, Evers concluded that the teacher’s conduct didn’t endanger kids.”

So basically Evers could’ve terminated the teacher and have the arbitrator give him his job back anyway based on the law at that time. BTW several fact checks labeled the Walker ad mostly false and pointed out the law Evers had to follow.

Now for the real BS by Walker, he running ad’s calling him the education governor which gets my unbelievable BS award!!!

Walker hopes people won’t notice how he and the GOP Legislature since 2011 have cut hundreds of millions from public education in order to fund tax cuts for fat cats, producing overcrowded classrooms, driving out experienced teachers and forcing school funding onto local property taxes through referendums across the state.

Walker is also going back to his big money from the outside union bosses shtick. It really doesn’t take much to counter that argument as Walker has his 1% pac groups funneling in Money like theirs no end to it.

Another positive dynamic is that 100,000 more Dems turned out for the primaries than R’s did and the Dem party didn’t spend much money/effort on getting out the vote either. I feel that its going to take a presidential turnout by Dems to get Walker out of office. R’s will turnout in this state even if there’s an R on the ballot for dog catcher. Their are more Dems in this state than R’s they just gotta get off their asses and go to the polls!!!!!!!



I really believe that some of these ICE agents should be the ones to be deported.


Creeps like this yahoo are why lynchings happen. I am lifelong anti-death penalty, but malignant bipeds like this specimen make me wonder?


As it does me, their are certain exceptions for any rule i guess. When i read how heinous some crimes are maybe their should be an exception and get rid of that particular evil when their is absolutly no doubt the the guilt of said person.



Tlaib walked back her support for a two-state solution to Israel/Palestine. Two-state solution is a prerequisite for J Street’s endorsement.

J Street did say this:

Crucially, J Street’s statement also indicates its continued commitment to Tlaib. “Rashida Tlaib’s election as the first Palestinian-American woman Member of Congress will be a historic milestone for the Palestinian-American community and for the United States as a whole,” the statement reads. “We strongly support and are encouraged by her commitment to social justice and we are inspired by her determination to bring the voice of underrepresented communities to Capitol Hill.”


Words of wisdom.


I wonder if these Defence contractors consider this good publicity?


Our Taxpayer funded MIC at work 🙁


This is a prime example of today’s sorry state of affairs.


Velly interestink:

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