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Don midwest
Don midwest

How about David Frum?

At the top of his twitter account we read

Senior Editor, The Atlantic. Author, “Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic” (HarperCollins, Jan. 2018)

Who could have a more liberal sounding statement than that? He probably would be welcomed with open arms for those who think that being against Trump is all that matters

(note that is a snark. Naomi Klein’s new book “No Is Not Enough”)

The warhawks who drove the Republicans rightward in the early 2000s likely bear more responsibility for Donald Trump’s ascendancy than all the Russian hackers and “fake news” websites put together, but liberals are more than willing to let them off the hook if they provide limp critiques of their own party as penance. Naturally, many of them are doing just that. The neocons’ strategic retreat from the smoldering wreckage they created was a clever gambit, in many ways reminiscent of a classic insurance scam. Like an insurance scam, it can be wildly successful when carried out with adequate skill and commitment — and no one is more committed than David Frum, the George W. Bush speechwriter who introduced America to the “axis of evil.”

I don’t spend my time on most of these sources so I would not have noticed how much he is out and about

CNN. MSNBC. CNBC. CBS. ABC. Newsweek. The Daily Beast. New York Magazine. Vox. The New Yorker. NPR. The Atlantic. They all either have David Frum as an editor, grant him bylines, or allow him to flap his enormous jowls about Trump and Russia live on the air. In the last year, Frum has appeared 40 times on MSNBC and 10 times on CNN to talk about Trump, a hectic schedule that often leaves him no time to shave. If you count the networks’ websites, where Frum writes vital commentary like “Marijuana use is too risky a choice,” the number of Frum appearances is far higher. The Atlantic made him a senior editor in 2014, and in return, he writes them four or five columns a week about how Trump is an affront to political decency. While Frum is certainly given a platform disproportionate to his skill as a writer, he isn’t terrible on a technical level. He can write a column without including too many mixed metaphors and bizarre anecdotes, a rare skill among center-right commentators. He knows how to provide exactly what his audience wants, whoever they may be at the time. But overall, Frum is nothing more than a mediocre man with bad opinions, which makes it all the more puzzling how much personal history his benefactors are willing to overlook.

being nice is what matters

If the policies Frum backed at the peak of his influence are so close to those of the current administration, why does he hold Trump in such contempt? The descriptions of Bush in The Right Man suggest a similar motive as other #NeverTrump conservatives — a non-negotiable commitment to good manners. Frum’s recollections show a particular reverence for Bush’s demeanor. Bush brought a certain evangelical stoicism to the Oval Office, as Frum painstakingly pointed out. No one in the administration drank, smoked, cursed or referred to Bush as anything other than “the president.” Frum wrote that he once made the mistake of using the word “damn” in a meeting, at which point the entire room went silent and shot him icy glares.

murder, mayhem, trillions spent on wars, making terrorism a business opportunity, and the biggest crime is avoiding The New Climate Regime

a link to the article

Things are bad, and David Frum makes them worse:
The ubiquitous commentator has been beating the war drum for nearly two decades.


Scary thought- Didnt realize some of these Rs were that far gone.
Do Republicans Want a Dictator? More than Half Would be Happy for Trump to Postpone 2020 Election


Yes. Real “Don’t Tread on Me” types. /s


Wonder if Trump still has his Newsweek subscription yet?


I enjoyed Nina’s interview with Linda, but I made the mistake of clicking on the youtube icon and reading some comments. I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Us humans sure do have a long way to go before we achieve any kind of enlightenment. I can only hope that those commenters are a tiny majority.


The “Idiot in Chief” must be getting good reviews in the right wing media when he says this.


Even my Republican boss was pissed about the ‘locked & loaded’ thing. Some of his older clients are scared to death after hearing that.


If this is an example of raucous I would hate to see one of sedate. LOL


Dismal Dollar Dave and Progressive Democrats’ Stockholm Syndrome

But there’s only so far that I can go in understanding the Lesser Evilism that Bernie preached even after he was cheated out of the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. How odd it is this summer to see bumper stickers for “Dave” – that is for my local (southeastern Iowa) U.S. Congressman David Loebsack – next to “Bernie 2016” on the backs of Volvos and Hondas here in super-liberal, “left-leaning” Iowa City. I wonder how many of the local heartland progressives who drive these cars know that Loebsack spent his time at the February 3, 2016 Iowa Democratic Party presidential caucus going around and (as I personally witnessed) telling his neighbors that “we’ve got to stop this Bernie guy.”

Dave Loebsack is a “progressive Democrat” (locals want to believe) who took the money to back the neoliberal corporatist Barack Obama over the labor candidate John Edwards in 2007-08, Dave voted repeatedly to fund George W. Bush’s criminal war in Iraq. And in 2015 Dave took $5500 worth of hush money from Energy Transfer Partners – the builders of the $4 billion planet-cooking and water-endangering “black snake” Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), which is now pumping fracked North Dakota oil across 18 Iowa counties.

Recently, while writing a CounterPunch essay in my local downtown Iowa City coffee shop, I sat five feet away from a revolting spectacle. A snarky and ill-groomed, fast-talking red-headed young man from Loebsack’s campaign was rapidly interviewing a smart young University of Iowa student for a volunteer position. The assignment? To help build a donor database so stocked with money as “to scare off any potential [actually progressive Democrat] challengers” to Dave in 2018.

The deal was made in five minutes, quicker than a cheap paid hook-up in a Reno bus station.


Hope the word gets out in Iowa.


Official Bernie Bro thread going at our sister blog, Jack Pine Radicals:

I’ll put the one I contributed to give you a sense of the photothread (the other Bro is one of the Admins at JPR–we took our pic together at PS, and a similar pic was posted there, so I’m not doxxin anyone):


Thanks. A good collage of images.


Here bis another bernie bros at Netroots Nation.


And another Bernie Bro:


admire your activism benny!


Rainer is a kick in the pants:

Berners see this, and our first priority is to tear it down. To counter the Democratic establishment’s toxic narratives, to replace bad Democrats with actual allies, to keep on fighting this party’s noxious old guard-even, as now, when it’s permanently out of power and has barely any support-till it’s not there anymore. Do I have the Democrats in perspective as compared to the many other threats there are? Of course. But the Democrats are still there helping deprive most people of an economically secure life, slaughter populations for corporate profit, and destroy the planet. And they and their adherents are still not taking responsibility for this. So as a movement based on compassion, we Berners have no choice but to point this out.

And to treat this as what it is: bullying. When someone has systemically hurt or killed poor people, people of color, residents of the global south, and the victims of environmental holocaust for decades, and then tells these groups that they’re in the wrong for wanting a stop to this, that is bullying of a beyond cruel kind. Thankfully what societies-and individuals-tend to do after they’ve done evil is reform themselves, gain wisdom from the experience about how to act more compassionate, become stronger. This is the great irony of whatever horrors our civilization will go through in the coming years: the bigger the tragedy, the bigger our redemption effort afterwards.


BTW, The Matrix trilogy is on Netflix. Cool metaphors and kick ass FX for your weekend pleasure.

Or Rogue One, the latest prequel from Star Wars. I think one of the main villains is Danny from Bloodlines.

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