HomeBernie Sanders8/16 Bernie Sanders: Violence in Charlottesville was not caused by the “Alt-left”(or whatever it may be)
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The thing that always strikes me as ironic about the white “supremacists” is how much they all look like they were scraped from the very bottom of the gene pool. Nuttin’ supreme about them.


Thanks Benny! I went to the other place to give your diary a rec, and am in full agreement with all you’ve said.

Armando’s twitter meltdown is funny.

You were a failure in 2016. No one will forget that



Markos has always used race to divide on issues so the alt-left crap is nothing new at al. Remember we weren’t supposed to care about government spying because it was a ‘white privilege’ issue. Yet those of us who wrote about it then and those who write about it being used on people of color and indigenous activists now are sexist/racist Bernie-bros


and thanks for Nancy Griffith! Rock, er, Write On, Benny!

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