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That Bernie/Steelworkers rally on Monday is the heart of downtown in Indy and during rush hour. Should be interesting if it gets positive press. Marion County is barely blue.


It would be an area that Bernie would pick up some Trumpcorp voters should he run.


I stumbled upon this book title today.

I like the sound of it:

Practical Utopia: Strategies for a Desirable Society

Michael Albert’s latest work, Practical Utopia is a succinct and thoughtful discussion of ambitious goals and practical principles for creating a desirable society. It presents concepts and their connections to current society; visions of what can be in a preferred, participatory future; and an examination of the ends and means required for developing a just society. Neither shying away from the complexity of human issues, nor reeking of dogmatism, Practical Utopia presupposes only concern for humanity.

Part one offers conceptual tools for understanding society and history, for discerning the nature of the oppressions people suffer and the potentials they harbor. Part two promotes a vision for a better way of organizing economy, polity, kinship, culture, ecology, and international relations. It is not a blueprint, of course, but does address the key institutions needed if people are to be free to determine their own circumstances. Part three investigates the means of seeking change using a variety of tactics and programs.

The book, by Michael Albert, just came out and is prefaced by Noam Chomsky.

With things like this being said about him I feel slightly ashamed that I’ve never heard of him before!

With his combination of hard-edged logic and visionary hope, Michael Albert is one of the treasures of the Left.”
—Barbara Ehrenreich


I just had to share this with you. Yuri’s statue looks like he’s a Superhero!


One more tweet! This one more apropos:


OK, two more. Wow!!


Jamarl Thomas has a video that most of us would agree with.

The last few minutes really hit home!


Well isn’t this special!


Washington (AFP) – Two psychologists who helped design the CIA’s post-9/11 interrogation program settled a lawsuit Thursday by detainees alleging they were illegally tortured.

The secret settlement in the suit, brought on behalf of two living ex-detainees and one who died of hypothermia after brutal questioning in US custody, avoided what would have been the first public trial of the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of torture on suspected Al-Qaeda members.

But it also allowed the two psychologists who supplied the CIA with “coercive” interrogation techniques, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, to maintain that they personally had nothing to do with the use of waterboarding, extreme stress positions and beatings on detainees.

Tell me that the CIA wasn’t involved in this behind the scenes!


Trump and the war mongers haz a sad!


But I am sure that this will keep them happy.

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