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The PCP meeting was interesting. Tension at the beginning b/c of a surprising number of Bernie supporters. One woman quit and walked out because we aren’t all behind Hill (but most are). The leader said, let’s leave the presidential race outside the door for now. Another woman said she was so grateful to the Clintons for their support of LGBT ( I had to look down when she said that and I think that upset her, i felt bad but I just don’t agree).

Anyway, I’m happy to canvas and call for the progressives on the ticket and the Measures, especially 97, asking for a higher tax on corporations.

Going to a grass-roots organizing meeting today. Feeling a little old to be getting this training, but figure it might be needed in the future by anyone with the time and desire to help form our new unity, fluid umbrella, perhaps.

And @magsview, I went to another gathering after the meeting, and it turns out that Lane County for Bernie is turning to forming an umbrella group that will help smaller groups that have specific causes. I told her about your idea that the smaller groups could also use the larger group to coalesce under for larger, common issues.

One thing that disappointed me was when the leader said that Nancy Pelosi was his hero and how we had to have DINOS to win majorities. With much agreement. arrrggggh. One thing I loved was one guy said he joined just to save the Elliot, a publicly held coastal forest that our DEM governors are trying to SELL to timber interests to get around environmental laws.

So we’ll see! Looking ahead. Hoping to make a difference.

belle de jour

I admire your fortitude. I probably couldn’t stay at a meeting where most of the people were still behind a lying corporate establishment shill like Hillary Clinton, nor could I keep a straight face when anyone praised her almost nonexistent, arm-twisted LGBTQ “support.”


We’ll see how long i last. Some reasons for staying is to campaign for a SoS that may be able to stop the forest sell off, the measure for corporate taxes, and the possibility of getting on the Rules Committee and abolishing superdelegates.

There’s still a few of us BoBs in there, too, so that’s a comfort. But if they ask to campaign for Hill, I’ll say no, and see where that gets me. I know at least one other, and probably more, that feel the same way.

As for the LGBTQ, that’s why I had to look down when she was looking at me, and she knew it. Which is a bummer. Nice people with screwed up politics.


You honor me @polarbear4! And thank you for your report from the field! You’ve inspired me to get further involved. But I think I’ll begin with Wednesday’s meeting and then go from there. All this getting more active stuff is a bit trying for my husband. We’re under a lot of let’s say stress at the moment. Maybe I’ll tell him that it relieves my stress a bit, lol.

You displayed amazing restraint when the woman said that she was grateful to the Clintons for their support of LGBT. It’s puzzling to me that most of the LGBT community seemed to immediately fall in line behind HC. I know some gay women who were sort of neutral during the primary, but gay men in general seemed to jump into the HC camp with both feet right off the bat. I’m going to quiz them about it at some delicately-timed moment. I encountered resistance, even defensiveness, to my questioning earlier, so I backed off.

I used to wholeheartedly support Nancy Pelosi. But she has disappointed me. And its a shame, imo, that so many seem to have bought what I think is the false premise that to win in what are considered conservative states Dems need to put up Repub-lite candidates. I think that all that achieves is offering voters a watered-down version of the Repub (ick) and so a lot of people just stay home due to a lack of a good person to vote for.

Good luck with saving ‘the Elliot’!!! I’m going to have to look that one up.

And since you’re so nice to report in for us, please let us know how the grass-roots organizing meeting went! I’m wondering if some younger attendees found it inspiring to see you there with them. 🙂


Thanks, mags. The training was OK–see above. Good to know, let’s just hope we get a Social Dem of Prog Indie umbrella party going soon enough that I don’t forget it all. Then they started in on the stuff you had to have “authorization” to log into, so I left. Mostly just how to access the phone lists and canvassing turfs they already have, so really not important for grass roots.

The rest was pretty common sense, but useful reminders of organizational and inspirational things to know/have on hand when you’re the one getting people to volunteer and then sending them out or assigning them phone bank stuff.

Hoping that by 2018 there will be some organization coming out of Our Revolution for some truly progressive candidates. They can provide the data and we’ll all be ready to use it! (haha at least sorta, somewhat, kinda ready). I guess they are already, really and it will likely be the youth who step into the leadership roles, which is fine with me. But if I’m needed, I can help, anyway.

So looking forward to the 24th. I signed up early, so I’m going kind of far away compared to my compadres closer to my ‘hood. :O) Also, we still have Saturday meetings of Lane for Bernie so i will start those, too.

One thing that bothered me was that the guy who is gave part of the teachings and ran our PCP meeting the other night had a signup sheet to work for his campaign for city council, but no sign up sheet for the other Democrat, the homeless advocate that I’m voting for. I didn’t say anything b/c people came from all over the state for this training and i was just there to learn, but….

Several Berners throughout, though. Saw an ex Green leader there, too. Interesting times.

Here’s a little something on the Elliott.


I get the “site can’t be reached” for Russia Today.


Social Media Exposes Devastating Effects of Louisiana Flood (Multimedia)

Attempting to paste one of the tweets:


comment image?itok=8MScjN5u

As Resistance Mounts, TPP Becoming 2016 Election’s Third Rai

As the White House prepares for its final “all-out push” to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) during the upcoming lame-duck session of Congress, lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are being made vulnerable due to growing opposition to the controversial, corporate-friendly trade deal.

“[I]n 2016,” the Guardian reported on Saturday, “America’s faltering faith in free trade has become the most sensitive controversy in D.C.” …

To that end, in a column this week, Campaign for America’s Future blogger Dave Johnson listed for readers “28 House Democrat targets…who—in spite of opposition from most Democrats and hundreds of labor, consumer, LGBT, health, human rights, faith, democracy and other civil organizations—voted for the ‘fast-track’ trade promotion authority (TPA) bill that ‘greased the skids’ for the TPP by setting up rigged rules that will help TPP pass.”

Of the list that includes Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.), Jared Polis (Colo.), and Ron Kind (Wis.), Johnson wrote: “Let’s get them on the record before the election about whether they will vote for TPP after the election.”

Also on the list is Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), from whom the Communication Workers of America is reportedly withholding its endorsement due to his support for the TPP.

Sadly, Sen. Wyden voted for fast track, as well.

links to other sources in the article.


Italian imam posts photo of nuns on beach to discuss burqini ban, gets FB account blocked

The imam of Florence has posted a picture of habit-wearing nuns splashing along the seashore on Facebook, calling for dialogue about burqini bans… but got his account blocked instead.

The post by Izzedin Elzir got some 2,700 shares, and came in response to the French southern cities – like Cannes and Nice – prohibiting the wearing of burqinis on the beach.

He also noted that the burqini had only come into fashion among Muslim women over the past few years, and he expressed regret that “some politicians in France, instead of responding to the political and economic needs of their citizens, are focusing on how Muslims dress.”

Many online commenters tended to agree with the imam, saying that “The sea is for everyone,” and describing the ban as “a psychological tool against Muslims.”

However, others disagreed, “Don’t confuse the two different situations: these are women who have CHOSEN to religious life with the rules that it imposes, the ‘others’ are FORCED to dress even on the beach,” a comment read.

A tricky issue, but I’m not sure banning clothing is the way to go.

I saw a couple of what appeared to be 18-20 yr old young Muslim women at the beach this summer while visiting a friend on the NJ shore covered head to toe, and I must admit that I was surprised at first. I mean, who would want to have to go into the water dressed head to toe? Not me. Not to mention that it was REALLY hot out that day! (They wore black leggings down to their ankles and black tunics that covered them down to their wrists along with hijabs)

If they didn’t want to be leered at then fine, I wouldn’t blame them. On the other hand, if their parents (who were there too, along with a much younger girl who just had typical bathing wear on) were FORCING them to be fully clothed, against their wishes, then that may be a different situation. Tricky.

I found myself at a clothing optional beach while meeting up with some friends of my boyfriend once (I’d had no idea – surprise, surprise) and had the most awful time because when we arrived his friends, a couple our age, about 20 yrs old at the time, were already there, were both totally naked, and I was too shy to take off my skimpy string bikini. It was extremely awkward and tense, and I felt enormous peer pressure to comply, but there were families, with bathing suits on, with children right next to us and one man in particular that kept leering/staring at us. So I held my ground, was not in the mood to be leered at, even though my string bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination, and I didn’t appreciate the peer pressure. My boyfriend didn’t talk to me for pretty much the entire day. He thought I was being rude-he was from France where they tend to not be so shy. Not fun.


Interesting subject, magsview. To each their own, I say. But yeah, if the parents make them, it would seem to breed resentment. There is likely some in between ground where they could be cooler but not provacative. That’s the problem with fundamentalists of any stripe. There’s no middle ground.

Just returned from “grassroots training.” Was OK. If I’m ever in a position to want to be at the level of organizing the phonebanks and canvasses, etc. You just never know.

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