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Truthdiggers of the Week: The Women at Khabar Lahariya, a Feminist Newspaper in Rural India

… Despite the risks, the women at Khabar Lahariya are thrilled with their jobs, and they have high hopes for their digital expansion. “With the growth of internet in rural areas, reaching the least likely consumer, for example, the young rural girl, is a massive and exciting opportunity,” says Kavita, another co-founder of Khabar Lahariya. “I think it will bring hundreds of women into journalism from the villages and kasbahs of the country, as producers and consumers, but also as shareholders in a business that could take the media world by storm.”


Saudis Bomb Yemen’s Capital City During the ‘Million-Person March’

And we’re helping them do it.

The fact that the Obama administration has allowed the Saudis to continue committing war crimes should be a full-fledged scandal. Officials should be resigning over this and shouting from the rooftops. Instead, for months, we’ve heard almost nothing from the administration beyond a couple boilerplate, lukewarm expressions of “concern” as the death toll has mounted over a year and a half. Finally, after prodding from reporters last week, the US state department condemned the bombing of a Doctors Without Borders (AKA Médecins sans Frontières) hospital that killed at least 15 people. But then, the state department spokesman refused to say whether the U.S. would stop supplying the Saudis with the weapons they are using.


And Clinton will be worse if she is elected.


Yes. Ray McGovern, below, believes that Morrell (of the “Let’s go kill some Iranians and Russians in Syria!” fame) was showing off for Clinton, hoping to be picked for something or other. He prolly just blew it, b/c of how it would look, but you never know.

And this is what we’re supposed to “unite” behind.


How the Zapatista Movement Can Offer Solutions to the Neoliberal Threat to Global Food Security

The battle for humanity and against neoliberalism was and is ours,

And also that of many others from below.

Against death––We demand life.

Subcomandante Galeano/Marcos

One of the biggest threats to food security the world currently faces is neoliberalism. It’s logic, which has become status quo over the past 70 years and valorizes global ‘free market’ capitalism, is made manifest through economic policies that facilitate privatization, deregulation, and cuts to social spending, as well as a discourse that promotes competition, individualism, and self-commodification. Despite rarely being criticized, or even mentioned, by state officials and mainstream media, neoliberal programs and practices continue to give rise to unprecedented levels of poverty, hunger, and suffering. The consequences of neoliberalism are so acutely visceral that the Zapatistas called the 21st century’s most highly lauded free-trade policy, NAFTA, a ‘death certificate’ for Indigenous people.1 This is because economic liberalization meant that imported commodities (e.g., subsidized corn from the U.S.) would flood Mexican markets, devalue the products of peasant farmers, and lead to widespread food insecurity. As a response, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), primarily Indigenous peasants themselves, led an armed insurrection in Chiapas, Mexico on January 1, 1994—the day NAFTA went into effect.

The Zapatistas, primarily Indigenous Ch’ol, Tzeltal, Tzotzil, Tojolobal, Mam, and Zoque rebels, were rising up against 500 years of colonial oppression. For this piece, I draw from my experiences learning from them, not ‘researching’ them. Importantly, I neither speak for the Zapatistas nor do my words do them justice. In a sense, then, this piece is nothing other than a modest ‘suggestion’ that the Zapatistas may offer us some ideas about solutions to the problems of the food systems we find ourselves in. …

One of the most groundbreaking aspects of the Zapatista insurgency has been the strides it has made in destabilizing patriarchy. This social transformation has largely been born out of the indefatigable work ethic and iron will of the Zapatista women. Given their recognition that any struggle against colonialism and capitalism necessitates a struggle against patriarchy, Zapatista women implemented what is known as ‘Women’s Revolutionary Law’ within their communities. The conviction they maintain regarding equality was poignantly captured in a communiqué written by Subcomandante Marcos (now Galeano) released shortly after the 1994 rebellion, which states: “The first EZLN uprising occurred in March of 1993 and was led by the Zapatista women. There were no casualties—and they won.”


“Who will go to bat for them…on protecting social security?” (DWS.)

Really? ‘Cuz your boss is not going to protect social security and I don’t believe that you are, either. If anyone knows how to make these video clips smaller, i’d like to know.


LD, we hope you are OK and send you tons of healing, restful thought.


What a shame that he’s waffling on the Iran agreement and on Israel and Palestine. What’s wrong with Dems that they can’t stand up for themselves?

Maybe that’s why Bernie’s team left. Or maybe to take away the charge that Canova’s is a revenge run.

Of course, still want him to win, but he should have stood strong, with the many, many Jewish people who agree that Israel is going down a very dark path. His answer won him no “strong Isreal” supporters.


This might be a factor as well:

Bernie Sanders’ New Political Group Raises Campaign Finance Questions</strong>

The group, called “Our Revolution,” will support progressive policy proposals and politicians across the country. According to its website, the group is operating as a 501(c)(4) organization, a tax status that will allow it to accept unlimited contributions without having to reveal its donors.

But its activities could be limited by campaign regulations because of its ties to Sanders, resulting in a highly unusual — if not unprecedented — political arrangement, according to Paul Ryan, the deputy executive director of the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center.

“This definitely raises, in my experience, novel campaign finance issues,” Ryan said in an interview.


But Our Revolution remains closely aligned with the Vermont senator, who has asked the group’s supporters to donate to the campaign of Tim Canova, a law professor challenging former Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz in her House primary.

“This race is very important for Our Revolution because if we can win this tough fight in Florida, it will send a clear message about the power of our grassroots movement that will send shockwaves through the political and media establishments,” Sanders wrote in a fundraising email.


This is sort of odd. It may be the way it’s done, but we’re staying with the “no big corporate or PAC contributions,” i hope.


The Real Way the 2016 Election Is Rigged

Wow. He says the Dems are lying to us, in order to raise money, on the number of seats that could be won. And that the 2011 gerrymandering is what made it this way and yet the media will not even call it gerrymandering.

The next time we even have a chance to “regerrymand,” it looks like, is 2020.

Disagree on election rigging, but the rest is news to me. I knew it was gerrymandered, but if you believe him, it’s completely out of reach in many more seats than the Dems are admitting.


Nymag article from earlier this year on how the republicans gerrymandered a safe house majority.

Compare this to the pathetic efforts of the DNC at least the last 2 elections. And think of all the money that was supposedly raised by Hillary for down ballot races that instead was diverted to her campaign. Wrong priorities.


Spring Texan

Yes, Moyers’ article is 100% right.


Thanks polarbear4 for the debate video, the $50.00 that I sent him was worth it.


Yes, overall he did well. Can’t stand to listen to her and sooo hope he wins!


An excellent article by Ray McGovern, expanding on the whole Morrell interview by Charlie Rose and international law.

…Rose helped Morell ‘splain that he really did not want to have U.S. Special Forces kill Russians and Iranians. No, he would be satisfied if the U.S.-sponsored “moderate opposition” in Syria did that particular killing. But Morell would not back away from his advocacy of the U.S. Air Force bombing Syrian government targets. That would be “an okay thing” in Morell’s lexicon. …

Apparently, Rose essentially pleaded with Morell to modify his earlier statements about going into Syria and killing some Russians and Iranians.

“So … the Syrian military, supported by Russia and the Iranians, is fighting the moderate opposition. And the moderate opposition is already killing Iranians and Syrians. What, what I said is that’s an okay thing, right, because it puts pressure on Iran and Russia to try to see some value in ending this thing politically. And what I said is that we should encourage the moderate opposition to continue to do that and perhaps get a lot more aggressive.” (Emphasis added) …

“So that’s Russia and Iran. Now, Assad. How do you put some pressure on Assad, right? And here I did argue, Charlie, that the U.S. military itself should take some action, and what I would see as valuable is limited, very, very, very limited U.S. airstrikes against those assets that are extremely important to Assad personally. So, in the middle of the night you destroy one of his offices; you don’t kill anybody, right, zero collateral. … You do this with the same rules of engagement we use against terrorists. … (Emphasis added) …

Acts of Illegal War

Not to put too fine a point on this, but everything that Morell is advocating here violates international law, the rules that – in other circumstances, i.e. when another government is involved – the U.S. government condemns as “aggression” or as an “invasion” or as “terrorism.” …

Spring Texan

OK, here’s where I’m differing from others here. I think it is essential and a very good idea that the US establish no-fly zones, damage runways, etc. It is intolerable that we have allowed so much killing and production of refugees.

I’m not a war fan. I opposed Afghanistan, Iraq, and and the first Gulf War. And, I oppose drone killings. However, I supported Kosovo, for the same reason as now — whenever things reach the point that so many are killed that it is creating an enormous stream of refugees, that’s when we need to think about using the military. Refugees not only suffer tremendously but in huge numbers they are very destabilizing — for generations.

I detest Clinton and won’t vote for her, but I am hoping she WILL be more pro-active in this particular instance. Without it, we are giving Syrian parents the terrible choice of leaving their kids at home and in danger of Assad and Russian bombings, or taking them on the road where they can also drown or die. There’s a time to intervene. This is it.


Portia Bougler get some fame from her earlier rant. She hasn’t lost her enthusiasm. Her twitter acount is a good source for keeping up with the Revolution.



Looks pretty cool.


I follow her. She’s a pip! (that’s a good thing)


Do you have some English in your ancestry, by any chance?


Sort of, I’m from Canada. But I grew up in Quebec. Other provinces can be very ‘anglo’ & my parents are from anglo (english speaking) provinces. My mom is from one of the most anglo provinces of all-Ontario. I’m glad that I grew up in Quebec. Much more fun than repressed Ontario, lol. 😉

Ontario used to be very England-centric, they love the queen, etc. But I’m of mostly Irish ancestry. And I grew to love the ‘joie de vive’ that the french-speaking Quebecois have. They know how to let it all hang out and I find them to be more forthcoming and less BS. They are passionate and empathetic people. I miss them!


Sounds like a fun life. I might have guessed Irish–mags and fiery. :O)


You know it sistah! 🙂

Although, I should add that growing up in Quebec meant being around during the Separatiste movement, which was quite a tense time and became deadly. National guard ended up on the street corners of Montreal. We used to have bomb threats at our high school all the time. We became quite used to it. We’d all be outside and the police would go through the school with bomb-sniffing dogs. Nothing ever came of that, but there was violence elsewhere.

But I sort of didn’t blame them (the french-speaking agitators), read at one point that although the English-Canadians accounted for 20% of the population, they controlled 80% of the wealth back then in Quebec. Things were way out of whack and it was a situation that couldn’t last.


DWS get on my nerves so badly with her filibustering, I could not watch the whole debate but thanks for sharing. She reminded me of HRC when she was debating Bernie, especially the debates in Florida and Michigan.


i know, it was hard. i listened and looked around at other sites. couldn’t handle a full on frontal. 😉


She’s mastered the art of never answering a question. She replies with bullshit then pivots to total talking points and in some cases outright lies. Very annoying to watch!


Thanks for the open thread @polarbear4!!

Speaking of Canada 😉 I saw a livestream concert last night on CBC Music’s youtube channel of the last show of the Canadian band Tragically Hip’s summer tour last night. It might be their very last show due to the fact that the lead singer is gravely ill.

It’ll be a great loss if we lose them. Their lyrics are brutally honest and last night the lead singer, Gord Downie, sang, for example, about the fear that too many politicians use to their advantage. And before their second encore he called out Prime Minister Trudeau, who was in the audience with a Tragically Hip t-shirt on, saying that he was happy Trudeau was there and that he was glad that he’s talking about the people “up north”, the Inuit people mainly, because it’s “bad” for them and they need our help.

It’s encouraging to see some attention being given to the native peoples. Was great to see Bernie make such an effort in that regard.


That said, some native people in this country are fighting for their lives right now with their resistance to the pipeline!


I wish I could help them in this fight against the pipeline. Bernie represented!

For obvious reasons, this tweet made me think of our beloved site founder:


Thanks much for your thoughtful, enthusiastic, and eye-catching contributions, magsview! Love it.


Clashes Halt Work on North Dakota Pipeline


Native American groups and environmentalists have staged protests to block the Dakota Access pipeline for months from a “spirit camp” outside a pipeline construction site. The groups say the pipeline threatens sacred sites near the Standing Rock reservation and poses a risk to the tribe’s drinking-water supply.

In July, environmental group Earthjustice filed a lawsuit on behalf of the tribe in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which authorized the $3.7 billion project, seeking a preliminary injunction. A hearing in the case is scheduled for next week.

In recent days, protesters have clashed with police and threatened company officials as they blocked access to a construction site 34 miles south of Mandan, N.D., according to a separate lawsuit filed Monday by Dakota Access LLC, the pipeline’s developer. The company is asking a judge to grant a restraining order against the tribe’s chairman, David Archambault II, and other members.


The tribes are dealing with roadblocks and false reports of violent aggression. They need our support.


This would be worth a chuckle if it wasn’t so sad.

Michele Bachmann: I’m advising Trump on foreign policy.


Tea Party firebrand Michele Bachmann says she is advising Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

The former Minnesota congresswoman attended a fundraiser in the state for Trump on Saturday, where she revealed to the press that she has his ear on foreign policy.
“He also recognizes there is a threat around the world, not just here in Minnesota, of radical Islam,” she said, according to MPR News. “I wish our President Obama also understood the threat of radical Islam and took it seriously.”

This is almost as bad as Madeline Albright and Henry Kissinger advising Hillary.


Such great choices the voters have!



tragicomedy. 😉



Why can’t we be more like this?


These (peaceful) protestors aren’t going away anytime soon. Open the roadblocks!


Love this. The numbers are just too big to shut it down.



oh, dah. I see it is Ugene that read the TPP. He’s got that right. Puts ’em in charge.


The People’s Revolution call is on in the background. They’re going to talk about third party electoral success in Spain and how we might duplicate it.
Anyone can join by going to their website and signing up.
Talking about supporting Canova and another and 31 Berniecrats total that some are working hard to get in office.
another one talking about getting OurRevolution rolling–
they are working to consolidate groups.
Brand New Congress has teams you can plug into.
Side comment on how all the anti-Trump media is taking us away from any discussion of the issues, making it harder to organize around issues.
talking about voting for Dems they are not all that fond of in Philly, but also issues. which is sort of a contradiction.
Nationwide Poor People’s (something), a coalition, having something on 09/12. Saying he does not believe in supporting the “lesser evil” candidates. Little debate here.

Podemos – formed new party. 2014 presented candidates to europe. Main 2 party is PP (corporatist party) and Socialist work party.
Attempt of radicalist socialist professors to capture and ignight energy with the people. They win 4 seats! Ignighted the possibility of a new party in a massive 2 party system.”
But Spain smaller so easier.
Lesson tho that people DO WANT to participate. Look at Bernie.


Yippee, another leftie jumps in:
Anti-Austerity Leftist Announces Challenge to French President Hollande

Calling it a day, here. Hope to hear from LD tomorrow. Hope he’s OK.



Jill heading to LA. I think Obama is due to visit on Tuesday.


Seriously HC?


Ok, I’m not usually receptive to this sort of thing, really, but wow! Kinda spooky.


Something you may not see on the ‘news’:


Ethiopia Olympian Feyisa Lilesa Protests Government With Marathon Medal
The runner made a gesture to support a tribe whose members have been killed in a fight with the government.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug 21 (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s Feyisa Lilesa held his arms over his head, wrists crossed, as he finished second at the Olympic marathon on Sunday in a gesture of support for members of his Oromo tribe who have been protesting at government plans to reallocate farmland.

Plans to allocate land surrounding the capital for development prompted fierce demonstrations in November and spread for months, in the country’s worst unrest in more than a decade.

Ethiopia has long been one of the world’s poorest nations but has industrialized rapidly in the past decade. However, reallocating land is a thorny issue for Ethiopians, many of whom are subsistence farmers.
Authorities scrapped the scheme in January, but protests flared again this month over the continued detention of opposition demonstrators.

Rights groups say hundreds have been killed. The government disputes the figures and says illegal protests by “anti-peace forces” have been brought under control.

“Oromo is my tribe … Oromo people now protest what is right, for peace, for a place,” Lilesa explained after his silver-medal performance, adding that he feared he would face consequences for the gesture when he returned home.

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