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On Chuck Todd’s MTP Daily, political opinion pollster Peter Hart and another NBC Reporter Discuss the Thoughts of a focus group that met with Hart on Tuesday night in Pittsburgh. About one half were Trumpters, the other voted for the baroness. Here’s the YT of the discussion. What’s noteworthy to me is not so much the disappointment displayed but the reasons why the voters pulled the lever for Trump.


It’s “them” not “we.”


Just had to give you all this quote from Cailtin’s latest. Bold mine.

The Washington Post, whose sole owner is both a CIA contractor and one of the wealthiest plutocrats of all time, has sent its Bezos-paid Ringwraiths after small independent reporters for having the temerity to talk about a lawsuit that had severe implications for the future of democracy in America.


Senate HELP Committee (Murray ranking member, Bernie has membership) to hold hearings in a couple of weeks:




Google being bad–an email from Zephyr Teachout

Google is using its unprecedented economic and political power to crush competition and stifle innovation. Now it’s attacking independent research into the power of monopolies.

We can’t let Google get away with this.

Sign the letter to Google demanding they drop their efforts to limit independent research.



A tech titan that wields more power than almost any other company on earth is trying to crush research into monopolies. I’m talking about Google.

A few months ago, some of the world’s leading antitrust researchers and advocates published a 150-word statement praising a European Union antitrust ruling against Google. Within days, Google used its power and influence to threaten to cut off funding for the whole organization in which they worked. The entire staff and all the fellows like me were kicked out.

This is wrong. And Google can’t get away with it. Google’s attempt to crush independent research only proves exactly why we need to limit the power of these companies. Fighting monopolies is about freedom and economic well-being.

I’m now chairing a new, independent organization that was created in the wake of Google’s actions so we can carry on this work. But we need grassroots power to fight back against Google. That’s where you come in: Will you sign the independent letter to Google demanding they drop their crusade against corporate monopoly research?


Monopolies crush competition, stifle innovation — and attempt to muzzle free speech that they don’t like. It’s imperative that we have strong protections against monopolies.

Thank you for taking action today.

Zephyr Teachout


I get the impression that many are wising up to the corrupt org known as the Red Cross. Such a shame really, to see this iconic symbol reduced to this:

Red Cross Won’t Release Harvey Relief Numbers, Continuing a Long, Troubling Trend

The Red Cross is either unwilling or unable to disclose what percentage of donations will be allocated toward helping Hurricane Harvey victims, NPR reports.

On NPR’s Morning Edition, a Red Cross executive, Brad Kieserman, said the organization had spent $50 million on Harvey relief as of Wednesday morning, noting that the money went primarily toward 232 shelters for 66,000 people.

But when pushed by host Alisa Chang to give more specifics, since the Red Cross has been called out for spending a lot of money to cover exorbitant internal administration costs, Kieserman couldn’t deliver.

What’s more, a 2015 investigation by NPR and ProPublica concluded the Red Cross had built only six permanent homes in Haiti, even though it collected almost $500 billion in donations.

Half a Trillion dollars collected just for the Haiti disaster??

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett told the Chronicle he “didn’t want to throw anybody under the bus” but said the Red Cross can’t “get anything done.”

In short, the Red Cross seems to be struggling to respond to Harvey even as it can’t tell people how the money they’ve donated is actually being spent. All of this is part of a long, troubling trend with the Red Cross, which is one of the country’s most prominent charities.

Sadly, Haiti and Harvey are not the only examples of where the Red Cross has stumbled in its response.


I feel like a Grinch. Stores have it at the register. It’s everywhere. But I’m like, I pay a lot of money to the govt. for just this sort of thing. Stop outsourcing evil and use it where it’s meant to go. Stop asking me to keep paying and paying when you won’t even admit that climate chaos is upon us.

Grrrrr from the Grinch.


p.s. never donate to Red Cross anymore.


I must put in what I believe is a correction here.

I’m reading a thread on twitter from ProPublica about the Red Cross and they say that the Red Cross raised half a billion from Haiti (not half a trillion like I Newsweek reported in my link). I thought that $500 billion sounded a little too off the charts! I should have double-checked my info first (considering that it did sound awfully high) and verified.

Anyway, the part of how they only built 6 houses in Haiti (with $500 million) is still true, and is still crazy.

I’m sorry about that, I never want to mislead my friends and I certainly will be verifying any facts from Newsweek going forward!!

Here’s the twitter thread, loaded with what is most likely far more accurate information than Newsweek, from ProPublica:

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