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Did Anyone In Washington Ask You If You Wanted A New Cold War?

419 votes in the House and 98 in the Senate. Think about what could be done with numbers like that if you had a government aimed at helping you instead of propping up the international hegemonic dynasties of a few extremely powerful plutocrats. If those numbers were pointed at getting rid of corruption in government instead of facilitating it. If they were geared toward prying the fingers of the military-industrial complex off the steering wheel of America instead of helping it plunge our species into peril. These Washington lawmakers could do so much to help their constituents, but instead they’re degrading relations between the two countries on earth who most desperately need to get along.


I also will keep posting things from Caitlin until I am told to stop!

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Bloodthirsty neocon John Bolton has written an essay for the Wall Street Journal advocating regime change in North Korea just one day after advocating for regime change in Venezuela, and it’s time for him to shut the fuck up.

Bolton, who is a PNAC signatory and senior fellow at America’s top neoconservative think tank American Enterprise Institute, told the Washington Examiner that he still believed the US invasion of Iraq was the right decision. Not in 2004, not in 2005, but in 2015. He’d sound less psychotic if he’d accidentally shaved off half his mustache in 2003 and kept it that way for the next twelve years just so he could claim he’d done it on purpose.

This unrepentant psychopath has had his evil fingers deep in the guts of US foreign policy for decades now, and he is horrifyingly being discussed as a possible replacement for HR McMaster as National Security Advisor to the President. He has been completely wrong about everything and the world would unquestionably be better off if he’d never been born, but you routinely see this asshole as a guest on Fox News like he’s a guy who knows stuff.

Her voice needs to be heard.


Anyone who casts light on that malignancy called John Bolton is ok by me. He’s death with a mustache.

This is from a 2008 review of Bolton’s book ‘Surrender Is Not An Option’ which asserts that Bolton is not a neocon (I’d argue that he is one by now):

(Bolton’s) political passions were ignited in his teens by Barry Goldwater, and he has always been a “libertarian conservative.” He thinks that “our emphasis must be more on liberty than democracy… the first being freedom from government, the second being one way to select governments.”

Bolton’s been pushing for “regime change” for at least a decade. From the same book review:

While advocating a hard line, Bolton is careful not to specify how in the end to put into effect the “tough” approach he favors. He avoids mentioning the use of force but employs instead phrases like “serious efforts” or “actually doing something.” He sometimes goes so far as to say, in the cases of Iran and North Korea, for example, that “regime change” is really the only acceptable solution, without saying how regime change might be brought about without war.


Well golly! SMH.


Remember this?

THREATS AND RESPONSES: COMPUTER SECURITY; Increase in Electronic Attacks Leads to Warning on Iraqi Hackers and U.S. Safety

Intelligence officials are concerned that a recent rise in electronic attacks against government and military computer networks in the United States may be the work of pro-Iraqi hackers and could signal a ”potential crisis” in national security, according to a classified F.B.I. assessment.

The assessment, prepared last week by the National Infrastructure Protection Center at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, warned intelligence officials that the attacks, which have been relatively limited, are likely to grow more widespread and ”more dangerous” as tension over a possible war against Iraq grows.

This NYT piece of propaganda was published a month or so before we invaded/attacked/wrecked Iraq in 2003.


The only thing that has changed is the date. The NYT, WAPO, and others are still pushing for MORE WAR whether it is in North Korea, Syria, Russia or numerous other locations. Apparently no lessons were learned from the fiascos in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Oops I forgot Iran.


Or Vietnam


Oooops! I’m a bit late as it’s 4:22pm right now 😉

Cannabis City, California

American Green is a cannabis company based in Arizona, but they just bought the small California town of Nipton, located in San Bernardino County, and plan to convert into a municipality with a cannabis theme.

The company has a “state of the art” cultivation facility in Arizona and also sells hemp-based CBD (cannabidiol) products online and works to develop cannabis apps. They just spent five million dollars to obtain Nipton and plan to spend another $2.5 million creating their cannabis tourist attraction over the next 18 months.

“We thought that showing that there was a viable means of having a cannabis-friendly municipality and further making it energy independent could be a way of really inspiring folks to say, ‘Why can’t we do that here?’” says the company’s consultant and project manager for Nipton, Stephen Shearin.

They bought a whole town 😀 Lol


Big Pharma will fight this big time!


I wonder if he will become a front pager at TOP?

He seems to meet all the present day requirements.


He lasted longer than “mooch” 🙂


That comment cracked me up. Good one.


Here is a change of pace from my normal type comments.


I didn’t know that this was occurring.

Democratic Socialists of America hold convention in Chicago this weekend

CHICAGO – The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) are holding their bi-annual convention beginning Aug. 3 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Earlier this week, DSA reached 25,000 members, a goal set at their previous convention. According to DSA, this makes them the largest socialist organization in the United States since World War II.

DSA, who also resolved to support the candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I – Vt., for president, has quadrupled in size since the 2016 election, boasting 177 local groups in 46 states. Several DSA members have been elected to local office, including Chicago Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa.


What a concept maybe the DNC can learn something?– NAAAAAAAHHHHHH

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