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Don midwest
Don midwest

Finally a govenor has branded an attack on a mosque as a terrorist attack. It shocked the mainstream media. Article by Juan Cole today

Gov.’s branding Mosque bombing ‘terrorism’ astonishes US Press

You should really know about the maverick FBI agent, John O’Neill, who was obsessed with mid east terrorists and would have stopped 9/11 attack if he had not been fired from FBI. He was the head of security of World Trade Center and went back into the building to save people and rode down 40 stories in the rubble with his white shoes OK.

His life is right out of a novel including his affairs, but he was a bull dog in fighting terrorists.

Excellent book “The Man who warned America” by Murray Weiss

A quicker way is to watch the 2002 report on Front Line. He was incredible!!!!

The Man Who Knew

How many chances were there to avoid the “war on terror”?

What if Gore had forced the issue in FL in 2000 and begun the US on a path of alternative energy? Gore, like the failed democratic party, did not want to rock the boat about our corrupt elections which kinds of actions have spread to almost all of our institutions. Kate Arnoff wrote about Gore’s new movie where he is pushing carbon credits — continuing to make $ but not talking about economic justice.

What if Thomas Drake who found out in his audit of NSA and other agencies, what if his warnings to many areas of the government, and possibly all the way to the Supreme Court in some of their staff, if his findings that 9/11 could have been prevented, what if he had been listened to rather than branded a traitor and faced life time in jail?

In the mean time, go back to the time in 2001 to 2002 when many here thought that the WMD claims were a lie, and watch the Frontline documentary linked above.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Forgot to mention that John O’Neill was on the trail of a bombing of a Planned Parenthood facility, as I recall in FL, and approaching it as a terrorist attack. That was in the 1990’s, but this effort was shut down

What if PP attacks were called terrorism? They clearly, totally fit the definition of terrorism.

But, what the heck.

I must be some kind of shit head. How dare I question the justification for the funding of the deep state as the life and death fight against terrorism?

Why not just Nuke North Korea and get it over with. Why wait until Gaia kills us all?

Politics no longer exists

“No Issues, No Politics” from my favorite thinker. The same one who says that the most important political actor is The New Climate Regime.


Don’t you dare call yourself a “shit head,” Don m!! If you’re one then so am I as we’re informed Americans who know how important civics and staying politically educated is! I’m proud to be one! Sheesh!!


Maybe “shit disturber” would be a better choice. I try to be one. LOL


Crickets from the Whitehouse as expected.


I’m glad the Gov called it what it was. A terrorist attack on Americans exercising their freedom under our constitution and worshiping who they want.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I have been following election integrity for years since there are folks here in Columbus who have written 6 books on the subject. That they were banned from DK/TOP years ago that alone makes them legitimate in my eyes. (Sorta of a snark, but not really since dems have avoided the issue so far)

Book review of the Columbus folks before 2016 election which was updated after the election.

Book Review: Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, THE STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft

The introduction to the book was from Greg Palast who points out that 93 million voting records have already been sent to KS system giving them the data to run crosscheck on. Kris Kobach, head of Trump’s plan to kick voters off the rolls.

Ari Berman has been on this issue for some time and makes a big deal about elections, and the refusal of SOS to send Kobach the data from their states. But doesn’t mention what Greg Palast was doing. I sent him email to let him know about Palast, but no response.

Also Ari had been on the Russian thing and the elections which I take to be a democratic party cover up effort

Also Ari left the nation to go to Mother Jones and Greenwald had a recent article about how Kevin Drum on MJ had moved it into the space of a democrat organ.

So this morning, Ari on his twitter feed, retweeted Chelsea Clinton of a tweet of Ari, I smell even stronger that Ari is on the team of the establishment democrats.

If he finally gets the dems to do the obvious, that will be great. But in the mean time, I still am watching what he does and if he goes far enough to get to the corruption of both parties.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Greg P met with Bernie and Rev Jackson a couple of weeks ago and they said that they were going to take up the election issue.

The Columbus guys mentioned above were in some contact with Bernie’s campaign, even urging him to out the DNC during the primaries, but since Bernie had the entire establishment to contend with, he didn’t have the space, in my opinion, to take up an issue that at the time, namely election integrity, was not on the national radar screen of issues. When people die from lack of medical care, and income inequality reaches levels of the 1920’s, it is hard to break into the space of the national dialogue.

Even Bernie himself did not get coverage.

So maybe now that the fake Russia Hacked the Election and 3 million voted illegally lie are out there and are repeated, maybe there will be space for a real discussion on our failed election system. Being the worst of over 40 so called democracies is not enough to get anyone’s attention, (I can provide the links to 2 articles if anyone is interested)

maybe, just maybe, the democratic party will take up the issue of election integrity

or some other group like Our Revolution


Amen. Let’s clean our own house.


Let’s talk about who leftists distrust — and why

Let me emphasize once more that I strongly agree that problems of bigotry in this country must be attacked. There is far too much sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and so on in the United States. But leftists like myself believe that in addition to traditional civil rights policy, nothing short of a total overhaul of American capitalism will suffice to actually eradicate oppression from our society. Neoliberals like Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden, by contrast, believe that the capitalist framework only needs minor tweaks.

What is meant by a “total overhaul of capitalism” is debated, but at a minimum it means a very heavy cutback in the wealth and power of the very rich. It means things like a massive increase in taxation, especially on the rich, to pay for huge new welfare programs; heavy new corporate regulations, especially to break up corporate oligopolies and on Wall Street swindlers; and strong economic stimulus to finally fix the Great Recession and bring down appalling unemployment rates among black Americans especially.


From Zerlina’s own website.


Zerlina Maxwell is the Director of Progressive Programming for SiriusXM. She was formerly the Director of Progressive Media for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She worked in the campaign’s press shop pitching coverage to progressive media outlets and curating daily messaging for online influencers. She also acted as a campaign spokesperson for the Presidential Debates


I keep posting videos by Jamarl Thomas because for the most part I agree with him.


Gee I wonder why so many people are ‘whiny’ (thanks Howard Dean!) these days?

Even More Evidence the US Is a Kleptocracy, Not a Meritocracy

The distribution of U.S. wealth became even more skewed in 2016, according to Credit Suisse data, with the average 1% household gaining about $3 million in just one year. Nearly half of their windfall came as a transfer of wealth from middle class households (the 40% of households above the median), who lost an average of $35,000 in that same year.

The pic below illustrates where $ gains went since 2008.


Former DNC chair criticizes ‘whiny’ left

“There has always been a section of the left, which I call the whiny party — the party that doesn’t really wanna win, they just wanna be pure, and if they go down swinging purely, then that’s fine,” Dean, who ran for president in 2004, told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on “AM Joy.”

Howard Dean to help lead Hillary Clinton’s new organization

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean will be a top lieutenant in Onward Together, Hillary Clinton’s new political group aimed at championing progressive causes and leaders.


More projects like this would be a good thing!

A D.C. Urban Farm Takes On Urban Problems

Dreaming Out Loud’s new farm hopes to provide jobs, business incubation, and more in a city ward that has often been overlooked.

Little more than grass used to grow on the two-acre plot behind a middle school in the District of Columbia where tomatoes, okra, and infrastructure for food entrepreneurs will begin cropping up this year.

In a ward of the city with just two grocery stores serving more than 70,000 residents, fresh produce is hard to come by. But the Kelly Miller Farm, which will be situated behind a middle school with the same name, aims to offer much more: youth programs, a community garden accessible to seniors, and a commercial kitchen from which area residents can launch food-based businesses.

It seems like they’re using a good approach, involving the community.

A USDA spokesman said the farm will serve as a model for organizations across the country that want to help consumers understand how their food is produced, especially in urban settings. But what sets the farm apart from a rooftop garden in the District’s restaurant row is that it’s catered to the people who live in this often-underserved part of the city, not just the ones who work or spend money there.

After attending the District’s historically Black Howard University, Bradshaw, 35, stumbled into urban agriculture while trying to teach in an after-school program at a public charter school that has since closed. The students would arrive each day with stomachs full of the Teddy Grahams and Kool-Aid the school provided as snacks only to bounce off the walls during his lessons on “character development.” Then, they’d crash.

Realizing he couldn’t teach the children without first addressing their most basic needs, Bradshaw’s nonprofit started a school garden and then a farmers’ market, so parents could buy better food, too.


Gotta love it. Joe Manchin has a new campaign slogan.


    I don’t give a shit, you understand?

I just don’t give a shit,” Manchin told the Charleston Gazette-Mail on Sunday. “Don’t care if I get elected, don’t care if I get defeated, how about that. If they think because I’m up for election, that I can be wrangled into voting for shit that I don’t like and can’t explain, they’re all crazy.”


Maybe the people of WV will accommodate him

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