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It also could have been carried out by Putin, The Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus!


Sebastian Gorka, a White House national security adviser, defended President Donald Trump’s silence on an explosion at a Minnesota mosque by suggesting it could have been a fake hate crime “propagated by the left.”

When asked on MSNBC Tuesday why Trump had yet to publicly comment on the Saturday incident, Gorka said the president wants to wait until he learns more about it. Trump, though, often is quick to comment on other attacks, particularly those carried out by Muslims.


here’s a sample.

Nominally, the Constitution assigns responsibilities and allocates prerogatives to three co-equal branches of government. In practice, the executive branch enjoys primacy. Prompted by a seemingly endless series of crises since the Great Depression and World War II, presidents have accumulated ever-greater authority, partly through usurpation, but more often than not through forfeiture.

At the same time, they also took on various extra-constitutional responsibilities. By the beginning of the present century, Americans took it for granted that the occupant of the Oval Office should function as prophet, moral philosopher, style-setter, interpreter of the prevailing zeitgeist, and — last but hardly least — celebrity-in-chief. In short, POTUS was the bright star at the center of the American solar system. …

How is it that someone like Trump could become president in the first place? Blame sexism, Fox News, James Comey, Russian meddling, and Hillary’s failure to visit Wisconsin all you want, but a more fundamental explanation is this: the election of 2016 constituted a de facto referendum on the course of recent American history. That referendum rendered a definitive judgment: the underlying consensus informing U.S. policy since the end of the Cold War has collapsed. Precepts that members of the policy elite have long treated as self-evident no longer command the backing or assent of the American people. Put simply: it’s the ideas, stupid.

Lots more from Andrew Bacevich, one of my favorites.


Wall Street Thieves Find New Ways to Steal From Us
The self-described “Geniuses of Wall Street” are being stupid. Again.

Jim Hightower

Sure enough, only a decade later, here they come again! Rather than investing America’s capital in real businesses to generate grassroots jobs and shared prosperity, Wall Street is siphoning billions of investment dollars into speculative nonsense — such as high-profit securities “secured” only by rickety bundles of subprime auto loans.

Car dealers, eager to goose up sales, have been hawking new vehicles to lower-income people, offering quick credit approval. Banks — eager to hook more people on monthly car payments — have been approving these subprime car loans without verifying the buyer’s ability to pay. Then, a Wall Street bank’s investment house buys up thousands of these iffy individual loans, bundles them into multimillion-dollar “debt securities,” and sells them to wealthy global speculators. Last year alone, banks sold $26 billion-worth of these explosive bundles of car loans. …

These same practices of bundling and re-selling were the cause of the 2007 crash in the housing market that led to millions of American families losing their homes. But, 10 years later … where did all those houses go?
Communities across the country have recently found out that Wall Streeters themselves — from former-Goldman Sachs investment bankers to real estate investment trusts — rushed out to scoop up thousands of those foreclosed properties, usually grabbing them at bargain basement prices when they were auctioned off on courthouse steps in Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas and other metro areas with hard-hit working-class suburbs. …

Why are they buying? To turn the homes into rental properties and become the dominant suburban landlord, controlling the local market and constantly jacking up rents. …

Not only do rents jump dramatically when such outfits seize a market, but the Wall Street landlords are intent on imposing “a new way” on the U.S. housing market. They’re pushing a cultural shift in which homeownership is no longer part of the American Dream and tenants are taught to accept annual rent increases as the price of having a home. …

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