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I always maintained to keep and eye on Ms. Harris, as I thought some time ago she might be that possible voice of reason within the ranks of the Democratic centrist cabal. We will see just how much water she carries with the progressive agenda that Sanders has put forth over the years. I will remain cautiously optimistic until I see more from her. She is definitely electable.


Going to The Hamptons (two weekends in a row!) to meet with the mega-rich Dem donors was a misstep, imo. There are few progressives who want their next presidential candidate to be chosen by the elites, elites who all aggressively backed Clinton no less.

Also, there are a lot of people who are still smarting over how their support for Obama turned out. Having Citibank, for example, select his cabinet was truly disheartening for those paying attention.

All that said, if Harris seems genuine, if she doesn’t ally herself with corrupt players like Podesta, if she (truly) fights for progressive change, she might pull it off. She’s photogenic, she raises lots of money, and most of the centrists seem to have already expressed their support.


I’ll have to jump off the sidelines for this one. It’s great that Sen. Harris came out in favor of MFA. Messaging matters.

That being said, I’m keeping my guard up. Talk is cheap, and it’s easy to support a progressive idea when Republicans are in charge and there’s little threat of actual progress being made. We’ve seen how quickly these moderates will change their tune where there’s actually a chance to get something done (see: Obama, Barack, also the 2017 California State Legislature).

I’ll believe it’s more than window dressing when she disavows the corporate dollars that have fueled her meteoric rise.


Amen Torabs.


Good post.


Once bitten, twice shy, I simply don’t trust her. She’ll have to earn my support. Letting predatory lenders off the hook and courting the well heeled speaks volumes about what path she will take if elected.


Kinda liked that song but agree with you


IMHO, “Won’t get fooled again” is more apt.

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