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Jo Crain

Sure she wasn’t talking about the candidates from the two major parties? They sure look to me to be a small basket of deplorables.


Well, apparently you can purchase your way out of the basket, if you have enough money. See: Saudi royalty.



Just who is on her list to alienate next???? It definitely didn’t help Mitt Romney, when speaking to his elites at a fundraiser, and he got caught on tape talking about the 47%.

Did she get caught on video, too? (If so, can you imagine what the far right would do with that?)


It certainly was on video.

The Republicans are using it as ammo and the Clinton supporters are defending it.

I’m not saying that it was wrong but it certainly was an unforced gaffe.



Talk about handing ammunition to your enemies…. What was she thinking? I would have liked to have heard more of the second part.

While the behavior of the racists, homophobes, and other folks she calls deplorable IS absolutely deplorable, you have to address the behaviors, rather than the people. These are people who would be her constituents if she’s elected… objectifying them doesn’t solve any problems, and just makes the whole situation worse.


Poor Republicans who hate Hillary and don’t have money = basket of deplorables.
Rich Republicans who hate Trump and have the money to donate to Hillary’s campaign = basket of adorables.


Pretty funny….and witty.


I’m a indy that neither likes Hillary or Trump and doesn’t have money. Which basket to I fit into? I’m sure I’m a deplorable american voter to both campaigns then ?


Many wonder why the race for President is still a horse race. Perhaps it is because of incidents like this.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign published an article yesterday titled “7 Ways Hillary Clinton Is Just Like Your Abuela,” using the Spanish word for “grandmother.”

Twitter exploded in outrage, criticizing what users called Clinton’s “Hispandering” and what they see as her hypocrisy vis-à-vis political policies.

The phrase #NotMyAbuela was trending on social media for several hours, as Latinas/os condemned Clinton’s support for Obama’s mass deportation policies, NAFTA, neoliberalism, militarization, and war.

Or maybe it was this.

Black Lives Matter Confronts Hillary On Camera – This Could Destroy Her Campaign

When Hillary Clinton attended a $500 a plate fundraiser at a Charleston, South Carolina home on Wednesday night, she definitely wasn’t expecting this to happen.

Over the last few weeks, Hillary has desperately tried to appeal to minority voters in order to regain her lead over Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately for her, this backfired last night when Black Lives Matter protester Ashley Williams confronted her during her speech on civil rights.

According to Western Journalism, Williams held up a banner slamming Hillary for her “inconsistencies” on civil rights. She then verbally confronted Hillary’s for supporting criminal justice reforms enacted by her husband that resulted in an increase in incarcerations among African Americans.

Now the latest episode. It surely proves that Hillary is capable of ” seizing defeat from the jaws of victory”.


The Clinton campaign has to get its talking points in order.


Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) said Saturday his running mate Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to apologize for her “basket of deplorables” comment about supporters of Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton on Saturday said she regretted denigrating “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters but stood by her characterization that much of his campaign is “deplorable.”

I am not sure of the timing of the statements but there appears to be some confusion as to the content. But then again Hillary often takes both sides of an issue depending on the circumstances.


How can someone who has as much money as they have, plus a billion for this election, who has been running for POTUS for decades, be so damned dumb? Seriously – Clintons are so out of touch with reality, and they don’t even know it.
She’ll “walk back” the comments – but they were public, and supposedly used before in another context. At least Mitt Romney was secretly taped – Her Heiniousness is seriously flawed. As in something doesn’t compute in what’s left of her brain.

Most dreadful for me, we could have been working to elect Bernie Sanders POTUS. No way Clintons ( yes, it’s both of them) can beat Trump, and they’ve got no one to blames but themselves.

Dearly wish a journalist had the guts to ask this question: “Mrs. Clinton, we know you have a long resume, but could you please tell us what FIVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS you are most proud of in the last 10 years. What have you accomplished, specifically. Instead of trying to tear down Donald Trump, please tell us what FIVE THINGS you have accomplished in the last 10 years which you are most proud of.”


Good question!

And the sad thing is that we need her to be elected in order to avoid having DT turn us into a facist state. And she keep effectively sabotaging herself.

She talks about her experience and judgement, but she keeps making decisions that hows her judgement is not all that great.


think the Clintons are much more dangerous than Trump.
Notice many people use the words “fascist state” – sounds too much to me like one of those “be afraid, be very afraid” memes Clintons are trying to get us to believe.

We’ve seen how the Clintons behave when they are first and foremost concerned about their political viability, getting elected, can anyone imagine how destructive ( careless, reckless,) they’d be if back in the White House. TERRIFYING!


Seems to me that insulting voters will motivate them to turn out in droves for the other guy and more than likely will motivate fence sitters angry at her comment to join the other team…there is not a scenario that I can conjure up where this helps Clinton..it is kind of nasty coming from someone who wants to be president and whose job it will be to ‘be a uniter not a divider’…think that’s a Bushism…just threw up in my mouth…anyway isn’t she supposed to be motivating people to want to vote for her and not flocking people to the other guy? Didn’t she get the memo?


Basically vote for me because I will “hurt” you less than the other candidate, and after y6u vote for me STFU as now I’m in office and I don’t want to hear from you. Well iam basically giving the bird to both pres candidates and when I tell people that I get a shocked look from them as either side says he’ll do this to you or she will do that to you. These people have no idea on how to think for themselves –very scary to me that these people are acting like automatons no indy thought at all


Some are calling it her 47% moment.


It’s one thing to denounce racism and sexism incidents, and have substantive discussions about race and gender issues and how to make progress.

But they use identity politics as a weapon to smear people for their own political gain. Some of us are refugees from that other site because we couldn’t stand it any longer. We remember the vitriolic attacks by Hillary people to smear and discredit Bernie supporters for the crime of liking Bernie. We remember all the “Bernie doesn’t care about black people” and “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support Hillary” and the DNC using Bernie’s religion against him. Issues and positions are just used when they are a self-serving opportunity to attack people for political gain — instead of actually caring about the issues and reaching out to people.

This is how so many people become disgusted with politics and politicians. I still have hope because Bernie Sanders has shown us a different way.


Yup, I know exactly what you mean. And I guess one of them must be here and doesn’t like hearing it, because I upvoted both your comment and @fishtroller03‘s, and they’re at 0 now. I re-voted on both a couple of times, just to be sure, and I’m being told I already voted on these comments.


Over that That Other Site, they are working real hard on making things worse for their candidate. Do you believe this diary??? Great image for Dems…. am getting closer to de-registering as a Democrat every day!



It’s such a shame… they have no idea. It’s like folks who live in the Fox bubble. I uprated your comment there, and this one here, too, but someone seems to be unhappy with this, and they’ve downrated it back to 0.

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