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I like this response to Hillary’s upcoming book.

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To me this sums up Hillary’s reason to be President.

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A brief excerpt from an article on Hillary’s interview.


“Yes,” Clinton responded. “As an active politician, it’s over.

“I am done with being a candidate,” she added. “But I am not done with politics, because I literally believe that our country’s future is at stake.”


I agree with this tweet as a response.


Yeaaaaay! I hope this isn’t another lie of hers.


Thanks Benny,

I’m going through some changes, wondering just how much I am/have made much of a difference with all my efforts to change things politically. I wouldn’t trade much, if anything, about it, but now I’m wondering if taking care of the little boy I’m taking care of and really working on getting myself out there as a Conscious Uncoupling/life coach isn’t more the way to go. And, like it or not, my energy is not what it used to be, even with walking every day and quite a bit of activity.

When people are happy in their lives, they are more likely to see others in a more generous way. If I can help them love themselves and treat themselves and others with honor, that usually affects how they see the world, and yes, who they vote for. But for that to happen, I have to hustle more and figure out how to give a workshop, etc.

And I want a much more spacious home, even though I’m terrible at decluttering, which means I want to spend more time doing it until it’s done! :O)

But I don’t want to let this community go, either.

You are some of the people I most enjoy having an online relationship with and I’m still hopeful, in my heart of hearts, that we can make a difference and change this wonderful world. There are so many more people that want the same things we want–to be happy, secure, free, etc., than there are people who don’t, but the people who don’t–the people who think their happiness comes from money and power and dominion over others—have so much power–in the media, in money shoved at what they want and taken from what they don’t, in military might and in the way we count our votes—that after working all these years with such hope and determination, I am a bit bereft and turning away.

So I will likely be a sometimes commenter, maybe do a diary now and then, but always a T&R and commenter, when I’m around, which may be less and less.

I hope this site stays going!!!

I sort of like the long open threads myself, but i also see the value in specialized diaries and in lively discussions. I’m glad not to have the adrenaline junky type discussions that TOP has, though. Hopefully we can draw people in and discuss things that way. I don’t know. Love you guys and gals and keep up the good fight. The world needs you. Heck I need you. 😉


I hear ya pb! I’m beginning to wonder how much good, if any, I can do in the political world, and find that I’ve retreated from some friends who are having a negative effect on my head. Some just rant about Trump and other awful people all the time, for example, while others are oblivious and watch far too much tv and don’t even know who their reps are. But that means that I don’t have too many friends left! Meanwhile I’m hanging on for dear life economically. I haven’t had a vacation in many years and am becoming quite weary.

I’m not going anywhere, this is the only blog I comment at, I haven’t given up quite yet, and I greatly appreciate that outlet that we have here, but I want to make more of a positive difference. Sometimes I feel like I also rant too much, am too negative. That’s not me. But then I look at the direction the political realities seem to be going in, the enormous amount of money elites have to control the process, the cynicism in the voting populace…I guess I’m feeling somewhat discouraged. I don’t know how Bernie keeps at it!

This book tour of Hillary’s is a huge downer. She’s got people on the left all pissed off (again) and this book, her media appearances, all of it, is sucking all the oxygen out of the room. Not helpful at all.

If she doesn’t get off this narcissistic bus she’s on, she’s going to take us all over the cliff with her. Enough about you Hillary!!!! A lot of us have urgent concerns over here!

I’ll miss you when I don’t see you pb, and I always miss all of you during those times when I’m trying to improve my own nest and don’t have much time to fly in. I need to find more income like yesterday. It’s all very stressful. 😉

Good luck pb with the young man you’re taking care of!!!!! He’s blessed you tucked him under your wings. XOXO

One thing that keeps me going is that there seem to be a lot of surprisingly aware young people out there.


See above mags


Hang in their PB4 and don’t please check in, Our fight is worth biting and scratching every inch for. I don’t do this for me as I doubt ill be around to see it. I do this for my future family yet unborn. I remember a old fable, an old man plants an a young fig tree and a young boy says to him, why are you planting that young tree as you wont be alive when it bears fruit, the old man responds I didn’t plant this for me, I planted it for you and your family to have. So yeah I feel change is coming and my millennial sons and their kids we benefit from the seeds (not me us) Bernie planted.

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