HomeBernie Sanders9/6 Look Forward, Not Backward: Bernie Sanders Responds to Leaks of Clinton’s Book “What Happened”
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Bernie’s got it right. This book roll-out is just more narcissistic navel-gazing by the worst Democratic nominee in my lifetime.


Good post.
I had to log in twice. Hard to get on here.


Always great to see you, TomP! 🙂 LD has more posts up now so he’s been battling tech gremlins. Let him know on here if you are having problems, okay? He monitors everything, and relies on our feedback. T and R, Benny!! Hey, anyone who wants to read a good book on the debacle known as Shrill’s 2016 Campaign, get Shattered. I highly recommend it.


Great to see you Tom P!
I have found that logging on with my email address and pw
works better than my user name and pw.


When pressed on these specific [Clinton] allegations, Sanders shot back: “I’ll let the people decide”.

I’ll say it for Bernie — Fuck you $hill- i dont think Bernie would say it pubically 🙂

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