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Travelers complain of steep airfares as they try to escape Hurricane Irma’s path

On Monday evening, John Lyons, a 53-year-old father from West Hartford, Connecticut, purchased a one-way American Airlines ticket from Miami to Hartford for $159.20 for his daughter to get out of Hurricane Irma’s path as the storm churns through the Caribbean.

On Tuesday, he was shocked at the spike in airfare prices.

“I logged in and expected to see $160, and frankly if I had seen $260 I wouldn’t have reacted. And I logged in and saw, $1,020, and I about had a heart attack,” Lyons told Yahoo Finance

The next day, he went back to look for a ticket for his daughter’s roommate, who is also a close family friend’s daughter. Shocked at the price increase, he said he even made sure that he didn’t click first class by accident and he also verified that the flight had pretty much the same number of seats available compared to when he checked last night.

“American Airlines had the audacity to raise the rate $800. I’m sorry. I posted it. You know, I’m angry. I think it’s horrible what they are doing. I just think it’s horrible. I’ll leave it at that.”

Is that why our system is called capitalism? Private interests are free to ‘capitalize’ on other’s misfortunes?


and no regret, just b/c “algorithms.” in other words, if you don’t have the dough, you won’t be taken care of, in so many ways, in this developed country. We need a law concerning emergencies and gouging.


Price freezes for the duration of the emergency on basic consumer goods ,services even if its for a few weeks.


Ferengi rule of acquisition # 10 “Greed is eternal” or #162 “Even in the worst of times someone turns a profit.”


Gen. Robert E. Lee descendant leaves pulpit after backlash

A descendant of Gen. Robert E. Lee has stepped down as pastor of his North Carolina church after facing blowback from parishioners and others for his comments denouncing racism and lauding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here is his speech at MTV awards introducing Heather Heyer’s mom Susan Bro:

Lee, who was pastor at Bethany United Church of Christ in Winston-Salem, has long supported removing monuments to the Confederacy and had already drawn attention for his lineage and for his stand against white supremacy prior to his MTV appearance. His speech that night drew unprecedented attention to his church, he wrote in a Tuesday statement announcing his resignation.

When contacted Tuesday and asked to elaborate, Lee declined to provide many specifics. He said “the community backlash and the backlash toward the church” helped drive his decision, as did his sentiment that he and some church members “obviously had different mission ideas and goals.”

He also said he fears the hullabaloo over his MTV speech and resignation is a distraction from the real issues of “black and brown bodies in the streets” and racial equality.


truth. there are people still willing to see and speak it, even though it means their “job.”

nowadays, it seems like “the job” is what’s sacred and worth the killing of others.


(Was in response to Ray Lewis, about what he said re: Kaepernick)

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