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Yes it is from the NY Post but is still worth reading.


She still doesn’t get it.

In her forthcoming memoir ‘What Happened” (out Tuesday), Hillary Clinton takes perfunctory responsibility for losing the election before spending nearly 500 pages blaming: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, “rash FBI director” James Comey, Barack Obama, the Russians, sexism and, finally, the American people for not liking her enough.

Sanders, she writes, had the gall to run against her even though he’s not a Democrat.

Sanders, like so many leading Dems, has no sympathy.

“My response is that right now it’s appropriate to look forward and not backward,” he told The Hill. Left unmentioned was collusion between Clinton’s team and the DNC to oust Sanders from the primary and depict his campaign as “a mess” to reporters. These revelations, contained in a 2016 WikiLeaks dump, led to the immediate resignation of DNC chair and Clinton supporter Debbie Wasserman Schulz.

This is Hillary’s idea of taking responsibility for losing the election
Yet to read leaked excerpts from Clinton’s book, you’d never know her campaign was secretly manipulating party apparatus, or that she had a $150 million war chest (twice Trump’s), or that she had the backing of mega-stars from Bruce Springsteen to Beyoncé to Oprah, or that the media largely depicted her rival as a complete buffoon with zero chance of winning, or that the Justice Department laid off even though her husband privately met with then-US Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the midst of the FBI email investigation.

There is more at the above link.


Shaun King posted this as well. It is gross.


“The gross moment where Hillary Clinton invokes the murder of Heather Heyer to sell tickets for her expensive book tour. It’s not OK.”


“Heather’s name should never come as the introduction to a for profit event. Let’s be clear, this was an ad to buy tickets to her event.”

And many of the people in Shaun’s thread defending HC are people who would, just as Hillary did to us all, call Heather a Bernie Bro. That’s gross.


Daily double. Shameless and at the same time tone deaf.


Will she apologize?………Fat chance of that happening!

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