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Thanks for the post wi59.


I finally found something that Hillary and I agree upon.

Click to see what it is.



Lol 😉


This fits in with the theme of your post.



Freedom to have your reps be bought by corporations behind your back that is.


OY! It must be a slow news day for this to make The Hill.


Chelsea Clinton fired back at a Fox News host on Saturday who said that her mom, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, would “literally sell her daughter” to be president.

On Fox News’ “The Five,” host Lisa Boothe called Hillary Clinton “the most soulless woman on the planet.”

“No, she wouldn’t. I’ve never doubted & always known I was the most important part of her life,” Chelsea Clinton said. “Now as a mom I’m even more grateful to my mom.”

It would be more suitable in The Onion.


“No, she wouldn’t.”

So strange that Chelsea would even respond to such a ridiculous assertion. Methinks she may be enjoying the limelight.

As for her other two sentences – gag! Also, it sounds like she may be more like her mother than I thought with all the ‘I’ stuff.

I really hope Chelsea decides to focus on motherhood and her personal projects and leaves politics for those who know what facing real challenges is like. Other than the challenge I’m sure it was at the time when her father embarrassed the family by not being able to keep it in his pants, she really hasn’t had to suffer much from what I can tell. She learns of others struggles in books.


RoseAnn DeMoro is still fighting the good fight. She is not easily defeated.


An interesting thought!


Yes, interesting. The system as it is now definitely “sucks” and something must be done. Too many people feel complete lack of representation. That’s not a recipe for a healthy future.


I’ve never been a member of the union but know people who are in unions now, so I know they’re not perfect. Lots of corruption there too with union management preferring the status quo most of the time. (RosaAnn DeMoro being a huge exception)

But, this chart seems to show a direct co-relation:


and elect new union leaders.


Good, albeit long, read at DWT about the DCCC and its meddling in primaries around the country.

If The DCCC Continues To Pick Congressional Nominees, Instead Of Voters, The Democrats Will Never Win Back Congress

Here’s an excerpt:

Bob Poe has been a major Democratic donor from Florida who was once chairman of the Florida Democratic Party and got a taste of what the DCCC is all about when he ran for Congress last cycle and was successfully opposed by a Pelosi New Dem pick, Val Demings, who predictably, has turned out to be one of the worst Democratic freshmen in Congress. It was hard to get Poe to tell his story but he did share a few words he thought would be helpful for DWT readers to understand. “From the day Democrats became the minority in the House of Representatives in 2010 until today, I have received literally thousands of emails from the DCCC asking, begging and pleading for contributions to defeat Republicans and regain the majority. Countless donors large and small have donated millions in pursuit of that noble effort. But, what most donors don’t know is the dirty little secret that the DCCC spends a significant amount of of their scarce resources not defeating Republicans but in defeating Democrats. Each cycle, the DCCC involves itself in Democratic primaries– even in races that are safely Democratic regardless of who wins the primary. This practice is dishonest and it needs to stop.


The DNC,the DCCC, the DSCC and the Democratic Governors Association all have their fingers on the scale. It is not for the benefit of the 99%. The Clinton wing of the party have their tentacles wrapped around the party’s neck and aren’t about to let go.


An assessment of the Manchin….TYT interview.


Another video with the same conclusion.


Apparently Counterpunch is down on Caitlin. She’s actually pretty nice about it and continues to urge us to join forces with some on the right when we’re all fighting for the same thing. I couldn’t agree more. I was happily astounded when I heard complimentary opinions about Bernie from Trump voters who might have voted Bernie. And Medicare for All is finding significant support in poor, rural areas that are crying out for health care.

There’s a nice Batman and Robin gif, too. :O)

While gathering tweets for this piece just now I noticed that the viral hashtag #CNNDirt is currently trending on Twitter as thousands of people people dig through the social media accounts of CNN personnel and expose the awful things they’ve said and done over the years. A little research shows that it’s primarily Trump-supporting accounts using this hashtag, and that it was made viral by right-wingers Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich.

Am I still going to tag this article #CNNDirt when I post it, even though it’s being used by Trumpsters? You bet your sweet commie ass I am, snowflake! I might even tag Posobiec and Cernovich too if I’m feeling especially naughty. I know I’ve got a helpful idea to share here about the people’s revolution against propaganda outlets like CNN, and I’m going to ride that wave all the way through to help advance it. Will this mean that I’ve pulled a Fairbanks and switched teams? Of course not! It just means I’m doing what you should be learning to do: freely surfing the zeitgeist of the new media without shame.

In practice, riding the constantly-fluctuating spirit of the times in each moment feels kind of like what I imagine Tarzan experiencing as he swings from vine to vine across the jungle canopy, before swooping me up in his big, powerful arms and carrying me off to his secret jungle hideaway— sorry, I’m drifting. Where was I?
Vines. Tarzan doesn’t care what tree the vine’s hanging from, he only cares if it will take him where he wants to go and if it’s strong enough to carry the weight of his sexy muscular body. In the same way, when surfing the zeitgeist of the new media you’ve got to be awake to what’s hot in each moment and be ready to jump on it and ride its energy on its terms. If the energy is coming primarily from the left, like it was the other day when I wrote about net neutrality, you take that vine and you ride it with all the appropriate anti-establishment ideas you can. If the energy is coming primarily from the right, like it was last week when I wrote about CNN’s downfall, you do the same. If you’re closing yourself off to one direction, not only are you killing your ability to move across the jungle canopy by halving your options, you’re also halving the energy with which the ideas you share will be carried.

In both the articles I just mentioned, I wrote about pretty much the same thing I always write about: how unelected elites are controlling America and are steering our species off a cliff. But they were carried by energy coming from two different directions. If I’d closed myself off to the right last week I would have had to write about some low-energy subject that day that nobody really cared about (which I still accidentally do sometimes because I’m still figuring this thing out myself), or write nothing at all. Instead I just grabbed vines and rode the energy of the moment, and both pieces ended up getting a decent amount of reads.


Yes, Caitlin ignited a firestorm with her writing about working with some on the right who intersect with our shared goals.

My Republican boss asked me (again) about single payer, he finds it all confusing.

When I told him how it would cut costs and provide a better quality of life due to not having to worry about something going wrong in one’s life health-wise (because you should be able to address health concerns without draining your savings) he said, “Well, okay, sounds good! Talk to me some more!”.

His health plan is far from ideal and he’d already had to exhaust his health savings plan this year but his doctor wants him to undergo a colonoscopy, and he is balking due to the cost and his inability to get a straight answer on how much it’ll cost him.

My point is, even Republicans need and worry about healthcare!



Hi Birdies, been in the Big Apple. Tonight I am at. Brooklyn Cyclones minor league game. I really like the venue as it is on Coney Island, and the ocean breeze is very refreshing after sweltering temps this week.

Thursday I was walking on the High Line, the best way to see the West Side of Manhattan. I happened to see a sign in the window. See below.

Tonight is Sat Nite Fever night @ MSU park. One of the songs played was “Disco Inferno”. You may remember that Bernie came out dancing on the Ellen show in 2015 as the refrain was “Burn Baby Burn” and I exclaimed “Feel the Bern! Bernie Sanders!” Know what? No one looked at me funny!

I’ll be back later next week. Have a good weekend!


That sign….

Have a great time in NYC! So many great little restaurants and the people watching is the best.


Going to prison for protesting fracking? My kind of hero.

Here’s an interview of James Cromwell on Democracy Now explaining why he decided to get arrested & serve time:

Extended Interview with Actor James Cromwell Before His Jail Sentence: “Capitalism is a Cancer”

But there is Millennium Pipeline, which Pramilla knows a great deal more about, who owns this. It is actually owned by three large corporations: Mitsubishi, GE and Credit Suisse. Now, what would those three large multinationals be interested in this plant, medium-sized plant, although devastating? What they’re basically interested, it is the precursor of 300 similar plants. If this plant is built and gets online, there is no justification for not building more of these plants. We believe this one needs to be stopped, if you want to stop the entire the buildout of the hydrofracking infrastructure and its effect on our environment.


Jimmy Carter recovers from dehydration scare in Canada

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, appearing fully recovered from dehydration suffered while helping to build a home for charity in Canada, was released from an overnight hospital stay on Friday and addressed the project’s closing ceremony.

Carter, 92, collapsed while working on Thursday at the Winnipeg construction site for Habitat for Humanity, which promotes affordable home ownership, and was taken to St. Boniface General Hospital for medical treatment and tests.

By Friday morning, Carter was smiling as he returned to the building site to help kick off the project’s last day.

jimmy carter.jpg

George Bush’s poodle doesn’t seem that popular.


T and R, wi59!! 🙂

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