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I can tell you right now that the D behind her name means nothing to me if she won’t come out forcefully for women’s full reproductive rights including full access to abortion. I’m tired of Kentucky Dems who dance around issues like this to get the votes. I am also against charter schools, and since we have just taken that on statewide, I want someone who will not join all the other Dems in supporting this corporate take over of public schools. I left the Dem party for the first time in 40 years, and I will not re-register to vote in a primary unless I see a candidate who is not a typical KY Dem. McGrath is off to a good start with health care, but is she gives a thumbs down to even discussing single payer, she’s off my interest list.


I watched both ads plus the Paul Ryan joke about tRump’s Wall. You should watch Ryan on horseback–a good laff is promised. The gold standard IMO is Bernie’s “America” ad. Who did that for him? @Fishtroller03–do you live in KY? McGrath has a very good chance of knocking off the FRightwing neofascist retard. I know for a fact that Repukes/Turd Wayers are in for some very unpleasant surprises in OK. Rec’d!!


Here’s hoping we can pull off a few in Floridumb. The Bernster’s campaign is stirring up a lot of long awaited (it’s about friggin’ time!) political action at the state/local levels.

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